A game to circle on the calendar


Every team has its know-it-all fans.

Then there are Rutgers’ fans.

Now let’s address
the other “fact”
he threw out: “They
lose two starters
at receiver.”
That’s true only
if you substitute
the word “lose”
with “return”

I don’t know if it’s because of their proximity to New York or the toxicity of New Jersey landfills near Piscataway but, per capita, the knowledge they have versus the knowledge they think they have outweighs any other fan group who has played Temple in my lifetime.

They think they are better than they are and they think they are entitled to being better than they are.

At least with Penn State fans they have something to back it up with. There are exceptions to every rule. Joe P. seems to be a reasonable Rutgers’ fan but he is the exception rather than the rule.

Take this fan for instance. His handle on Rivals is Cubuffsdoug and under it is “All-American.” Yes, he’s an All-American jackass. To me this guy sums up the typical Rutgers’ fan:


This is the Mr. Know it All=Mr. Know Nothing that represents the Rutgers’ fan base.

Temple does not return “something like” two starters on defense.


You know that. I know that.

He doesn’t.

Nor do many of his fellow know-it-all fans.

Doug pulled that number out of his ass because I’m holding the North Carolina game program and Temple’s defensive starters in that game included tackles Dan Archibong, Ifeanyi Maijeh, linebacker William Kwenkeu, safety Amir Tyler and cornerback Christian Braswell. All return for the 2020 season. Kwenkeu, a linebacker, was the defensive MVP  in the 2017 Gasparilla Bowl. Plus, another starter, linebacker Isaiah Graham-Mobley, will return after missing the last six games with an injury.

That’s six starters on defense. Six starters are not “something like” two no matter how you spin it.

Now let’s address the other “fact” he threw out: “They lose two starters at receiver.”

That’s true only if you substitute the word “lose” with “return.” In starters Branden Mack and Jadan Blue, the Owls return their all-time single-season record-setting receiver (Blue) and a guy who had the second-most catches and most touchdown catches on the team (Mack.) It’s a dynamic duo that any Big 10 team would be hard-pressed to match, let alone Rutgers.

Temple beat a team (Maryland) by three points that beat Rutgers by 41 points. Yet they think that by replacing the old coach with the new one, they can make up a 44-point difference. I don’t think so but I don’t pretend to be a know-it-all.

Right now, the Rutgers’ game is on the calendar for September 19. It’s worth circling to shut up know-it-all fans like that one.

Friday: A Primer for the Next AD

Monday: Some Early Stat Predictions

Saturday: When will we ever learn?



21 thoughts on “A game to circle on the calendar

  1. Mike, if the Rutgers fans are that ignorant don’t give them the real facts, because then they’ll know what to prepare for, lol (as if their coaches don’t already know Temple’s real deal). In my last post I predicted a season start date within a month of what’s normal. If I’m right maybe Rutgers will be our first game – if played on the same dates they are scheduled for now. Really want to see us beat them even if it’s close – Schiano will make them better.

  2. PS: Of course, Carey has a way of beating B10 teams and Rutgers has a long uphill climb to improve from their dismal recent past.

  3. PS: Of course Carey has a way of beating B10 teams and Rutgers has a long uphill climb to improve on their recent dismal performance.

  4. It will be a nice day, large crowd, good game, and hopefully a Temple win. Top 10 recruiting class? That raises a Scarlet Flag.

  5. Temple’s guys always play their best when they have a chip on their shoulder. Best hope is the team gets fired up for a border war considering they lead a strange life in a far-flung conference.
    More than that, our Jersey guys will definitely see familiar faces on the Rutgers side and just might have a few old points to prove.

  6. odds of having a football season are getting better with today’s news that TU is planning to have on campus classes.

    • Starting when? As much as I’d love to watch games sooner than later, can’t say I agree with this decision since there’s a strong probability of a fall “second wave” of the virus which nobody seems to be talking about anymore.

  7. Now the most important question is can the damage created by Kraft possibly be undone?

    • As far as football, yes. Game contracts can be bought out. Carey is a guy who has an 8-4 ceiling and a 6-6 floor. Don’t see him ever losing at Temple. If we want a ceiling guy, we’ll have to wait for Al to come back or take a chance on Gabe.

  8. Mike,

    I spent some time over in New Brunswick working under coach Ash after I graduated from TU.
    Two things are for certain…
    1. The players ash recruited & coached have absolutely no chance defeating a temple team from any of the last 5 years.
    2. Those days are over. Schiano has come in and breathed life into the facility, the players, and the fan base.

    That being said he’s without a crucial winter workout program and a full spring. I see us winning but not by the amount we would have a year ago. We need to make our defensive presence know early and hard to keep them in the “here we go again mindset”. A mindset I saw 11 out of our 12 games.

    They are good kids, just without strong leaders for quite some time.

    As for the fans… they’re from New Jersey. Forgive them.

    • I’m seeing a 27-14 Temple win at this point and that’s probably being conservative. Two years from now? No bets from me.

      • Doug is actually a really good guy (former player for Rutgers in the early 90’s and he has been coaching for a while now) and is very knowledgeable about the X’s and O’s of the game as well as recruiting dynamics. Also, some here may be familiar with ‘message board dynamics’, and during the recently-concluded Ash era a small handful of TU fans would periodically show up to throw barbs at different times, which sometimes ‘feeds’ stuff like this….Flyinowl looks like he made a fairly accurate comment in my opinion, though the transfer ‘game’ is a bit of a wildcard at this point.

        …something that fans of many different programs do (including Rutgers) that make me shake my head is after a few years of winning, they start acting as if they’re ‘invincible’ to losing ‘just because’…outside of a very few (if any) programs, any one of us is one bad hire away from a downturn.

        Joe P.

    • Interesting insight…as for the last comment (and Mike’s NJ comments in the piece), I wonder if TU fans say that kind of stuff to the players on your roster/ students at the school from N.J. (never really been a fan of town/ city/ state/ region bashing).

      Joe P.

      • That last reply was to Flyinowl…and Mike, I think you pegged HC Carey correctly. I think he’s too good of a coach for TU to fall off that much under him (and think you got a heck of a player with the Iowa State transfer QB), bit as we’ve discussed before him being at TU does not concern me the way Rhule did (though I think Carey is better than Collins).

        Joe P.

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