How Dunphy can hit it out of the park


Interesting choice of the word “earned” in this OwlsDaily headline.

Back in the mid-1960s, Fran Dunphy spent most of his springs as the shortstop of the LaSalle University baseball team. His second baseman in the double-play combination was former Temple University athletic director Bill Bradshaw.

Since it was a short fence at McCartney Stadium, we can assume Dunphy (and maybe even Bradshaw) hit a few out of the park.

Temple University names William Bradshaw new Director of Athletics.

Bradshaw continued his prolific home run hitting, at least in a figurative sense, at Temple as AD. It’s not a stretch to say that he saved the football program with the hirings of Al Golden and Matt Rhule and, even though he popped out with Steve Addazio (who won a bowl game), a 2-for-3 day at the hiring plate is a good performance in this sport.

More importantly, once the ship was righted, he signed contracts with Notre Dame and Penn State that increased Temple football’s profile nationally and he was directly responsible for the night that Temple set the record (that probably won’t be broken) for  the number of TV sets in the nation’s fourth-largest market glued to a college football game.

So Fran needs to get on the phone with his old buddy today or tomorrow if he’s going to make a difference in this job.

“Bill, what’s up?”

“Fran, congratulations on the AD job.”

“That’s what I wanted to ask you about. I don’t want to be known as a placeholder. I want to be a guy who makes a positive difference at Temple in this job.”

“Fran, here’s what you do. Get on the phone with Lafayette, Norfolk State, Coastal Carolina and rip up those contracts and tell them you are going to help them get games with Penn and Villanova.”

“Then what?”

“Then go through the list of Power 5 schools who are not at the top right now, I’m talking about the Indianas and the West Virginias, and schedule games with them. Try to get home and homes but, if you have to, settle for two for ones. It’ll help Temple get into the Power 5 to win those games. Hell, I’ll even help you try to get Notre Dame back on the schedule if you want.”

“Thanks, Bill. One more thing.”

“What’s that, Fran?”

“How about getting baseball back?”

“Let’s not get crazy. One thing at a time.”

Friday: What the other AAC teams are doing


11 thoughts on “How Dunphy can hit it out of the park

  1. Mike

    Where is Bradshaw now?

  2. None of it matters. The worst thing that could happen to TU is that both BB and football are a go but without fans. TU would still have all of the hard costs to pay, including that extortionate rent they owe Lurie, and will lose ticket revenue, which they definitely need. The virus is going to be a death knell for many college sports programs, if not for many colleges as well. Hey Mike, since they’re likely still paying Dunphy, do you thing he’ll fill in for a nominal fee?

  3. As I’ve shared with my friends about going to Temple football games, we know all about social distancing! Won’t be a problem if they limit attendance to 15,000 – 20,000 per game.

    • Stadium’s not the problem. It’s the lines to get in. Lines will stretch to Pattison Avenue with social distancing.

  4. IF Coach Dunphy di d indeed get $2 million for that year as HC for Round Ball, then sureashell it was another money loosing year.
    That may add into the reasons why the TU BOD isn’t that secure with the future promise for big time sports.
    Perhaps no TU sport pays for itself ?
    Sad if true

  5. I wouldn’t rip up the Coastal Carolina contract for Penn or Villanova. Rather play and beat a lower tier FBS team than either a local Ivy of FCS team. For those other teams sure.

    • talking about getting Coastal to play Penn and Nova. Not Penn and Nova trying to play us. We should separate ourselves from the other G5 schools as the one willing to play (and hopefully beat) P5 schools. That’s the only thing that gets us in ahead of them in the 2023 realignment. We’re running out of time. Do I think our “powers-that-be” realize it as much as I do? Err, no.

  6. Good to see Dunphy back at Temple. He had the last laugh because AMcK’s team fizzled like a dud firecracker. McKie was not a great day game coach so far,but neither was AG. Considering the political atmosphere, Dawn Staley would be a great AD pick. I’m sure she would be out of our price range, but someone with her demographics may get us a stadium.

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