Running out of time to set a date for football

Mike Aresco, AAC commissioner,

Mike Aresco seems confident the AAC will be playing football.

It looks like there are at least three possible outcomes for the resumption of college football this season:

  • One, the powers-that-be will confirm all football will start on time.
  • Two, the powers-that-be will announce a postponement, cancellation, or shortened season maybe even without fans.
  • Three, no date will be set at all and the season will resume as scheduled.

Whatever happens, it appears to be that we are running out of time to set a date but AAC commissioner Mike Aresco doesn’t seem concerned.


That’s important because, if there are going to be fans, they have to know whether to renew season tickets or not. There’s too much uncertainty out there and fragile fan bases–like most of the ones currently in the G5–are not going to make plans to renew if there is no announcement made.

That said, my money is now on No. 3.

First, Temple is already having voluntary workouts and most of the team will join for full workouts starting July 13. Second, the school already announced that it will have a combination of in-person and online classes this fall. The in-person element means that football can be played. It’s hard to justify college football if there are no students on campus.

Now onto the “powers-that-be.” In college football, that certainly is not the NCAA. Football is controlled by the Power 5 conferences who basically tell the NCAA what to do.

If the Power 5 decides to play, and all indications are that it will, the G5 will fall in line.

So while it would be nice to know a summertime date where something is written that all systems are go, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the season will happen as scheduled and without significant comment.

Right now, those “powers” are hoping that the virus doesn’t spiral out of control between now and September so making a formal announcement now probably won’t happen. Plan to attend the games, but don’t be surprised if they aren’t there.

Saturday: Is Temple really No. 6?

Monday: That’s what I’m talking about

Saturday (7/11): You can’t really go home again


15 thoughts on “Running out of time to set a date for football

  1. I know you say that the Power 5 Conferences are p[laying but that doesn’t take into consideration local jurisdictional power. If Pa. returns to yellow, that means no practice or fans and TU, Pitt, and PSU will not be able to play. Any school located in a city is at risk of being shut down in a moment’s notice.

  2. Every fan wears a mask even at the tailgate. Everyone on the filed gets tested. No way they should cancel football season.

  3. I went ahead and renewed my tickets before June 1st once the Season Ticket Holder Assurance plan was announced.

  4. If every player who tests positive gets quarantined and can’t play it will make coaches super busy (and crazy) shuffling the remaining players around. It’ll make for “interesting” and maybe not very good games.

    • Wow. Great story. I heard from a couple of players who knew him that his heart was set on Temple but his dad steered him away when Iowa offered. The P5 is not what it’s all cracked up to be. Story would have been better if they used a quote from Arkum to that effect.

  5. Navy has had their Sept. 12 matchup with Lafayette cancelled. I think this is the first AAC team to lose a game, but i imagine not the first??

    • Bad signs all around especially with this current uptick. I don’t know if Temple will start canceling games soon but I wouldn’t be surprised. On a somewhat related (opponent) note, I hope they cancel that 2022 date with Lafayette now.

  6. I recently read “Last Team Standing” about the Steagles. Football (and baseball) were considered critical to the WWII effort. Great story. If football helped America win a war, we can overcome a virus and an election year.

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