An objection to ticket policy



Dick Englert with some season ticket holders

Editor’s Note: In the final days and maybe even hours of Dick Englert’s tenure as interim President at Temple, this is one of the final letters to come across his desk. Since the subject is Temple football in general and season tickets in particular, Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub wanted to share it here. 


Dear Dr. Englert,

           I want you to imagine you’ve been a season ticket holder for Owls football or basketball for thirty, or forty, or fifty years. Sometimes, it was tough to put that money out, but you wanted to support the program. Buying season tickets was your way of showing that support, even if it meant pinching the penny somewhere else. You took pride in bringing your kids and grand-kids to the games. Some of them even matriculated to Temple.

          Then the Coronavirus hits, and everything goes topsy/turvy.  Under this social distancing circumstance, you’re trying to decide if it makes medical sense to repurchase tickets this year, but you pick up the phone, prepared to do your duty.

           The young lady tells you how they’re going to spread the fans out around the lower level of the stadium.  When you ask about the best seats, she tells you that those folks who have given more money to the Owl Club and the University will get top priority. Therefore, people who sat between the forties for decades and developed friendships at those games now have to sit in or near the end-zone. And, it’s the same deal for basketball.

           Giving priority to more prominent donors has to rank as one of the most stupid decisions the University has ever made. You embarrassed the hell out of fans who’ve purchased tickets and remained loyal for decades. Seating priority should go to those who have purchased season tickets the longest. It seems you’re purposely trying to upset folks with your money-grubbing strategies, and this policy will only result in diminishing the fan base.

            Now let’s assume there’s no virus next year. For football, the intent is to move the Owl fans to the other side of the stadium. Once again, you’ll probably distribute seats on the same short-sighted basis.

           That’s not my only gripe. It seems that hardly a week goes by without a solicitation for contributions by Temple. I get emails from different schools as well as various programs and the general fund. If you’d cut your development staff to the bare bones, save all those salaries, and have only one campaign, Temple would probably come out ahead.

I’m a very upset Owl who won’t be buying tickets.

Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub, Ed.D.

Temple 62/69

Football Letter Winner

Monday: An idea that makes too much sense

27 thoughts on “An objection to ticket policy

  1. The man makes a good point. BTW Mike, I have shared some of your articles with the Temple Owls Football Fans Facebook group. They always gin up lots of discussion. I guess I should have asked if that was OK with you?

    • It’s OK. I have a thick skin. Won’t allow personal criticism of individuals (including me) on this website but understand other websites are The Wild Wild West with little in the way of administrator moderation. I’m no longer a part of the Temple football facebook group and canceled my subscription with rivals on July 8. I do recommend Shawn Pastor’s OwlsDaily highly, though. Shawn is a good guy who does not allow personal attacks on his website. I’ve been called every name in the book on John DiCarlo’s website and he has done little to reign that in. If people called him “scum” on my website, I would never allow that in print. I expect the same courtesy in return. I routinely block people who do not address ideals but individuals.

      • OK thanks. I was speaking with Frank the other day and your name came up. I said I thought he might have removed you from the group at one point but that you actually are welcome. He did just toss some guy for getting too political. There is a fair amount of name calling and unwarranted criticism in that group. No place for that! Frank might want to control that a little better.

      • You wont miss facebook or owlscoop. Owlscoop has too many trolls, and their podcasts are sophomoric. Not ready for prime time. Facebook is improperly monitored I reported foul language, and I was blocked. You get what you pay for. TFF is properly managed, fun, and more indepth.

  2. Frank is also a good guy. I like him a lot but he’s very busy and sometimes doesn’t have time to see all the nastiness going back and forth. Can’t wait to read the book he’s working on right now. One thing I promise (PROMISE) you will never see on here is: “James Graham is an asshole.” No person who posts here will ever be subjected to a personal attack. I don’t agree with John Belli’s politics but I love his takes on football and I promise I won’t call him an asshole for his political or even football views. 🙂

  3. Really can’t disagree with the points that are brought up here. Wasn’t too excited about moving to the other side of the stadium as I really like where my current seats are. To be honest if, probably more like when, this season is canceled I’ll take my refund and won’t be coming back

  4. Mike, you sly dog…..while saying what you won’t allow on this site you managed to get your feelings about certain people and politics expressed, lol.
    I think my only political comments have been about the mismanagement of the coronavirus situation as related to sports and Temple games/season which BTW were deleted on the Temple facebook page. I don’t recall any political comments from John Belli on Temple Football Forever. altho “hints” do come out now and then from various folks. Keep up the good work.

  5. Upcoming FB season and bad/fake/junk/sloppy news ?
    This AM, I think it was on CBS3 local news, they put out the story the BIG10 had cancelled the FB season.
    What a Bummer that was !!!! I was stunned and so sad there.
    Then another station says BIG10 changed their season to conference only.
    YES this is political in a way here, ’cause these days ‘news’ is often just sloppy schitz.
    OK ? What sloppy schitz by CBS3.

    • The primary reason the Big Ten did that is to get out of the non-conference games and the guaranteed game fees owed to non-conference opponents in P-5. Also, those games command cheaper tickets and are not as well attended as conference games. It is hypocritical and just plain nonsense because the virus can’t tell the difference between conference and non-conference schools

      • No RU game this year. Bummer. My favorite games as a student with geographical short trip ones like Rutgers (even though this year was supposed to be the home game).

  6. I think the other P5’s will follow the trend of conference games only.. More money lost to G5’s including our beloved TU..

  7. By the way, I don’t agree with premise of the article. The school needs to cater to those who donate more money. Also, there aren’t really any bad seats in the first and second decks. Anyone who doesn’t believe that in today’s world, money tops everything, including loyalty and personal safety, is more than a little naive. The only reason they’re even considering having a season and risk illness to the players is money. I’m sticking with my prediction from early March that there will not be a football season this fall.

    • I with John on this one. It’s all about development, i.e. money. I am not sure how you get to a ripe old age and not realize that.
      Most people who donate a lot expect something in return. I have become acquainted with many of the people who work in development at Temple. It’s a fact of life. To take it personally and punish the University, and by extension, the students, is frankly childish. On the other hand, if your primary motivation is to support Temple, then you will suck it up and sit between the 20 and 30.

      • It would be one thing if they moved you from the first tier to the top of the stadium but that’s not happening.

    • I do have one caveat. If a treatment or vaccine is discovered, there will be a season; something I said when I said there will be no season.

      • Those top row seats will become like the seats next to the exit on a plane. Those are the safest seats in the house

      • Great point, Mike, as usual but I’m not all that sure Temple is in a position to battle season ticket holders over donations. Look what Fizzy did. He canceled. You need to kiss the ass of season ticket holders if you want to bring those numbers up. This is a fragile “soft core” fan base. Once we get a “hard core” fan base (if ever) we can play hardball.

  8. I dropped my season tickets a few years ago for a variety reasons, unappealing early season OOC games, too many bad losses to 1AA teams, and my most regular game attendees having competing responsibilities with family commitments. (I still try to make a game and will do an occasional road trip.). So my comments might be of lesser significance than those of you who have had season tickets for decades.

    I think the season ticket managers could have balanced the seat spacing situation using a two criteria method. One would be to show some preference to big donors. But not at the expense of season ticket holders of certain tenure, say, 15 years or more. I’m guessing there about 8,000 season tickets. It seems they could have managed that number of fans without pissing off such longstanding season ticket holders. Just a thought on the subject.

  9. This is all speculation. I still say that there is not going to be a season. Think about the lines to get in. If everyone stays six feet apart, they will stretch to Center City. The lines and going through the ticket gate with wanding, not the inside of the stadium, is where fans will be at greatest risk of getting sick.

    • I think they will probably assign you to a gate and give you a check-in time, that way they can control how many fans are in line at a time. This might require some people to enter the stadium way before kickoff though.

  10. First time, long time! I have had the pleasure of meeting Mike and John Belli in lot K and hung out with both and JD at Military Bowl. I enjoy this site, the comments, and Fizzy’s articles during football season. Although I disagree with his point in his article today, I am willing to do something about it. I will most likely have my 4 season tickets between the 30’s on the first level. To show my appreciation of this site and Fizzy’s contributions, I will gladly trade my season tixs with Fizzy if he renews. Make it happen Mike!

  11. Sitting with big donor is not as much fun. I prefer blue collars to blue hairs. I sat/sit on the visitors side for football games and enjoy folks from everywhere (except the UCF work-release crowd). I will be on the home side this year and may move next year to the sunny side if I have to deal with GOP (grouchy old people 🙂 this year.

    I suggest sitting with your favorite fans anywhere in the stadium. Buy more cheaper seats together. I doubled my seats one year in the end-zone and it was really good. I sat with more friends and family.

    I got loud at basketball games and received dirty looks from the mink coat crowd. I now sit upstairs and enjoy myself.

    • I was invited to a super box at the Fake Miami game in Bobby Wallace’s final season. I left at halftime. The people in the box were making excuses for Wallace and were content to lose for 20 more years. Not my kind of folks. Went into the lower level and cheered with the real fans for the second half and then tried to formulate a plan that would get us an Al Golden. Winning to me is the only thing.

      • I get invited to the super boxes from time to time. If I get an extra tic, I’ll let you know. You can come up to hold court, eat, and then Irish exit to the rabble.

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