Fizz’s plea did not fall on deaf ears


Fizzy is among the many Owl fans who hope the team, like Anthony Russo here, is the last man standing when and if the AAC race concludes this fall. (Photo courtesy of Zamani Feelings)

Editor’s Note: A couple of weeks ago, Fizz sent one of the last letters to come across “interim” President Dick Englert’s desk prior to his retirement. It was his thoughts on the new season-ticket policy. He was largely pleased with the response from Temple administrators and the story follows.

By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub

My recent letter to Dr. Englert regarding new seating for football season ticket holders did not fall on deaf ears.

The afternoon I sent the letter, I got a call from Adam Miller, Senior Associate AD for Development. Even though he had a copy, I reiterated much of what I wrote. His response was the criteria for awarding seats was a fair one, based upon service to the school. We went back and forth and ended the amicable conversation without a solution.

When I sent the original letter, I copied our new AD, Fran Dunphy. Coach got right back to me, and we corresponded with two emails. He promised to look into the issue. Fran Dunphy will be a super AD.


Fizzy here at the Boca Raton Bowl, where 6,000-plus Temple fans attended  

I then sent another email to Dr. Englert, bringing him up to date on what transpired.

With the horrible virus affecting everything, the issue I raised is probably trivial. And perhaps, there won’t even be a football season. If it were my decision, there wouldn’t be. It’s not worth one life or the contamination of one family. If I was a player, however, I’d freak out if the season was canceled.

Let’s hope a vaccine will come along quickly, and everything will be back to normal next year. If so, here are my thoughts.

  1. If the home side of the stadium is to be switched, then flip the seats. There are only a few people with season tickets on the other side now, and they knew they’d be on the opposite side when they bought their tickets. It’s not a problem.
  2. Temple is not Notre Dame, Alabama, or Auburn. We went through hell to sell as many season tickets as we have now. Why would you piss-off people when you don’t have too? Don’t make them go through this ridiculous formula to repurchase the seats they’ve had for years and separate them from friends. It will only hurt the bottom line and shrink the fan base.
  3. Recently, we were knocking on the door of the Power Five Conferences with wins over Penn State, and a shoulda, woulda, coulda, at home with Notre Dame. We slid back down because we lost five winnable games in the second half last year. If we want to fill the seats, then we need to win our share of the big games.

One last thrust. Taking season ticket holders out of their seats is only Temple’s second dumbest idea. Just think where we’d be right now if plans for a campus stadium had congealed. We’d have a $160,000,000 empty hole in the ground.

Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, “Common-Sense,” should be required reading for all administrators.

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7 thoughts on “Fizz’s plea did not fall on deaf ears

  1. Just because it appears that someone is listening doesn’t mean they are. I usually know that someone is listening when I see action either positive or negative. Mike you know that from our joint conversation with Collins at ticket holders’s day during which he said that Sharga was not going to leave the field. How’d that turn out? As far as TU sports administration goes, remember that they moved all of the BB fans from the east stands behind the basket three or four years ago to accommodate more students. Instead of getting more students, they ended up with a second sparsely filled set of seats. People who had those seats for forever were pissed that they had to move seats especially because the replacement seats were more expensive. In any event, there will be limited fans at games in both sports this year, if any at all, and so it’s not going to matter much where they put current ticket holders during the switch.

  2. There should be a logical plan for shifting sides. Fizzy is correct again. Just flip the field like a good punter would.

    • UConn is happy to drop the season because of their financial problems. I can see an announcement in early next year that football is canceled altogether at UConn. like you wrote in a couple of posts ago, time for Dunphy to grab some games like BYU and other G-5 schools that can pay TU to play on the road. .

  3. If football is cancelled coaches still have a job to try to improve their programs. If the schools need to save some money I suggest they start with the HCs salaries (not the support staffers who have only basic salaries). Even at Temple the head coach should be able to survive on $200 thousand a year instead of 2 mil. It’s become a situation that’s nobodies fault, so suck it up and sacrifice to help get thru this. And accept that the players’ long term health is in danger if they contract it but get thru it, which, other than dying now, is a very important factor all decision makers should strongly consider. It’s unethical not to.

    • Salaries of athletic department employees are being cut at other schools. AAC says teams can play 12 games but any non-conference opponent must first be vetted to make sure that it is following covid protocol.

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