Possible replacements: CUSA, Sun Belt

Mike Aresco says the AAC is committed to a 12-game schedule.

The commissioner’s member schools do not seem as sure. Temple interim athletic director Fran Dunphy was quoted as saying by OwlsDaily.com that the school is more likely to add “one or two” rather than “three or four” non-conference opponents.

That said, Dunphy also noted that he is pretty much leaving this up to his director of football operations so there is some hope of movement behind the scenes to get the Owls replacement games.

FBS schedules.com lists “TBA” for several dates on the Temple schedule and those include the opening weekend of 9/5 and subsequent September dates of the 12th and the 19.

I say go for it. If other AAC schools get 12 games, then the Owls should go for that standard, too.

Right now, it doesn’t look likely that Army will be one of the opponents as the Black Knights have already filled the same exact open dates Temple has with Middle Tennessee State (9/5), Louisiana Monroe (9/12), BYU (9/19), Abilene-Christian (10/3) and Mercer (10/10).

Still, the Owls should take a page out of the Army playbook (not the triple option) and find replacement schools in both the Sun Belt and Conference USA. Both of those leagues–unlike the ACC and SEC for example–are committed to a 12-game schedule and the departure of the Mountain West and MAC in particular and, to a lesser extent, the Big 10 and PAC-12, have made it difficult for member schools to find a game.

Temple is available and should reach out to those schools with open dates. Right now, there are multiple foes available for the Owls to choose from but they need to get on the stick and announce those replacements before it’s too late.

Every other AAC school is scrambling and he who hesitates will be lost.

Let’s hope the Owls can add more than one or two or the rust of not playing an actual foe won’t help in the current opener against Navy.

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10 thoughts on “Possible replacements: CUSA, Sun Belt

  1. I wonder why the league just doesn’t fill the schedule with at least one more conference game like the SEC and ACC did. That would solve some of the problem.

    • John, I agree. This would strengthen the AAC schedule rather than a pick up from CUSA or SunBelt. Gibby did a nice job of listing other teams with open dates that coincide with Temple. We need to get on the stick and get games for these seniors, and if P5ers are available, get them lined up and that TV exposure as well.

  2. Pitt guy calling for game with Owls:

    I’ve taken the liberty to bring this to the attention – to both Pitt, and Temple Football fans. This could be a win – win for both schools. This thread was posted earlier by Temple Superfan, our fearless leader, the tireless Ted on the Temple Football Fan FB Page:
    …”Pittsburgh Sports Now, August 18th:

    Pitt is looking for a non-conference game.

    Temple: The Owls do not have a non-conference game after all four scheduled non-conference opponents backed out, including a scheduled ACC game against Miami. Temple’s first game on the docket is Sept. 26 at Navy, so Sept. 12 would be a sensible date for them to try to play a non-league game. Being in the state, Pitt could theoretically play at Temple, but a team source told Pittsburgh Sports Now that the current priority is for a home game”.
    Someone, maybe more than one, but several people need to reach out to both Interim Temple AD Fran Dunphy and Pitt AD Heather Lyke and make this game happen. It’s not that complicated and there is plenty of time. There is no reason for either team not to play this game. Beside petty bs, that usually gets in the way.

    • Still very concerned he’s running an offense he’s not suited for. He’s no more of a runner than I am and I’m not a runner. I can’t throw the ball 70 on a dime like he can, though. With Branden Mack and Jadan Blue, a running game that features Ray Davis and some deft ball faking should turn the Lincoln Financial Field scoreboard into an adding machine. I know that. You know that. Does Rod and Mike Uremovich know that?

      • They may know it but ignore it. One of the main complaints I had about Russo and the offense was that Russo hardly ever kept the ball am ran. Without that occurring it handicapped the offense. We’ll see if the slimming down, gave him a quicker first step enabling him to run.

  3. People tend to think that anybody can just run. But for quick starts, stride, knee lift, and changing direction, running must be practiced like anything else, for style and technique, especially if someone is not a natural runner like Russo. At least once in a game last season he just tripped over his own feet and fell down in the open field when there was plenty more yards to be gained (don’t remember if he got the first down or not). Just losing weight might not help that much except in speed.

    • He’s not going to be as good a runner as the smaller, quicker qbs but that’s not really the goal. Even if he only gets five or so yards, the point of his running is to force the defense to defend him. It locks up a defender who then can’t bail out and go right to the back.

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