Fizzy: An Ode to the Offense

Editor’s Note: A short little diddy from Fizzy today

                            By: The Fizz

On first down in the red zone or at the goal,

running up the gut usually pays the toll

So after those plays are quickly snuffed,

play-action and passes become really tough

And so what’s left is to throw the fade’

but we’re 2 for 8 in the sun or shade

No matter where we are on the field,

a quick-screen will be tried for its yield

And though I may scream and beg,

can you remember the last bootleg

From our fans you can hear the curses,

cause we don’t see any RPO’s or reverses

And when the clock is running down,

we seem to like staying on the ground

So matter how you try and spin it,

Temple’s offense is losing minutes

When you couple that with poor timeouts,

against good teams we may see a route

So we’re one and one and a little proud,

but Ed Foley’s ghost is laughing out loud.

All-time winningest TU QBS by percentages

Friday: Memphis Preview


12 thoughts on “Fizzy: An Ode to the Offense

  1. Game this week is again on ESPN+. One would have thought that given how exciting the Memphis game was last week that the Memphis TU game would be a game selected for television. One more thing. After watching Todd Bowles’ defense bottle up Adam Rodgers yesterday, I would hope that if and when Carey under-coaches his way out of the job, the powers that be give Bowles the job. With his experience and contacts it would be a major boost to the program.

  2. Shame, really a big shame here. As I posted a while ago: this guy Cary is getting about 1.8 to 2 mill ayear for 5+ years . Hell; he has it made in the shade. Imagine getting a salary bump 3X you old job , like he did.
    If he’s careful with his money he’ll be fine, just fine.
    Other than a miracle —No one else will ever hire him at a major school for the FB HC, maybe assistant, maybe.
    So why are his assistants doing so poorly at position coaching?
    Is it Carey’s fault or just bad players everywhere ?
    ( now, I saw it isn’t the players….)

    I know this is stinky and a personal attack, but he just doesn’t look ‘bright’, not like Golden or Rhule did. This is unfair, but I have been around long enough to get used to patterns for people.

    • Nothing wrong with calling like it is. One thing that can’t be forgotten is that the last four recruiting classes mostly fell in the bottom third of recruiting rankings. They mean something especially for the coaches because they have to work twice as hard to get players ready to compete. For whatever reason, that is not happening with this current team which is evident with how special teams are performing. Got to hope that Klein is well enough to play this week.

  3. I liked the beginning of your poem – because I’ve noticed, contrary to comments about Temple Tuff and running the ball to open up the passing, etc., that our running often gets snuffed and we do better passing, like it or not.

  4. You just Never Know, do you ?
    A week ago I met a guy thru business and I mentioned we liked to go to the TU FB games, with at least 23 season tixx the past 25 years and all that.
    Turn out, he tells me he was a player for TU FB a while ago also , so hey.
    He played as Linebacker, was in games for 4 years, under coaches Hardin and Arians. Small world, isn’t it.
    And if we just do some pleasant chats with folks, you never know what you may discover –
    He just told me ‘Be happy for any win, big or small, including over USF’..
    Reminded me that the OTHER teams likes to win also, so true.

  5. Ed Foley’s alive and coaching special teams for the Carolina Panthers! The Panthers’ special team ranks in the 10th percentile in the NFL. They’re missing XP, and the punt returns are bad. Ed took a year to get squared away at Temple, so he’ll be vindicated. I hope to see him at the Draught Horse sporting a Super Bowl ring in the future.

    • Great college special teams coach. Should translate to the pros since the kicking, coverage and return aspects are the same. I’m sure Matt will work with him to give him all he needs in the personnel department. Temple, on the other hand, has a number of different coaches involved in the special teams now. Always better to give the offense to one guy, the defense to one guy and the special teams to one guy.

      • Also, with a single coach leading each of the three aspects of football, it’s easier to place blame and recognize who is responsible for the mistakes. Carey’s way, blame is spread around making it hard to pinpoint who is really responsible other than the head coach.

      • Finding Nemo. There must be another Mid Atlantic coaching connection who can recruit local talent, coach special teams and tight ends, knows the process, and is a fan favorite.

  6. 1) Nice Poem
    2) Can I just say we all saw this coming? The coaching carousel was spinning like a lazy Susan at 10th and diamond. We all saw these recruiting classes limp their way to the finish line for essentially 3 out of 4 years. It was evident on the field on Saturday that none our guys weren’t in the same caliber (at least in speed). That being said, we capitalized on some mistakes and we were just coached better.
    3) I don’t hate this guy Rod, I think he’ll do well. But maybe we should buckle up for a not so magical season. Maybe

  7. ALSO, everyone please take a moment to appreciate the camera work going on with the Temple Athletics Media Team. We’re moving up in the world. I remember the days when there was barely any game-field footage

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