Fizzy: Success comes down to this

TU had 500 yards and 30 first downs, but still found a way to lose.


Editor’s Note: Former Temple football player Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub brings the perspective not only of a player but a lifetime of coaching football, teaching and writing. He breaks down the Memphis game here.

By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub

    If I could be the defensive coordinator facing Temple every week, I could be the fourth Temple guy in the College Coaches Hall of Fame along with Ray Morrison, Wayne Hardin, and Pop Warner. That’s because I know what happens when Temple gets a first and goal inside the opponent’s 10-yard line.

  1. The first play will be a run up-the-gut.
  2. The second play will be a quick-screen to the outside.
  3. The third play will be a fade to the corner of the end-zone.

     I know this because that’s what they did all of last year and the first three games of this year.

     Coaches Rod Carey and Mike Uremovich don’t understand the importance of the first and goal play call. If you run the ball and don’t get real close to the goal line, you are screwed. The defense can now assume the next two plays will be throws or trick plays. A first and goal is the most wonderful time to call a play-action pass or another kind of imaginative play.

The TU football playbook in the red zone so far has been 2 runs followed by an incomplete pass.

      Thus far in 2020, Temple has been to the goal line three times in the first half in three straight games and come away with 3 points, 6 points, and 7 points. Saturday, they had a missed field goal, a made field goal, and a missed fourth and goal. That’s why they lost. The main reason Temple is 1-2, instead of 3 -0, is they don’t know what the hell they’re doing at the other team’s goal line. Temple could just as well be 0-3. 

     Success in football depends on three essential factors, coaching, coaching, and coaching. Temple keeps making the same mistakes over and over. Do you blame the players or the coaches? 

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15 thoughts on “Fizzy: Success comes down to this

  1. I would not be sad if this was Carey’s last year. I don’t know what strengths he’s bringing to the team. The defense is giving up 30+ points a game and the offense can’t score when it matters. It’s obvious that the players are giving a solid effort. I just don’t think the coaching is maximizing them.

  2. Screwing up in the red zone preventing TDs is the problem. Even if they had made that missed field goal and extra points (not scoring 2 point conversions is the same as not getting TDs when close) we would have lost anyway. You guys are right – no imagination is erasing far too many TDs. And what’s with those kickoffs? Is it some kind of strategy trying to get it into the corner of the field? Seemed like they did it right in the first half putting it in the end zone for no run back opportunities but went back to weirdo stuff in the 2nd half. It’s amazing Carey beat some B10 teams but understandable how he’s never won a bowl game. Even Daz and Collins won us each a bowl game. We are moving the ball tho and I think we have a chance for more wins, but somethings gotta give with the play calling.

  3. I don’t think an offense with 500 yards, 30+ minutes time of possession and 30 first downs is the problem. We need to put some of these quarterbacks on their backsides and stop the run. If we have to pass blitz and run blitz to do it, so be it.

    • I agree with this, Mike. You nailed it (as usual) when you said if we hold Memphis to 28 points Temple wins. Fizzy sees us give up 41 points and have two kickoffs go out of bounds, miss and XP and chip shot FG and he writes about the OFFENSE? That’s some crazy stuff. “Holding” a team to 28 points was no problem for Golden and Rhule most of the time. This seeve-like defense is getting to be a major problem under Knowles and Carey.

    • Moving down the field isn’t a problem, in fact we’re doing real good, and the stats indicate that. But there are problems inside the red zone – too many missed opportunities for TDs once we’re close. Stats can be misleading.

      • Still 29 points should be more than enough to win a college football game. We did not do a good enough job to get a big-time pass rusher to replace Roche.

  4. You hope Covid doesn’t give Carey another year. Obvious by the way the team laid down against UNC in the Bowl game last year that this guy is not the right fit here. He would be a good coach for a Youngstown State, Southern Illinois or top tier D2 program. Special teams is about coaching up athletes to do a certain role. For this team to continue to be so bad in special teams is an indication they aren’t getting coached up. Temple now has to compete with a Rutgers program that was a step below Temple for a long time. They just beat Michigan State who may not be a juggernaut, but they are moving in the right direction. Schiano might not be the nicest guy around, but he has surrounded himself with a top notch coaching staff. Depressing to see the Owls trending in the wrong direction. I’m not personally attacking Carey, he’s just not the guy, he’s the wrong fit for this program. I don’t understand how in the heck he got hired? Baffling. How do you hire a guy that was 0-6 in Bowl games? Thanks not good.

    • Pat Kraft stopped at our tailgate a couple of years ago and I congratulated him for firing a long-time men’s soccer coach who was always hovering around .500. He said: “Mike, I will never accept mediocrity at Temple.” I said: “Even in football?” He said: “Yes, even in football.” Do you see Fran Dunphy as having the same type of personality? I think we’re stuck with Rod. He better fix the defense and special teams fast or this is a 1-7 team.

      • Let’s face it. TU has no angels that will pay the remainder of Carey’s contract which means that he will not be fired. And if history means anything, just remember they gave Bobby Wallace new contracts. .

      • He has a 5-year for approximately $2 mil per. They are not going to eat that but, if he goes 1-7 (now looking more likely), 4-8, 5-7, 6-6 I bet they do not renew. Meanwhile, a lot of us get closer to our graves knowing that 2016 was the best we would ever see (for me, 1979 was better)

      • I fell that 2016 was better only because in 1979 TU had a decade of good teams. 2016 was the culmination of the long climb out of the depths of decades of losing. One could foresee success in 1979 while in 2016 one could not foresee that level of success even three years prior thereto. It took a change of offensive philosophy by Rhule, who for two years really did not show that he could accomplish what he promised to accomplish, before he won the championship.

      • I liked both but our schedule in 1979 was 18th toughest in the nation and our sked in 2016 was 87th. Plus, 55K tickets were sold at Giants Stadium (40K actually attended) and just about all were Temple fans. If we had scored 16 more points and finished unbeaten, we would probably have won the NC because the two losses were to Pitt and PSU and those would have been wins on top of beating WVA, ‘Cuse, Cal, etc. Pretty much a P5 school at that time.

  5. Narducci’s reporting that Russo has shoulder and thumb injuries. He said that more will be known about the extent of the injuries tomorrow. Wonder who will start, Beatty or the Iowas State kid. if Russo can’t play? If it’s the Iowa State kid we know that the RPO is here to stay.

    • Interesting that said AR was getting an MRI for his shoulder but made no mention of the thumb but I clearly saw Russo shaking his thumb about three times kinda the way I did when I accidentally closed the door on myself when I was about 17. Thumb looked to be bothering him a lot worse than the shoulder and the very next play after the thumb shaking was the interception when Mack fell down.

  6. The comparison of best seasons is ongoing. But, along with the points you made Mike, in ’79 it was TUs first bowl win and against a PAC10 school, we finished in the top 20 (17th) and broke the school wins record (10). Rhule’s team, while breaking that horrid PSU streak, lost the bowl game along with the opportunity to break TUs season wins record and dropped out of the top 25 – it was definitely a very mixed bag. Seems like beating PSU had many fans in a state of euphoria. To me ’79 was the best.

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