Loss leaves Fizzy speechless

The difference between Midwestern nice and Philly fans is this NIU fan apologizes.

Editor’s Note: Like many of us, a 38-3 loss to a Tulane team that barely beat South Alabama left a lot of Temple fans speechless and Fizzy was one of them. He could understandably muster up only a few words in the form of this poem

By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub

I watched the game in disbelief,

as our football program crashed on a reef

Yes, there were injuries and infections galore,

but I couldn’t help shuddering at the final score

We couldn’t tally on the air or ground,

and somewhere an offense needs to be found

A freshman quarterback killed us with passes,

our coverages and strategies stuck in molasses.

I’ve watched Temple football for over sixty years,

and this downward spiral has me literally in tears

The many excuses simply won’t float,

All I can say is make sure you vote.

Tuesday: How bad is it?

Friday: SMU


10 thoughts on “Loss leaves Fizzy speechless

  1. My sentiments exactly. Wish we could vote on new coaches! Somebody’s got to have more sense than TUs administration and ADs. Lol.

  2. I’ve seen many comments since last year about the state of special teams and Carey’s decision to jettison Ed Foley.

    Another issue: how would the defense – and recruiting overall – look if Fran Brown was still here?

    • Recruiting so far has looked good. However, the losing may cause kids to withdraw their verbal commits.

      • Bingo. I’m worried about the same Yeboah/Roche effect on the incoming end that I saw on the outgoing end.

      • Other schools have to be trying to poach our recruits and roster hard. Yeboah and Roche seem to have found greener pastures.

        They have to be asking questions about this staff. Can they coach special teams? Can they coach defense? Can they compete in AAC? Can they get players in position get to the NFL? Can they get to a bowl game, let alone win a bowl game? Can they compete for a Top 25 ranking? Can they avoid having the bulk of the schedule on ESPN+?

  3. Bobby Wallace 2.0

  4. Boooooooo! I didn’t watch the game, but I feel obliged to pipe in. Last time I booed and cussed was when Golden failed to yank Chester Stewart when the kids was arguably “throwing” the game.

    Hopefully Rod has been spending more time recruiting than game planning and coaching.

  5. Please, not another Bobby Wallace era. And since Carey said he didn’t care about a buy-out clause, what did TU actually give him in his contract? Gotta say, Tulane played a solid game on both sides of the ball, even given Temple’s ineptitude. Maybe Tulane’s best game of the season so far, by far. But Temple looks pathetic and it isn’t all because Russo is out. It seemed like Beatty did an ok job considering the horrendous blocking. And I thought the punter is doing pretty nice too, much better than last season. Finally, isn’t the ESPN+ thing because that’s the best the AAC can do? It’s not Temple’s fault, I hope.

    • Guaranteed 2 million 5-year contract. If I could buy that out now I would and hand the keys over to Gabe. His prep teams had more returns for tds per game than rod has had in 2 years. Punt and fgs blocked, too

      • So Temple is left holding the bag, again, because Temple never buys anyone out no matter how bad things get. Millions spent, no OCS, enriching Lurie even more, and another Bobby Wallace situation – great job TU administration/AD. The planning and choices at TU are just plain bad. And now I can’t even look forward to watching the next game. Wonderful!

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