SMU hit the jackpot with Dykes

A competent coach would have given this guy a lead blocking fullback and designed a play-action passing game off fakes to him after establishing the run. But no, Rod Carey wants to do the same RPO stuff at Temple he did at NIU. It’s not working, Rod.

While the jury is still out on Rod Carey’s tenure at Temple (although the deliberation room is hostile), they’ve reached a verdict about SMU’s Sonny Dykes in Dallas.

Innocent of any charges he cannot coach after mixed reviews at a brief stint of head coach at California of the PAC-12.

Carey, on the other hand, is not facing a friendly jury after turning an eight-win Temple team into a likely 1-7 squad this season.

When Temple wanted to rebuild its program, it went with an up-and-coming coordinator, Al Golden, who was a top recruiter at Boston College, Penn State and Virginia. When it wanted stability after Steve Addazio, it went with a Golden disciple in Matt Rhule. It went somewhat back to the prior model with Geoff Collins, the difference being his recruiting chops were in the South. With Carey, the Owls went for a G5 head coach.

SMU did it differently, grabbing a Power 5 head coach who had some success at a higher level than the AAC and what Dykes has done at SMU is certainly more impressive than what Carey has done here.

The two coaching styles compare and contrast this Saturday (noon, ESPN+) at Lincoln Financial Field before a “capacity” crowd of 7,500 fans. (Capacity in that the City of Philadelphia will only allow that many Temple fans to enter the stadium due to COVID protocols.)

Dykes has a 21-12 record at SMU (including 6-1 this season and ranked No. 18 in the USA Today Coaches poll) and that includes getting his feet wet with a 5-7 opening season. Dykes has done it a little differently from Carey, turning last year into a 10-2 record season by grabbing 15 starters, mostly high-level Power 5 recruits, out of the transfer portal.

Dykes did it by offering guys an immediate chance to play and no one benefited from that more than starting quarterback Shane Buechele. While at Texas, he led the Longhorns to a win over Iowa State but lost his job to current starter Sam Ehlinger and transferred to SMU.

Dykes is a players’ coach who is able to keep his star players happy.

This is a Ray Davis’ retweet from Halloween

Contrast this to the gruff style of Carey, who is hemorrhaging good players at a level Temple fans have never seen. Last year, the Owls lost quarterback Toddy Centeio in the portal to Colorado State, as well as AAC Defensive Player of the Year Quincy Roche (Miami) and tight end Kenny Yeboah (Ole Miss). No one knows where Ray Davis is headed but losing a player who gained over 900 yards from scrimmage as the Owls’ best running back is a continuation of the bleeding.

Compare that to the places Carey was able to attract players from: Wake Forest (Manny Walker), NIU (C.J. Perez) and Dayton (Michael Niese.)

Usually, opposing coaches gush over Temple prior to the game but not this time. When asked about Temple, this is the only thing he had to say about the Owls: “We just have to worry about ourselves more than we have to worry about Temple.”

No one can blame him because he has a happy group of players and evidence points to that we cannot same the same about Carey’s Temple group right now.

The jury has reached a favorable verdict about Dykes and, while the foreman hasn’t announced anything yet, it’s hard to find anyone giving Carey a thumbs up right now.

Late Saturday Night: Game Analysis

Monday: Fizzy’s Corner

23 thoughts on “SMU hit the jackpot with Dykes

  1. 3 players quit on Carey, all future NFL draft picks in Roche, Yeboah, and now Davis. Re’mahn had 1 bad game and decided to quit on the team, not the best ‘team player’ if you ask me. Don’t know if this is quite Carey’s fault or just in-cohesiveness in the locker room.

    We will now be starting a walk-on as our lead runningback.

    • Guy never had any holes. It was not a “bad game” by him IMHO. Give him extra blockers (H-backs, fullback, etc.) at the point of attack and he will find that sliver of space to run through. This is a poorly designed offense exposed by losing Russo’s ability to keep defenses honest with his arm.

      • He was suspended and he decided to leave the team, per the Rivals site. There’s always more to the story.

      • Bottom line is more good players have left Temple under his watch than all the players in the Collins and Rhule Eras combined.

      • Russo has more problems with his legs in that he rarely uses them in an offense that requires him to do so for it to work. Much of it is Carey’s scheme which has the QB running up the middle instead of outside the tackles. It’s all just so sad.

  2. For the life of me, I will never understand a coach who comes in here and puts in his system before getting the players he needs to run it. It’s not logical as Mr. Spock would say. Russo would do a helluva lot better in a system where a back like Ray Davis had a couple of extra blockers at the point of attack and be able to sliver through those holes. Take the run option completely out of Anthony’s head. It’s messing with his head and the defense has zero respect for him running the ball plus it exposes him to needless injury. Carey has brought this disaster upon himself.

  3. This portal thing doesn’t help the situation either. Do players have the right to better themselves? Yes. Should P5 schools have the right to steal players without skipping a year of eligibility that were recruited, developed and shown how good they are in “lower” conferences? No or at least questionable. It simply gives the P5 more advantages to help them squeeze out the G5. The problem for Temple which recently has had lots of guys go to the next level is that they’re not staying anymore. Is it because they don’t trust Carey to coach them up or is it that they think they can improve their draft ratings by playing at bigger programs and they’re willing to take the chance to prove themselves? Seems like Carey’s play calling sure didn’t benefit Davis. But the portal really is a factor the way it is set up that hurts the G5 conferences. In a way it parallels the G5 coaches that do well and are lured away by P5 teams, something we’ve been bemoaning for quite a long time now..

  4. I disagree with my friend John and I wholeheartedly support the BLM helmets. Always support the players. Coaches, not so much.

    • What you’re missing about the BLM stickers is that placing them on the helmets is a political statement. That opens the door to others who want to use player uniforms for political reasons. I’m sure there are some people on the teams who are anti-abortion or pro police for example. Do they now have the right to demand that pro life or pro police patches be displayed? On top of that BLM the organization is a Marxist America hating organization, Just ask them. Had they put something like justice for all or equality for all there would be no problem. By doing what they did, they offended many many of their fans and will continue to do so as long as BLM appears on the uniforms.

      • The only people who would get offended by BLM have to have rascist bigotry in their core beliefs and feelings. Blacks BY FAR are the ones getting the highest % of uncalled for harassment and shootings by police, to say nothing of unequal treatment in various forms, in American society and that is what BLM is trying to point out – yes, they hate being treated that way and you would too if it happened to you. I guess if fighting for equality is Marxist then they’re that too. BTW there’s a great book about all this stuff revolving around sports called “The Heritage” by Howard Bryant. It also gives a good American history lesson as related to the treatment blacks have gotten for hundreds of years here – no wonder they’re fed up.

        Back to TU football, I’ll be watching the game tomorrow mostly to see how our QBs will do, but not expecting much of a game, sorry to say.

      • Neither am I. Will watch with a great deal of trepidation.

      • BLM is not a political issue. It is a democratic and human rights issue. I spent 27 years fighting for democracy. I’ve been in over 100 countries. America is the only country on earth where white police shoot unarmed black men in the back with the intent to kill.

        Take the emotions and politics out of it. What is right?

      • Absolutely agree kj

  5. John Ohio: That’s leftist propaganda. Look at the stats. They establish that more unarmed whites are killed by police than African Americans. There were only ten unarmed African Americans killed in the US in 2019, and six of those were unequivocally justified. The fact that African Americans commit on average over half the serious crimes in the U.S. like murder, robbery, and rape, leads to more civilian police interactions. And as far as BLM goes, look at their manifesto which includes defunding all of the police, destroying the nuclear family, reparations, free everything, overthrowing the United States government, getting rid of capitalism, and using violence to obtain their goals among others. Couple that with the fact that they are avowed Marxists makes it highly problematical for TU to be promoting that organization. Then add in the right to free speech and association. The athletes who don’t support BLM now have to act as billboards for that hate-filled organization against their will. If a player objects, it’s clear that he or she will face severe retribution including having to leave his or her team. Students did not sign up to be political pawns and the University should not be advocating any political group especially one as radical as BLM.

    • These are the facts. Check the statistics on police shootings and the numbers don’t match the narrative. BLM is an extremist organization attempting to ride a wave of emotion to outrageous Marxist political ends. I abhor racism and police brutality but I don’t need anti-american revolutionaries getting free media exposure from my alma mater on top of everything else.

    • JB I,M with you 100%, but so be it….

      Shame College Sports is now also captured by the cancel culture crowd and our University Marxists nutjobs. Sadly now we decided to not support sports having outward support of the BLM group. Already I have canceled news papers, boycotted Basketball and even Eagles 1st Qtr telecasts.
      This said after buying TU Season Tix for nearly 30 years and going to several bowl games, etc. Big Shame, as I always wanted to meet up with you and your buds at the tailgate site. So Sorry, E. Oh Well…

  6. This SMU game is sad. Our guys were right there in it- they’ve got the talent, smarts and toughness to win but Carey isn’t setting them up for success. He has to go.

    • I agree that coaching could be better but with all of the injuries and covid scratches, TU’s forced to play with second and third teamers. at too many positions.

  7. Gary Anderson, who had a nice run at Utah State, just got let go after they lost to Nevada-Reno. Quick, call out to Logan, Utah and see if they’d like to trade.

    Meanwhile, Hugh Freeze, five or so years removed from his moral lapses, upsets Va Tech (VPI in the old days). Wonder if he’d see Temple as a step up from Liberty. Auburn rumored to be eyeing him if the SEC would sign off.

    A good number of the G5 teams (UC, Marshall, Coastal, Memphis, App State) would give many P5 teams a tussle this season. Really lousy timing to have Carey calling the shots this season. A lot of opportunities available.

  8. African-Americans are about 17 percent of our population and they commit about 55 percent of the total homicides in our country. So split the 17 percent in half because African-American women do not commit violent crimes to merit being a part of the murder statistics, so the African American male population of our country, at roughly 8 percent, commits over 50 percent of the killings.

    See Obama era DOJ for statistics.

    Get thine own house in order.

    If African-Americans became less violent they would have less encounters with police.

    My family lived in North Philadelphia until the late 60’s-early 70’s (Germantown/Nicetown). We did not want to leave, we were forced to leave because of the violent crime directed at us.
    Just watch the Philadelphia news each evening and see the reality.

  9. C E Speed thinks TU is in a really tough spot. Whoever decided to pay this guy $2 Million a year, I’d like to interview with that person tomorrow. I give Carey credit for taking the school for what he could, but go get somebody from the Fox School of Business and explain the concept of negotiation. His base salary at NIU was 533k, you could have gotten him for 750k + some incentives (he’d never hit them). That is a lot more palatable than $2 million, especially to a guy that was 0-6 in bowl games, it’s freaking ridiculous.
    They will most likely go 1-7, you are a potential recruit and you see 1-7, a lame duck coach, talent that is leaving the program and would you rather go to Coastal Carolina in Myrtle Beach where there are ladies everywhere, nice weather, up and coming program or Temple where you have a dude that doesn’t even know that special teams are a part of football.
    I’ve said it many times, I’m not a grad, but a long time fan. But I’m really losing interest with this inept coaching, Aaron Mckie isn’t much better.
    Liberty and Coastal would absolutely shellack TU this year. Majority due to coaching. I’m about done.

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