Fizzy: Once again, TU comes up short

This is when there was a lot of hitting in practice and pride six days a week leading up to game day where it was shown on the field and it was Temple handing out the 47-23 beatings.

Editor’s Note: Former Temple football player Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub brings the perspective not only of a player but a lifetime of coaching football, teaching and writing. He breaks down the SMU game here.


By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub

Once again, the collapse began at the last possession before the half. The ball was at the 40, and Temple faced a first and 25, with about 1:43 left on the clock. There was plenty of time to throw a few passes downfield and attempt to score. Maybe you’d get a penalty or a big gain. Inexplicably, Temple tried to run out the clock (they failed) and gave momentum over to SMU.

      Once again, a team destroyed Temple in the second half. It’s the seventh time since the arrival of coach Rod Carey that Temple collapsed after intermission. It seems the only thing the Temple coaches adjust at half-time is their shorts.

     Once again, Temple had a first and goal, and a chance to gain the lead. This time it was in the third quarter. They ran on first down. They ran on second down. They ran on third down and had to kick a field goal. Not even Woody Hayes at Ohio State would have run three times. The coaches still haven’t learned that first down is when you innovate. 

     You’ll notice each of the above paragraphs began with, “once again.” I’m so tired of making the same comments over and over. 

Somewhere the sun is shining,

somewhere the skies are blue

But not with the Temple football group,

because our team is knee-deep in poop

Friday: UCF


15 thoughts on “Fizzy: Once again, TU comes up short

  1. Really, it’s been closer to 12-13 years than 10-12 and there are more 8-win plus seasons in there than any other period in Temple football history. To see it regress over the last dozen games should be unacceptable to the Temple administration but then look who is running TU athletics. Nice guy, but the last guy who is capable of cracking the whip.

    • I said this has been a great streak, but we also had a number of pretty bad seasons in there too so OVERALL it’s been good considering Temple’s past history but really just a bit above mediocre. You can’t be breaking in newbe HCs and have them leave soon after some success and expect much. And don’t blame Dunphy – he didn’t hire Carey and has been INTERIM athletic director for only a year. I mean do you really expect him to, all on his own, fire Carey and suck up his salary? Will say tho, if the school keeps him and he doesn’t at least TRY to change things, than I’ll agree with you. But the AD can only do so much in terms of who controls the purse strings. It appears Temple athletics is flailing around right now.

      • A guy like Kraft probably would be more motivated to bring the issue to the BOT than a Dunphy would but that’s only if Kraft could have divorced himself from the Indiana connections and looked more at the bottom line (win/loss).

  2. The Athletic Department sent out an email asking for comments about the SMU game. I really don’t think that they want the truth.

    • I responded saying they should eat his contract and get Al Golden back here because he’s proven he knows how to win and would probably take the job.

      • Concur. Carey is Wallace Dickerson the Sequel Dumb and Dumber Part Too. He can’t recruit in this area or coach at this level. No wonder Kraft bailed after such bad decision.

  3. Mike,
    Not knowing him personally, I think with his roots in the area (Jersey) and his wife (PA) that Temple would be a good place to land. He can recruit the area, has proven he can win at Temple, has NFL experience and can (this is where Carey blows) assemble a competent staff. The issue I fear is $. Can they afford to buy out Carey and hire Golden? Or maybe the question I should ask you, Can they afford not to buy out Carey at this stage? I think you have to think what another year w/ this guy will do to the program. It will be decimated. Keep Gabe, maybe promote him to Associate Head Coach so that he gets more collegiate experience. Hope Golden returns the team to their winning ways and he gets an opportunity in 5-6 years to move on to a bigger program and then Gabe can fill his shoes. If you got 5-6 good years out of Golden, huge win.

    • Now I know what the + means in ESPN +. Need to analyze cost v. benefit. Appearing on NBC, ABC, CBS, and ESPN versus ESPN+, Carey’s contract, and rebuilding the program from ESPN#%&!.

    • Have Golden commit to 5 years like the first time, then groom Gabe. He would take the job and he’s younger than Carey, would recruit better, mom’s love him, high school coaches in pa-nj love him. May be a moot point because of Carey’s guaranteed $6 million plus left. Schools like Temple don’t eat contracts. Schools like Bama, ND and Clemson can afford to do so. Do you cut the losses if the guy goes 1-11 next year? I say yes but it’s not my money.

      • They could use the money they got from the Collins and Diaz buyouts. Also, Carey will not be blamed for this season. He has plausible deniability for this season with covid and injuries benching a third of the team. Before jumping on the Golden bandwagon, he still has to show that he can coach on game day, something he couldn’t do here and at Miami. Like Franklin at PSU Golden did everything else well but being capable on game day is the most important trait a coach has to have to be successful.

      • I thought about the 10 extra mil the Owls got from Miami and GT but I wonder how much of it was applied to the other sports at Temple? I mean, you read all over about how COVID is making schools cut sports (wrestling, tennis, etc.) but I haven’t read that at Temple. I’m thinking (and hoping not) they are moving that football money to save other sports. Football money should stay for football IMHO.

  4. AD’s have given mandates to head coaches to make changes or else. Some do, some refuse and suffer the consequences. A guy named Mike Shula would not jettison assistants and paid the price. Replaced him with a guy named Saban. Keep Carey around, let him pump air into the balls and hand out the kicking tee.

  5. Hey, I used to be in charge of the balls and the kicking tees (as well as jocks and socks.). Several of my successors have gone on to bigger and better things. Don’t demean our contributions to Temple football by suggesting that Coach Carey could do our job well.

  6. Good one Bob. All I’m saying is that this is not the year to judge Carey because of the loss of so many starters. Everyone on this site has real short memories. Rhule lost at least 10 plus games he should have won including the Toledo and USF games with his best team which was in 2015. Collins similarly lost at least five or six, including games against Nova and a putrid UConn team, and Golden got the team respectable but could not beat a winning MAC team. Addazio went 4-8 his last year. If TU had a full team this season and had most of its starters playing and the Owls were playing this poorly I’d fully agree that Carey is wholly underachieving. Any analysis has to include all facts not just ones that support your side.

  7. One more thing. “It’s not the X’s and O’s, it’s the Jimmys and Joes”. Recruiting rankings are as follows: 2016-59, 2017- 119; 2018-84, 2019-104, and 2020-101. SB sports gave them a weighted average for the years 2016-2019 of 93 out of 130. Please tell me how much better any coach would do with talent rated in bottom 30 percent against the teams Temple plays.

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