Transfer Portal: Making a list

Congratulations to these folks with Temple connections for winning the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

Somewhere, someone is making a list and checking it twice.

Bruce Arians always roots for Temple and last night Temple rooted for Bruce Arians

All over college football staffs with intentions of winning and keeping their jobs have a list of 1,652 players still available in the transfer portal (up from 1,588 last week) and the buyer’s market bodes well for Temple football.

Should the Owls target the right positions and the right players, there is room for significant improvement. If they hold pat, they are looking at another very poor season. The key, it would seem to be, is jumping into that portal and showing the top guys some love now.

Looking over the roster now, these are the needs that jump out:

Owls need to show North Carolina portal guy Brant Lawless-Sherrill some love.

Linebacker (2):

The Owls really have only one standout returning and that’s 2017 Gasparilla Bowl MVP William Kwenkeu. They need to supplement him with at least two starting-level players. Available as of today are a pair of three star recruits looking for homes, Anthony McKee of Pitt and Jon Smith of North Carolina.

Defensive tackle (1)

The Owls got a couple from North Carolina in Lancine Turay and Xavier Gill and guess what? Another, Brant Lawless-Sherrill, a four-star 6-0, 270-pound run stopper, is still looking. It probably would not take much for Turay and Gill to put Temple in his ear. If Philadelphia is not the place for him, Ellison Jordan, another four-star, might want to go from Penn State to Temple.

Offensive line (1)

Claxton Bradley, a four-star (6-5, 296-pound) tackle from USC is still in the portal. USC, like Temple, is located in a big city so Bradley probably is not adverse to an urban campus experience. Another lineman available is Rutgers’ Jamaal Beaty (6-2, 299).

Corner (1)

Freddie Johnson and Ty Mason are the two top Temple holdovers but the recent departures of Linwood Crump Jr. and Christian Braswell decimated the depth behind them. UConn transfer Keyshawn Paul should be in the mix but getting a player like Jon Gipson, a three-star recruit still in the portal out of South Carolina, would not hurt.

Whatever, you’d have to have an extra-strong set of Cherry and White-colored glasses to think the talent on this team as currently constituted can significantly turn 1-6- into 6-1 or better. Adding five difference-makers might not do the trick either, but it could not hurt.

That’s the No. 1 job Rod Carey has between now and April and he has to hope for his sake he does better at it than he did as his No. 1 job in October and November. His career may depend on it.

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9 thoughts on “Transfer Portal: Making a list

  1. Ya gotta think Carey’s working on getting some more guys between now and April. Let’s give it a chance.

    The Inky article praised Arian’s assistant coaches (TU guys) but didn’t say much about Temple.

    Temple got robbed in their BB game with that lousy charging call yesterday. Slow motion clearly showed the Shockers guy moving into Moorman and should have been called for blocking – used to be a guy had to have his feet set to get a charging call. Oh well, TU screwed again.

    • AAC has the worst refs both in BB and football. That call was one of the worst I ever saw. It was the dive that deserved the fouls. Regarding Carey, he has 5 scholarships left. I have some faith that he’ll use them to fill needs and that he knows what those needs are.

  2. Wonder if the BoT and AD noted the preponderance of Temple connections on the Bucs bench? Think they can connect the dots?

    • Someone who loves Temple and has an NFL pedigree and who can recruit would both a) attract players with the promise of NFL-type development) and b) be able to keep the kids from entering the portal on this massive a scale.

  3. The Owls do. Adam DiMichele threw a touchdown pass for the Eagles (to a guy named Gibson, no less) in an NFL exhibition game.

  4. Temple Bay Buccaneers! I’m going to perm my hair, alter out my parachute pants, and dig out my Hooters cassette tapes. It’s like 1985 all over again. Congrats Bruce, Todd, Todd, Kevin, Nick, Keith, Clyde, and Lori!

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