Fools Day Plus 1: Hope springs eternal

An example of a well-done AF joke is here about frequent poster and friend of Temple Football Forever Rob Vaughn.

At about this time every year on this site we’ve done our usual April Fool’s post.

Not this year.

Sometimes we crack ourselves up and, based on a lot of the comments attached below the past posts, some of those cracked a lot of you up.

Big 10 explores idea of adding Temple – Temple Football Forever (

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We’re glad it did.

Nothing funny (humorous) about the program this year but a lot of funny (odd) things about it.

Still, we have at least one “RutgersAl” on the message board who really feels the Owls are going to win the AAC championship every year. (Rutgers Al would always go on the RU board and predict unbeaten seasons that usually ended up closer to 0-12 than 12-0.) A good 40 percent of the respondents agreed with our “Al” to some degree that the Owls do not face impeding gloom. Hope springs eternal, it would seem. To that, MH55–one of the more sane posters over there–replied with this:

“At the time of my post, 40% of those polled believe TU will be .500 or better. I have no idea how these folks think Temple has improved their roster to the tune of 5+ more wins. This team lost quite a bit of talent from its 1 win season and the depth is paper thin at many critical positions…”

Paper thin indeed.

Other than wide receiver and arguably offensive line, the 2021 Owls are paper thin at every other position group.

In a sport like football where guys go down all of the time, that is a recipe for disaster.

That begs a question.

Does the well-paid professional football staff at Temple even realize this or are they shuffling the papers knowing that their demise is inevitable?

Or are they kidding themselves?

On April’s Fools plus one, that is the funniest (odd, not humorous) joke of all.

Monday: Spring Practice Begins


6 thoughts on “Fools Day Plus 1: Hope springs eternal

  1. Thanks for the memories and the sad but true commentary on the state of Temple football.

    • When you are in a position to be in two AAC championships in a row and win one, it’s easier to kid. We are so far away from those days now we need the Hubble Space Telescope to see it.

  2. City Council Approves Temple Stadium Funded by Private Investment.

  3. And a Happy EASTER Mike, and all who care about it.
    If you don’t ,then enjoy the somewhat festive public spirit of it.
    Hope many enjoyed their special Passover time in 20201.
    Traditions are a great thing.
    Good family celebrations a good thing for society , anywhere, and always.
    So Temple need to return to TUFB winning, we had that short tradition here for about 10 years. Yes we did.

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