The New Guy Seems Nice

Hat tip to OwlsDaily’s Shawn Pastor for finding this interview with Jake Landry last year.

When I heard a guy named Landry replaced a guy named Harmon as Temple’s quarterback coach, a couple of Landry’s raced through my mind.

One was former Detroit Lions’ quarterback Greg Landry.

“Nice choice,” I thought. “Pro quarterback gets guys ready for a pro game.”

No such luck.

Jake Landry is the new quarterback’s coach and, like so many of Rod Carey’s recent hires/promotions, there is a NIU connection.

Hard to believe but former Eagles’ and Owls’ quarterback was passed over for the QB job.

Would I have preferred Adam DiMichele?


DiMichele, like presumed starter Duece Mathis, was a Power 5 recruit who transferred to Temple. Like Mathis, he had a lot of mobility and probably could have helped Mathis navigate the transition like he did.

No use complaining about it, though.

From the interview above, Landry seems like a nice enough guy and he was also a quarterback in college so he probably brings a lot to the table. Probably the No. 1 thing is that he’s been at the table with his fellow coaches for a long time. That’s part of the problem. They all bring that midwestern nice to the feast when there is a hard edge to Philly that previous other coaching staffs had.

Carey is going to either go down with the ship or steer away from that iceberg that looks straight ahead with his guys.

Can’t blame him.

If he pulls a 2-10 (he won’t be favored in more than two games he beats Rutgers in the opener), he will probably get fired with a couple of years left on his contract and, looking back, probably would want to have no regrets in his coaching hiring.

Leo Durocher once said nice guys finish last. The Owls are picked to finish last.

Iceberg straight ahead.

Friday: Ode to Cherry and White


7 thoughts on “The New Guy Seems Nice

  1. Mike, this is off topic, but you have always been kind in answering my questions. What is a BUBO back, and what are his responsibilities?

      • Aside from Navy, the AAC is a three step and throw league. Knowles is committed to the 3-4-4 defense. This matchup favors AAC offenses.

        Blitzing is the only way to bring pressure from a 3-4-4 set against the 3 step drop. Knowles put the last BUBO, Sam Franklin, in pass coverages. He should have blitzed Franklin more often.

        The new BUBO is a pass cover type, vice a fast twitch blitzer.

        So, expect more of the same from Knowles. Temple Soft, Flag Football.

        TUFB began to lose its identity w/Collins. Carey accelerated the demise, now it is dead.

        In Rod We Trust? F*#ck no!

      • Incredibly depressing to see that iceberg straight ahead, be yelling that the iceberg has been there since last year’s Navy game and have the same Captain at the helm with the eyesight of Mr. Magoo. Fifteen good, smart kids and good players have jumped ship and landed on life rafts but the Northern Illinois band of coaches is playing Nearer My God to Thee, renamed by them “F*ck Everyone but Us.” Sad;ly, it can be somewhat fixed by going back to a power running game and excelling on special teams but those tenents were never a priority at NIU and we can’t expect that to change now.

  2. Titanic Temple would be relatively quick and painless. This season will resemble HMS Temple Terror’s search for the Northwest Passage. Three years of freezing, starving, and slow horrible death.

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