What could go right?

In less than 95 days, we will found out how good the Owls are.

It’s Memorial Day which signifies both a solemn and reflective day and the beginning of summer.

When it comes to Temple football, it’s solemn for a different reason in that Vegas has set the over/under for 2.5 wins so influential people on the outside think the Owls are not going to improve that position in the next three months.

Around Labor Day, though, a much clearer picture could emerge.

If this were, say, 2019 and the Owls were sitting on those expectations, it would be pretty grim but this is the era of the transfer portal and the Owls could be a much different team in three months.

Two wins is a pretty low bar but there are a number of things that could go right for the Owls not only to go over it but to surprise just about everyone with a winning season.

To me, they are improved on the offensive line, running back and at least as good in the wide receiver department.

The return of Ty Mason at one corner and bringing in a good Big 10 corner along with Freddie Johnson and a transfer from UConn makes the Owls improved at that position. Amir Tyler brings steady leadership to the safeties and William Kwenkeu and Audrey Isaacs are proven linebackers.

To me, quarterback and defensive line are unproven commodities.

If, say, D’Wan Mathis breaks out and tosses 30 touchdown passes or more and limits the interceptions, that’s one thing Vegas isn’t counting on happening.

If the Owls are able to bring in some defensive linemen who can stop the run and get after the passer–they already have three two-deep players from North Carolina and Kentucky coming in–that’s another.

Putting a real emphasis on special teams–and by that I mean blocking punts and field goals and returning kicks for big yardage–is a third area.

But, to me, it all comes down to the quarterback.

Protecting yours and putting the other guy’s on his back.

The Owls have the protection locked down and, in the coming months, they have to bring in some guys who are capable of breaking down the protection of the bad guy’s quarterback.

So far, the defensive line is just not good enough either in the stopping the run or getting after the passer department. Add a couple more edge rushers and run stoppers in what is still a very talent-rich portal and things could change. You’ve got to think Temple’s highly-paid staff knows this as well.

Their careers pretty much depend on attracting that kind of talent and the urgency is now, over the next three months, not next year or two years from now because they are staring down a 2-10 or 4-8 disaster otherwise.

That’s pretty much the hope we have going forward, that they know what everybody else knows.

Friday: What Could Go Wrong?

Monday: A sucker bet?

7 thoughts on “What could go right?

  1. Way too much is being made of incoming portal transfers.

    First question, how many starts do these transfers have? Great examples is Russo vs. Mathis, Davis vs Clement/Bonner, Ebikete/Maijeh vs Gill/Rodgers, etc., etc.

    Russo is better than Mathis, Davis is better than the C/B duo, and what team in college football doesn’t want Ebikete or Mijeh?

    Bottom line is TUFB lost way more than gained.

    Second question, how did Covid change Carey? It didn’t. Carey will find another convenient excuse in 2021.

    Good news is RU is slightly unsettled at QB. Will TUFB blitz, harass, and dump the new RU starter at QB? Probably not, Knowles didn’t bring the pressure last year and won’t again in 2021 w/inferior pass rushers.

    What is in the realm of our TUFB senses? 3-9, 2-10, or 4-8?

    Buy or Sell Carey in 2021? Carey sports a negative P/E: SELL

    The AAC gets stronger and while Carey burns and smokes his way to more $$$$, the highest and most overpaid man on campus.

    • As of May 31, Temple will only be favored in two games — Wagner and Akron. Not all that sure they will beat an Akron team that beat Bowling Green 31-3 at the end of last year. Five big-time talents have to be brought in and I don’t think Carey has the charisma of Al Golden, Matt Rhule, Daz or Geoff Collins to get it done. I know Gabe does. Hell, I don’t know if Carey has the charisma of Mitch McConnell.:)

  2. if Mathis can do an adequate job and with the offense as sound as you describe Mike, maybe they can keep opposing offenses off the field enough to use up the clock and scoring just enough to win a few, not just 2 games. Let’s hope.

    • The problem is that the RPO Carey runs is not a ball-control offense. It’s a quick-strike offense and plays into teams with much better speed like UCF. Best example of that was the 63-21 game at LFF. Had the Owls used a fullback behind a great tailback and chewed up 8-9 minute drives, UCF wouldn’t have had the ball more than possessions the entire game. Rhule and Golden understood how a great ground game helps a defense stay off the field. These guys don’t.

      • Well, good point, but I did say ‘let’s hope.’ Hardheadedness (Carey) is hard to crack for needed changes. Let’s hope he does tho.

  3. This Temple Football thing , the hope, the spirit -is coming back now, with hope and anticipation.
    I liken it to maybe have that bad Burrito, something is beginning to rumble and bubble.
    I trust the outcome will be good.
    Ya Know ???

    I have hope here – as HE can’t be THAT bad – really.

    • I am the father of a recent temple graduate, and have developed an interest in owls football.
      I fully agree with the premise that temple needs to be a tough, possession oriented type of team.
      But i will also say that to think that they can alwsys be near the top of a conference featuring Texas and Florida schools may be unrealistic.
      Trying not to be too political, but Philadelphia’s current covid crazy, crime ridden lifestyle is not am inducement for everyone in trrms of recruiting.
      But i tend towards pessimism. Hoping for the best for the owls.

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