What would Geoff Collins do?

According to the website coacheshotseat.com, two former Temple guys sit at Nos. 14 and 15, respectively.

While there seems to be some debate about how rosy the future is for Rod Carey at Temple, there is less debate about current Georgia Tech head coach Geoff Collins had he remained at Temple.

It would not have ended well.

Yikes …

Hell, my best guess has been since December of 2019 that it won’t end well for Carey here but Collins didn’t tee things up for Rod like Matt Rhule did for Geoff.

Carey probably has one more year, maybe two, to post a winning season at Temple or he’s out of here.

Collins would have been on a shorter leash had he remained here simply because his contract would have been up.

Collins recruited primarily from the South, eschewed local connections, and his two classes were mediocre at best.

Had he remained here would he have been able to switch gears like Carey did in the offseason, promote Gabe Infante and hire a guy like Preston Brown?


So, in my mind and probably in a lot of other minds, Temple is slightly better off with Carey than Collins.

Put it this way: Carey beat Collins, 24-2, with AAC talent while Collins had the benefit of ACC recruiting classes.

Knowing Temple as I do, Carey will probably be able to survive a 2-4 win season as most of the experts expect the Owls to have. Look at it this way: Did Steve Addazio survive a four-win season at Temple?

He sure did until Boston College took the Owls off the hook.

Temple rarely fires head coaches who it owes money to and I doubt they’d start with Carey.

Collins, on the other hand, is feeling the heat in Atlanta and that comes with the Power 5 territory.

Maybe he can make a move to solidify his job by capitalizing on the new NIL rule, but that remains to be seen. The fans there are restless and a story published over the weekend illustrated why.

That’s Georgia Tech’s problem, not Temple’s. We have our own, of course, but things could have been worse.

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Friday, July 30: Summer camp preview


13 thoughts on “What would Geoff Collins do?

  1. According to the article you linked here, it looks like Manny Diaz is pretty much on the hot seat as well. Make it three ex-Temple coaches in danger!

  2. The hot seat site is interesting although some of their rankings are off.

    Example – Chip Kelly should be ranked much higher on that list. He has a new AD and needs to get to a bowl game this year. His team did improve last year.

    Collins is nowhere near the top end of the hot seat list. GT leadership seems quite happy with him. He has been able to improve the talent level while recruiting against two powerhouses in Georgia and Clemson. Folks down there understand the time needed to transition from a team that was populated by triple option players to one that is a more wide open offense. If they played this year, GT may beat Temple by a 24-2 score.

    I think Collins would have done better if he had stayed than Carey has done in replacing him. Fran Brown may still be here. Same for Ed Foley. Patenaude’s offenses were certainly more productive.

    If Collins had stayed another year, it may have helped in attracting another top level Power 5 coordinator to take over. We certainly haven’t ended up better off with a middling MAC coach.

  3. Carey has a 5 year contract. 2 are up (unless the COVID season doesn’t count, like letting players have another year). If Temple follows thru based on it’s past history he has 3 years to go, so we’ll be stuck with him for at least 2 more years, probably 3. So unless somebody knows a donor has stepped up to buy him out (very unlikely) or unless Carey surprises us this season with at least an even or winning season and goes bowling, guess what folks? It’ll be Carey for a while no matter how bad it gets. So Mike, what do you know that we all don’t know thinking he only has 1, maybe 2 years left? Hopefully TU’s new pres will have a strong presence in what happens. But as I’ve said before, I’ll give Carey this year to see what he’s got – hoping for improvement and a decent season and remembering he had a good first season here.

  4. -14 vs Rutgers is a downers for sure. In thinking about that Game up there, I don’t know if I want to do the travel and possible stayover for such a possible disappointment. The return of TUFB is a happy thing, but still….

  5. Mike, Texas and Oklahoma will not renew their media rights with the BIG12, will the AAC be poached again, or will we merge with them?

  6. Houston Chronicle writer reporting Tex and OU have approached SEC to join the league.

    From another site: “Needless to say, this would be a game changer for college football. The Big 12 would likely cease to exist, its other members absorbed somehow by the Big Ten, ACC and Pac 12 to create a new Power Four. Already the dominant conference in the sport, the gulf between the SEC and the rest would grow even wider.”

    When asked about this at SEC Media Days, commissioner Sankey really didn’t deny, only repeated it was a writer’s declaration.

    Getting back to your thread subject, this would create a lot more hot seats and spike the temperature on those already there.

  7. Mike, where are you. Conference realignment is upon us and I don’t know of the AAC will be relegated to MAC status or if we’ll merge with WVU and Iowa State. Thoughts?

  8. GT is Collins dream job. I hope it works out for him.

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