A win to a lot of wins: Tough, not impossible

Rebounding is usually a topic associated with Temple basketball, not Temple football.

From the late Michael Blackshear to Donald Hodge to Kevin Lyde, the basketball Owls have had a lot of good rebounders.

Add Rod Carey to the list if he’s able to magically transform the Owls from a one-win team to a winning one.

If history is anything indication, that prospect doesn’t look good.

Owls look on in final moments of win at Wisconsin

Consider this:

In 1993, the football Owls won once. In 1994, they won twice.

In 96, they won once; in 97, they won three times.

In 95, they won once and the we know what happened in 96.

In 2003, the first year they played at Lincoln Financial Field, they won once and “only” doubled that win total the next year.

In 2006, they won once in Al Golden’s first year and won as many as four the next. Would four wins be acceptable only two years removed from an eight-win season?

Not to me.

No wonder the oddsmakers have the Owls as anything between a 2-3 win team.

History is not on their side.

You have to go back more than 30 years ago to find any semblance of hope for Temple football.

That year, Jerry Berndt’s second, the Owls went from one win to seven.

That improvement was pretty remarkable.

Consider just one of the losses.

In 1989, the Owls lost to Syracuse, 43-3. One year later they were respectable 19-9 losers.

The wins were the thing, though.

They won at Boston College, 29-10, one year after losing to the Eagles, 35-14, in Philadelphia. They beat a winning Virginia Tech team, 31-28, one year after being shut out by the Hokies, 23-0. They beat Pitt by double-digits one year after being outclassed by the Panthers, 27-3.

Hell, they even went on the road and beat a Big 10 team, Wisconsin, 24-18.

So we’re saying there’s a chance, especially if they go on the road and beat a Big 10 team again.

Vegas also offered over/unders and the 1990 Owls were listed as a two-win team then as well.

So while the great body of history is against the Owls going from one win to a winning season, they go into this season knowing another group of Owls that preceded them were able to buck those odds.

Friday: Rutgers Fans

Monday: Game Week

3 thoughts on “A win to a lot of wins: Tough, not impossible

  1. Good analysis of the football history, Mike. I really am hoping for a significant improvement this year. For players, and the program. One significant comment by players we spoke to at the season ticket party, was playing in front of fans. I want them to improve. Then, I also want to see a change in coaching. The program needs it, in my mind. Like a Gabe or Golden. The new Temple President hopefully is engaged and can influence this change. With conference realignment looming, the recent program set back, does not help in getting a “promotion” into a Power 5 conference. Winning is the cure to everything.

  2. A nice surprise on the Temple football rooster, something to smile about.
    This AM with my cuppa-joe I decide to check the TUFB football notes about training camp, and there twernt all that much there, no surprise, as this Coach doesn’t communicate well, IMO.
    So I reviewed the current roster, looking for single digits hero’s – still not a final edition on that.
    THEN I just review the players roster and to my surprise, I see lots of home towns listed with 125 miles of Temple.
    Looks like near 40% of the players are from nearby states close enough so say locals, especially if you count NY and Maryland kids.
    A good thing here, hope they can play better too.
    I figure with this many neighborhood kids , at least they will supply several hundred extra fans into the games!

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