Postponement just another obstacle for Owls

Now that tonight’s game with Rutgers has been postponed to Saturday at noon, the football Gods have thrown another obstacle at the Owls.

Using walk-on quarterbacks as starters?

Check (see Kamal Gray last year).

City of Philadelphia closing your practices?


Transfer portal taking six starters away and putting them at other schools?


Now it appears that the Owls are headed back to Philadelphia after spending the last 24 hours in Piscataway.

One practice and 24 hours from now, they are back on the road to the same place.

Can they overcome?

They were facing a daunting task as it was even if the game was played on Thursday night. The RU team they would be facing went to Michigan State and won its opener last year.

Now the Owls have to do it while on a physical and an emotional yo-yo.

Their fans who were planning to watch on TV might not get that chance now, as all TV network time slots for football seem to be taken by the scheduled Saturday noon games.

One thing is certain: If they overcome this to win Saturday, it’s a good omen for the rest of the season.

Sunday: My day in Piscatway


12 thoughts on “Postponement just another obstacle for Owls

  1. Quite enjoying watching Daz get stomped by FCS South Dakota St….team totally unprepared and it shows.

  2. Game can be live streamed per RU site.

    Glad SDSU not on Owls schedule.

  3. watching the game, beyond belief. So far Temple FB is lower than whale-shit , and as they say ‘ that’s at the bottom of the Ocean’, oh my, how can this be ?

  4. They can’t do anything.
    Beyond brutal.
    Carey must go.

  5. horrible just horrible , Tell me again why w re-upped our season Tixx? I must be beyond stupid,, oh-well

  6. 3 turnovers to 0. Makes a difference.

  7. This is one of those losses that saps the life out of the whole program. This keeps t-shirts in the drawer and hoodies in the closet. A crushing blow to recruiting in jersey, to say nothing of everywhere else. So glad this mess wasn’t televised.

    • I watched it on Big 10 network. Disgusting. Back to the bad old days.

      The Blue Hens will give Rutgers a much tougher game in a couple of weeks. And Akron and Wagner will not be automatic wins. This team is poor.

  8. Listened to this driving home from North Carolina, what a way to end a beautiful vacay….after the 1st quarter wifey turned to me and said… happened in the past couple years? Even she knows…..

  9. Mike,
    We’ve discussed it on this site frequently, the utter lack of preparation for your opening game is astonishing. Hopefully Pres Wingard (solid individual, great background, should be a great President of TU) will somehow find a way to move on from Carey ASAP. At this point it seriously does no good to have him coach this team. Do not wait until year end. It’s obvious this guy doesn’t connect with TU student athletes. Nothing personal, but it ain’t working. Give Infante the interim position starting Monday. It can’t be any worse than what we have experienced. I’m not a grad, but have been a huge TU fan for years. I’m starting to lose interest. They are not a 1-A program anymore. You have to make a change now. A year of this will be torture. This guy inspires nobody. Failed hire. Let’s move on. You let this guy finish the year, you will get dangerously close to people starting to say “just end this program”, “Resources could be spent much better elsewhere”. The sad part is those that say that would not be wrong. Very tough situation for student athletes in this program. What parent would want their son to be coached by this guy? Nobody. Seriously, nobody. Nobody gets better. It obviously can’t be fun getting your tails handed to you frequently. It’s just plain depressing. You are getting to a point where nobody cares.

  10. New to the site but long time reader. After watching today’s game, felt compelled to post. Amazing how far this program has fell so fast. The lag in recruiting was evident today as Rutgers was more talented team to a man. But the really disturbing thing was how unprepared and undisciplined Temple was at times with penalties and turnovers. Play calling left a lot to be desired as well. Hoping I’m wrong but this looks like the season is getting late early… Carey has got to go!!!!

  11. Maybe this gets the attention of the new president who requests info from the AD.

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