Coping without Temple football

More smiles on the Temple sideline than I ever want to see with the Owls down 52-3

If I had my druthers, Temple football would start the first week of September and end the first week of January with no interruptions in the first three months.

This week is one of the interruptions.

The Owls are on a bye week and, instead of watching a game I have already seen in person on TV, I go to the DVR and review some games I’ve haven’t yet checked out.

One of them was Villanova at Penn State, a somewhat respectable 38-17 loss for the Wildcats.

Carey gave up, it’s no wonder his players followed his lead.

After just finishing watching the entire three hours of that game, my anger issues kicked into play.

“How in the hell can Villanova, a team with 20 less scholarships, give Penn State a much better game than Temple gave Cincinnati?”

Villanova had to play in arguably a more hostile environment against arguably a similar team yet was not embarrassed.

Temple was last Friday night and it was on national television for all to see.

Temple was mocked nationally once again as it has been many times under Rod Carey and, if it made me mad, I’m sure I’m not the only Temple fan who felt that way.

Gabe Infante’s burner account (just kidding; I agree with this guy)

The answer was simple: Coaching and determination.

Villanova’s players actually chased down Penn State receivers and backs running through its secondary, several times catching them.

On othe other hand, Temple defenders waved half-heartedly and watched as the Bearcats went on by for long scores.

This is what happens when you have players committed to a coach (Mark Ferrante) and a prorgram and players who do not believe in a head coach (Rod Carey) and that said head coach has to hire mercenaries to replace guys who were committed to Matt Rhule and Geoff Collins.

Forget Temple fans, though.

Impartial football observers like former unbeaten Tulane quarterback Shaun King have also shaken their heads about Carey’s in-game decisions.

People are noticing. Not just Temple people but smart football people around the country. Already, Arthur Johnson is calling on big-time Temple donors and asking their opinions. I’m just a Joe Schmoe one lottery ticket away from being a big-time donor but if Mr. Johnson called me, I’d tell him the problem with Temple football is as clear as the nose on Jimmy Durante’s face and the difference between the effort of Mark Ferrante’s players versus the effort of Rod Carey’s. If you don’t notice that, you do not have two eyes.

It won’t matter unless Jason Wingard and Arthur Johnson start to notice.

This week’s picks: All undervalued favorites this week: Like Nebraska -4 at a Minnesota team that got beat by Bowling Green; also home Buffalo -8 against a truly horrific Ohio squad and Ball State -1.5 at Eastern Michigan and Fresno State -3.5 at Wyoming.

Latest update: Lost on Nebraska and Buffalo, won on Fresno State and Ball State. The 2-2 mark ATS brings us to 17-11-1 on the season.

Monday: The Difference between USF and Temple

8 thoughts on “Coping without Temple football

  1. I’d say if Johnson is already calling “big-time donors,” he and Wingard have already noticed what needs to be done – let’s hope so anyway. It’s obvious Carey doesn’t give a shit and is only here to cash in – how could he ever get another HC job after this debacle? The Temple admin has been so incompetent it’s ridiculous.

    • Pat Kraft=good guy, made extremely bad choices for Temple. Should have opened up the hoop job to a national search. I want the guys who are able to put the Loyala of Chicagos and the Maryland (Baltimore County) into the Elite 8s rather than Aaron McKee. Football-wise, Carey was a rush job during recruiting season but the fact that both played football at Indiana around the same time should have been a major red flag for the BOT and the search committee.

    • KJ is a big-time donor who was in the Ocean when Johnson called. I’m confident having met KJ in person he will be candid with Johnson when he returns the call.

  2. Can anyone else see Carey kicking back today and telling the team….”hey, Cincinnati only scored 52 on us. It isn’t too bad! “

    • I think the team is off until Monday but, yes, at least he’s telling the staff that. Former Temple commit Kenny Pickett (who decommitted only after Toddy Centenio verbaled to Temple) is looking like the best pure dropback QB in the country right now. Of course, if he played for Carey, they would try to make him a triple-option QB so maybe it’s just as well.

  3. This is some of the best recruiting this staff has done in 3 years. If only they can close the door to the portal.

    • Portal is a bad rule but whoever thought it was acceptable for players to change teams DURING a season was an idiot.

      • He has a single mom who he is very close to and she is getting a new job elsewhere, word is he was unhappy about the recent decline in playing time.

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