Dr. Wingard: It’s time to make a change

To: Dr. Jason Wingard

President, Temple University

Sullivan Hall

Broad Street and Montgomery Avenues

Philadelphia, PA 19122

Dear President Wingard,

You’ve played big-time college football.

You, more than anyone else, know a couple of simple Football 101 facts:

One, when a team refuses to pass but gouges your defense on runs, you put eight men in the box and dare them to pass.

We’re popular in Kuwait on Sunday. Views of TFF from end of the game last night until 9 a.m. this morning. Maybe some oil money is coming to buy out Rod Carey’s contract.

Two, when you get a first-and-goal early in the game on the bad guy’s 3-yard line, you put your POWER back in the game, not your scatback. Tavon Ruley would have produced a 7-0 lead. Edward Saydee is a good back but not the guy you want in there when you want to move bodies.

Three, when your highly-paid coaching staff refuses to understand those basic football concepts,, it’s time to get another highly-paid coaching staff.

That’s pretty much the story in a nutshell of Saturday night’s USF 34-14 win over our beloved Temple Owls.

You know it.

Your fans know it.

No lies detected …

Your coaching staff is clueless.

These people are from Northern Illinois. They don’t understand Temple. They hate Philadelphia. They can’t fathom Temple TUFF. They never will.

They were 1-6 last season. They will finish 3-9 this season.

It’s time for a change.

The sooner the better.

Yes, buying out the remaining three years of a coach who makes $2 million per year will cost the university major coin but put it this way.

You cannot sell this staff to the fanbase next year. Spend money, replace the guy, sell maybe 10x as many season tickets over the next 12 months.

Keep him for another year and you might not sell more than 400 season tickets in a 70,000-seat stadium for the 2022 season. This university doesn’t deserve that national embarrassment. People in Philadelphia are knowledgeable about the game. They can’t stomach three-men fronts against run-only offenses. They can’t stomach a guy who is so unpopular with his players that they routinely leave for other pastures.

Bring back Al Golden, who has proven he can win here, or give the job to a more hungry guy who is popular with the players like Gabe Infante.

You came to Temple promising bold leadership. Nothing would send a bolder leadership message to the 300,000-plus Temple alumni that you won’t accept the performance of this coaching staff.

Spend money to make money.

Fire Rod Carey no later than Monday. If you can get into the office on Sunday, that would even be better. I don’t speak for my 300,000 fellow Temple alumni nor the 40,000 current full-time students or 12,500 employees but I’m confident the great majority agree with me today.

Don’t wait until Arthur Johnson arrives in his office Nov. 1. You can fill him in on the details once he gets settled.

We cannot wait until the end of the season.


Mike Gibson

Editor and Publisher

Temple Football Forever

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16 thoughts on “Dr. Wingard: It’s time to make a change

  1. I hope the new prez gets to see this! Another embarrassing loss! This simply cannot continue! Dreadful coaching decisions!

  2. I could not agree more. As a pre-pandemic season ticket holder, I have witnessed the rapid decline under this clueless incompetent, I demand that the coaching staff be fired IMMEDIATELY.

    Jack Enco
    Class of 1975

  3. Concur. This Coach has never connected with the fan base or players. This loss was worse than the NC beat down in the bowl game.

  4. Yes it’s certainly depressing to see the state of Temple Football, it’s up and down history of good coaches building winning programs then leaving has once again crippled Temple Football, the Rutgers game solidified how poor things are! Getting hammered by them bites big time.
    Temple has the necessary facilities, the recruiting tri state area. Coach Wayne Harden proved that this program can consistently win wit right leadership. Give the present coach the needed time needed to establish solid competitive program, geez I’m so sick of feeling despair with this great program.

    • Coach Hardin was obviously a good one, but that was a different level of play back then. I believe an even better example of how much a good head coach means to a team’s success is by referencing Matt Rhule’s tenure (and to Al Golden before him). After Matt left the program, things began to go downhill to where we are now just about at rock bottom as a football program. Need corrective action sooner than later!

      • Different level of play under Hardin? Show me why you think that’s the case? Hardin’s teams played at least six games a year against teams that are now P- schools.

      • It was five P-5 schools a season starting in 1975.

      • Yeah, it was a different level of play: Much stronger teams (not ranked in the 100s like USF was). Hell,the 1979 team beat Syracuse 49-17, won at West Virginia, 38-16, lost to No. 1 Pitt (10-9) and No. 8 Penn State (10-7). Those Hardin teams did Temple proud against much tougher competition. This team is a national embarrassment.

  5. Cary’s laughing all the way to the bank. He was licking his chops when Temple signed him on for a guaranteed 5 years, 2 mil per – didn’t matter if he did a lousy job, since it’s guaranteed, whether he gets fired or not. Schools would do themselves a great service by demanding certain expectations be met or your outta’ here, no buyouts. How in the hell did coaches wrangle themselves such a deal – no other profession guarantees such a deal for failure (oh, except CEOs of major corporations). And especially at Temple – what do we have to lose? And now USF comes in with one lousy win and literally bulldoses themselves all over our D. We had so many missed tackles and no speed getting to them on end arounds. Someone tell Carey that his show of anger on the sideline doesn’t make up for his lack of preparation and lousy game-day coaching. And really, we all know Temple will let him finish out the season (or heaven forbid the rest of his contract) since historically we know how to lose and bear it! The recent string of (off-and-on) success tasted good but will the administration/BOT continue making bad decisions and allow things to go back to the bad old days? 100 or so years of football and we’re seeing OTHER much newer programs rush on past us. It’s ridiculous…..

  6. Mike, you go into next year with this guy as the HC, fold the program. Pat Kraft should have to pay some of his salary as this guy is so in over his head at this level. I know you had issues w/ the Diaz fiasco but to hire a guy from NIU that had been 0-6 in Bowl games is frankly gross incompetence. Who did the interview? How did this guy win over the BOT? He is a mummy. Some guys you say “well at least he made a great impression in the interview process”, but not this guy.
    I’m almost done. I can’t take watching this slop. I feel for the student athletes who have only a limited amount of time to play intercollegiate athletics. Their experience with this guy has been awful. It’s not fun to play for this guy. I don’t blame the multiple players that have transferred, they need to do what is best for themselves. Temple needs to do now what is best for their current student athletes and that is to fire this guy either today or tomorrow.


    • They have no other choice. Wingard has got to ax Carey immediately. I hope the BOT gave Wingard a wide berth to make this kind of decision. Liacouras would have done this without asking the BOT because they had that much confidence in him. I hope they give Wingard the same attitude.

    • I am very concerned about recruiting issues with this team. It is likely a difficult sell right now. But there is always hope – look at UCF, who went 0-12 in 2015 under HC George O’Leary and IHC Danny Barrett. In comes Scott Frost and they go 13-0 in 2017. Won the AAC championship game and beat Auburn in the Peach Bowl. But it will take another Scott Frost and successful recruiting to turn things around at TU IMO!

  7. Then Scott Frost left UCF. Usual progression.

    • Yep! Seems as though the AAC is a spring board to “greener pastures” for both coaches and players (player transfer portal).

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