Rod Carey: Excuses, not reasons

Not now, but maybe tomorrow or Monday. We can only hope.

Another blowout Temple loss, and more excuses from head coach Rod Carey.

Just to be clear: Excuses are not reasons.

Not valid ones anyway.

The latest Carey excuse after a 49-7 loss to UCF was this:

“Obviously when you beat yourselves against a good football team like that, the score is going to reflect what it did today,” Carey said.

Thanks, Rod.

Temple fans chanted for Rod Carey to be fired and Temple players agreed with them. What is the Temple administration waiting for?

After the USF game, he said this:

“So obviously we just got beat bad, that’s the only way to put it.  They took it to us tonight and we’ve got to do better as coaches, we’ve got to do better as players, and we’ve got to get back to work at it.”

After the Cincy game, he said this:

“So obviously I’m upset with the outcome. I’m upset with the second half especially. We did not play well. And they’re a really good team on top of it. So when you do not play well against good teams, that happens. So really disappointing. I thought that first half we gave ourselves a shot after giving them a free touchdown there. So it’s just what it is. We’ve got to get back to work. We’ve got to keep improving. And the bye week comes at a good time for us and we’ll go from there.”

Thanks to for those quotes.

Sense a pattern here?

I do.

The same pattern and the same excuses will continue until the Owls finish 3-9 and close out the season.

The post-season press conference probably will be an amalgamation of all of those quotes contained in one disgusting paragraph.

My overwhelming thought today is why bother?

Arthur Johnson sitting with his son. He needs to teach the kid a life lesson that dad doesn’t accept bullbleep.

New Temple athletic director Arthur Johnson was spotted sitting on a folding chair and listening to those same quotes we outlined here now.

If Johnson was paying any attention, they sounded remarkably similar to the excuses Carey gave after earlier games.

A good CEO doesn’t accept excuses from a bad employee. He just thanks the employee for his services, asks for the key to the office and finds someone who doesn’t make excuses.

In the five years Al Golden spent here, he made zero excuses and solved many problems. If I’m Johnson, I’d place a phone call to Golden either Sunday or Monday and gauge his interest. If he says no, I’d pick his brain and get suggestions on the next guy.

What I won’t do?

Sit in the back on a folding chair and listen to Carey’s bullshit one more week.

Monday: A Big Announcement


14 thoughts on “Rod Carey: Excuses, not reasons

  1. Since TUFB will be looking for a new coach for next season, not focused on whether he goes before or after this season. Looking at some of the names being tossed around on some of the other sites I have a question regarding the big push for Fran Brown. A lot of people seem to feel he is the only logical choice and I’m trying to get a better feel why. I know he is a very good recruiter, local guy and has coached at TU. What else makes THE candidate for HC?

  2. I was there yesterday as always given I am a season ticket holder. Since Rod took over, I am having a hard time convincing family and friends to come to the games after having them pay good money to watch this slop. It has got to end and it should end today. Give Gabe a shot at running the team for the next few games. Give Golden a call, do a national search…how about do something?!? Hell, there is a young hungry coach down the road at Widener that has had success everywhere hes been and knows this area. This is the first time in 10 years where I have not mentally committed to renewing my tickets. Need to see what direction this goes in before I do.

  3. If something is not done, and done quickly, you can bet season tickets, both new and renewals, will be a very difficult sell! I still find it difficult to fathom as to what has happened to this program!

  4. Mike are you hearing anything about changes coming? I’m hearing rumours not sure how true.

  5. Well, I actually watched the entire game yesterday, something I can’t say I did for the previous 2 games. I may be getting used to how I approached things back in the bad old days, simply because it’s my school and I enjoy watching football, albeit not the getting creamed part. The players did make some bad mistakes and too many of them but they seem to be playing hard. But if coaching is teaching discipline, making changes during the game and using schemes that work, then this is on the coaches for sure because the kids want to be doing better. Carey now has our program at a lower tier MAC level. I admit I was willing to give him a chance and see how things would go this season and would have accepted a even or barely winning record with a bowl invite (for this season only and expect improvement thereafter), but we’re not only losing we’re getting slaughtered. Totally unacceptable.

  6. Must be done sooner than later to show these players and future recruits that Temple will make righting this ship to respectability a priority!!

  7. Rod Carey floundering in North Philly and coaching in an empty stadium is justice. Temple Tuff fans endured losers before. Lower expectations, replace cheerleaders with comedians, sit on the visitors side, and rejoice in the success of the visiting team.

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