Temple: Getting the money together

At every other university in America, what has happened the last four weeks is the equivalent of any employee consistently yelling f-bombs at the customers, blowing off work for several straight weeks without an excuse, and making a mistake at Three Mile Island that releases enough nuclear energy to kill the entire population of Harrisburg.

In other words, an employee has bleeped up big time and you have to find a way to fire him.

This employee was responsible for causing the company 52-3, 34-14, 49-7 and 45-3 losses.

All the other universities fire the guy without blinking.

Hopefully, this guy has a suit ready to wear by Monday at noon.

At Temple, they’ve got to find the money. Fizzy suggested last week in this space to rob the $160,000,000 stadium fund to pay off the contract. It’s not that simple. That money was already committed by donors to build a stadium. If no stadium, it goes back to the donors. It doesn’t go to chemistry classes, basketball facilities, or even the community.

The problem new athletic director Arthur Johnson and university president Dr. Jason Wingard face involves making a few phone calls.

By our calculations, at least 10 Temple University alumni have given at least $1 million toward a new stadium. One of them is a frequent poster on this site.

Johnson has to contact at least seven of them in the next 24 hours and get a “yes” on the question if they are willing to move that money from “stadium” to “buyout” on the signature line.

If yes, the puff of white smoke will come out of the Sullivan Hall chimney and we will have a new pope, err, Temple football coach no later than Monday at noon. If not, we will have to do what Hirohito said after the second Atomic Bomb was dropped in WWII: “Endure the unendurable.” Then the Emperor meant unconditional surrender. Now it means waiting until the end of the season to rid us of the disaster that is Rod Carey.

That’s probably how tight Temple is with the money.

Our recommendation has been all along to make Gabe Infante the interim coach until the end of the season. If, by some miracle, Gabe wins a couple, award him the job. If not, involve Al Golden in the search–either as the new coach himself or finding a guy who can succeed here.

Either way, the bad employee must be removed and, if necessary, the money must be found. Saturday was the best evidence that enough is enough.

Tuesday: Point/Counterpoint


13 thoughts on “Temple: Getting the money together

  1. Chances Temple comes up with the money before November 27?

  2. Donors at the $1M level expect naming opportunities at the new facility, to cement a lasting legacy. No one’s throwing away that amount of personal capital to cover a bad operational decision they had no responsibility for. Temple’s riding with Carey and his minions at least to Nov. 28.

  3. I am not Mathematician, financial person, or accounting person. That said, Stadium or no stadium, keeping Carey can end up costing the University more then 6 million dollars. Between lost ticket sales, alumni donations, kids not wanting to play here. Even the miracle of a chance at p5. (Yes I think that ship has sailed but you never know). Just the image of our program. I think teams are more fearful of playing 1AA teams then us at the moment. Even in Matt Rhules 2-10 season, the opposition took us seriously.

    • I stopped watching. The standard is just too low. My take is that with the portal it is going to be difficult to keep the best players. Yesterday, I watched Roche make a key strip sack for the NY Giants and then I realized…He played for Temple but finished up at Miami. I am just not sure how this will work out. Time will tell.

  4. If anyway possible this needs to be done NOW!!! THESE YOUNG MEN NEED TO BE SHOWN THAT TEMPLE IS SERIOUS ABOUT THIS FOOTBALL PROGRAM!! It also may make some consider not entering the portal

  5. TUFB = Perpetual despair, destitute, and racing to finish dead last. Now, the 5th worst team on the nation, 2nd to last in Special Teams Efficiency.


    Why? Pat Kraft, yes. Carey, yes. TU BOT, yes. TU Student Body and Alumni, yes for not screaming we deserve better. Tom Wolf, yes for appointing BOT members who don’t go to games and could care less.

    Villanova would destroy TUFB this year.

    The fix, commitment. Fire Carey yesterday. Announce City approval for an OCS BEFORE screening new HC candidates.

  6. An idea, (even though not Temple grads, BUT Temple Football supporter with 2 season Tixx for about 28 years now), here goes….
    Some type of grass root efforts needed, as example , where I would pledge $100 now for a dump Carey now effort.
    Maybe many more would join in ?????

  7. This is getting ridiculous, UMASS just canned Bell, yet TU looks like they’ll wait until the end of the season to maybe get rid of Carey. Need to stop this train wreck ASAP

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