Temple Administration: Silence is deafening

Painting the end zones in that beautiful Cherry and White-colored design with a diamond outline and TEMPLE spelled out costs Temple University $40,000 every time they do it.

That’s one of the reasons the game against Houston on Saturday, a 37-8 loss, showed those colors only the second time this season. Coincidentally, that’s also the same amount of money it costs the university to write out a check to Rod Carey to coach the football team each week and that includes off months like January and February.

It is committed money, meaning that the uni agreed to pay it long before this disaster of a season occurred.

By not firing Carey either last week or this week, the silence coming from the administration is increasingly clear.

“We. Don’t. Have. The. Money.”

It’s deafening, really, and it was a lot louder than any cheering you could have heard in an otherwise empty stadium.

What self-respecting university allows itself to be embarrassed week after week–five weeks straight now–on national television without acting?

Temple, that’s who.

Not Texas Tech, not Akron, not TCU, Georgia Southern, LSU, UConn, and USC who found money to stop the bleeding this season.


That’s about as embarrassing as anything we’ve seen on the field so far in the last three months and that’s pretty damn embarrassing.

That doesn’t mean Temple won’t find the money at the end of the season but why wait if it’s inevitable anyway?

That old saying “you’ve got to spend money to make money” is especially true the way college football currently is constructed. Already, Jadan Blue looked at the fact that he was just five catches short of breaking the school career record and said, “thanks, but no thanks” because he didn’t want to spend another week with Rod Carey. To think that he is the only good player on the roster who has come to that conclusion is really naive. Right now, the kids need a signal that the university knows there’s a problem with the coaching and help is on the way so hold tight and don’t leave.

Temple’s administration should follow the lead of one of its all-time record-setters and say “thanks but no thanks” to just one more day of Rod Carey.

If it costs the Owls not painting the end zones next year or the year after that, it’s a price that should be paid. Move the money around to stop this madness now.

Otherwise, they will have dug themselves a hole so deep that it will take them five years to field a team worthy of that name in the end zone.

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13 thoughts on “Temple Administration: Silence is deafening

  1. It’s bad, real bad. Stinks, stank, stunk! Wingard and Johnson have the opportunity to show we’re going to set a new precedent at Temple and not allow mediocrity. Might as well still have Fran as AD because both are ignoring the situation publicly. This leaves everyone in Owl Nation sick to our stomachs. Listening to him blame the loss on the offense was infuriating…it’s your F’ing offense, Rod! Collins was a likable used car salesman but Rod is the Finance Manager they bring out to tell you that you’re robbing the dealership blind because you ask for a little bit. Everyone hates that guy no matter how nice he may be away from work. It is maddening to see the rapid decline and nothing being done. Now we have to watch 2 more games of complete trash and that is not an indictment on the kids. Cant blame the young sailors failing to save a sinking ship. Yay Temple—Wingard and Johnson starting their careers here with a major blemish already!

  2. It is hard to understand why Temple has not taken action on the Coach. The administration must recognize that the fan base is disgusted. As you say, it will likely take years to undo the damage to the Temple football brand. If there is not enough money to fire Carey now, where are they going to get the money to rebuild the brand over the next years. The landscape is moving away from Temple with the defection of Teams from our conference. As the NCAA lets the Power 5 conferences move toward their own rules the door might be forever closed to teams like Temple to move forward. Just look at how the Power 5 are voting to keep Cincinnati out of the playoffs. If we had an on campus stadium we would be better able to survive as a football school, but that ship has sailed. I am very pessimistic that this administration will ever take steps to rebuild our football program. I recently stopped designating my modest donations for athletics and am now designating to the School of Business where I earned my degree.

  3. I am in awe at how far we have fallen at TU in both football and both basketball squads. Apparently the administration is content with embarrassment and mediocrity.
    The hires of both Carey and McKee are examples of the lack of looking forward and exemplify just filling the positions. Golden and Pitino look like good reputable fits for the owls. Mckee’s game management is horrible and Carey doesn’t have those words are not in his lexicon.

    • Pitino had Iona in the NCAAs in one year. The guy’s a winner. The Carey hiring was a rush job by an AD who was scorned by Diaz and his way of rebounding was to pick a friend. Bill Bradshaw hired his college teammate Dunphy and Kraft hired his fellow Indiana football alum Carey. Never hire friends.

  4. Johnson has been in office what, two weeks, and you want him to fire Carey (whom he barely knows) and name a guy (another stranger) who’s never coached a college team as his interim?
    And recruits (and their parent(s)) are going to find promises from that interim guy more credible than the idiot with a multi-year contract remaining?

    The new guy isn’t going to do that – he just got here. Besides, how much farther can Temple Football fall? It’s at rock bottom.

    If he’s wise, Johnson is waiting to see which P5 coaches (and assistants) might be available and make a play. And, he’s likely figuring out what it might take to pull someone from Texas (anywhere in Texas). That’s what the other ADs with underperforming football programs around the NCAA are doing. Coaches looking to move up, or move on, are doing the same.

    All else fails, he can reach out to Golden (whom he doesn’t know, either). Al might be available, of course, if he has the energy to lean another rebuild.

    Dunphy has always been an underachieving failure. I hope they threw him a going-away party after he left the building.

  5. I agree it’s too early for Johnson to fire Carey. Where’s the money for the buyout going to come from? If I’m Johnson, I go to Carey tomorrow and suggest he takes a “haircut” on the remaining amount of his contract. I tell him you’re not getting the full $2M per year remainder of your contract. AND if you stay for another year, you run the risk of having a 2 win season (maybe with wins against UMASS and Lafayette). And this might be your last FBS level head coaching job after such a dismal run at Temple. So get out now before it’s too late.

    If he takes say $1.3M per year for the last 2 years as a buyout, the AD can hire someone for about $1.2 M for the next 2 years assuming some donors can cover the roughly half million additional cost as the price of pushing out Carey. So he leaves.

    At least I wish it happens something like that within the next week. But wait. Then that happy ending to the Carey era is totally undone when the AD hires some guy from Texas with no ties to Temple(or to SE Pennsylvania) as the new HC.

    That’s it. I’m done hoping. And caring.

  6. I am done hoping and caring also. I will stick with rooting for the Eagles and every team that plays Penn State! At least the Eagles coach has found a way to adjust the last few weeks and takes responsibility. As a side note pitchers and catchers report to spring training 2/14/22, go Phils!

  7. I’m done. The people responsible refuse to accept responsibility for their misdeeds. Accountability is absent, and I’ve withdrawn all committed donations for unfulfilled promises.

    From the G5 site:

    “11. Temple (3-7, 1-5)
    Since their now shocking win over Memphis, Temple is averaging 7 points per game. In their last three games, they haven’t scored outside of the 4th quarter, when each game was well into the 4th quarter. Their defense hasn’t held a team to less than 30 points in conference play. Worse than all that, it seems like they’re just trying to get through the rest of the season as quickly as possible.”

    Special thanks Mike for a great site.., I fondly remember how this site started and your superman efforts to make it happen.

    • Thanks, KJ. It was great meeting you at the UCF debacle two years ago (err, a 63-21 loss). At least the pre-game was fun. Thanks for the coffee from Hawaii. It was terrific.

  8. Too early for Johnson to fire Carey. C’mon guys, you have to be kidding me. This program is an absolute dead stick if he stays. Nobody goes to games, nobody cares, this is how textbook 101 on how important a HC hire is to a program. Suggest he takes a “haircut”, my lord. Leaders do not suggest. Winners do not suggest. Losers suggest. If you don’t have the money for the buyout, perhaps its time to reevaluate the program. You have to move on yesterday from this guy. Not next week, now. It is not fair to student athletes to have them unprepared each week by a clearly underqualified coach. Suggest he take a paycut. That guy is funny.


  9. I was suggesting the administration attempts negotiating a reduction in essentially his severance not a pay cut. There’s a difference. Maybe Carey wants out rather than have his name and his coaching record, as he might see it, further damaged by staying. But an AD at a school like Temple just isn’t going to fire the football coach with a $2M salary after only a month on the job. It’s not unheard of for 2 parties looking to terminate a contract to negotiate a way out of it. And it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Carey has already been approached about a buyout/severance deal of some kind that’s less than the remainder of the amount payable to him through the end of the contract. What’s funny is the notion of either fire the guy and pay him or rethink the program (that I assume means dropping football).

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