Ultimately, firing Carey was a business decision

Hat tip to our friends at Fire Rod Carey for this graphic.

In the end, Temple’s firing of Rod Carey was a business decision.

Do you let the contract run its course and pay the money owed to Carey or do you cut the losses and move forward?

Temple chose to move forward. For that, every single Temple Owl owes a debt of gratitude to athletic director Arthur Johnson and President Jason Wingard today.

Al Golden in an interview Aug. 15, 2021

(Not to mention those two owe Carey a $6 million debt.)

The bottom line Johnson and Wingard faced after Saturday was that do you play the next three years in an empty 70,000-seat stadium, watch an entire roster walk out the door and lose with Carey or generate enthusiasm, stop the roster bleeding and win with the next guy?

Johnson and Wingard correctly chose the latter option.

There will be plenty of good candidates and one great candidate to replace Carey and the question today is if the great candidate isn’t interested, plenty of people better than Rod Carey will.

The best Temple running back of the Carey Error checks in with his choice for the job.

Looking at the business end of it, hiring Al Golden is a no-brainer.

One, he already proved he could do the job at the exact same place with even heavier lifting than will be required now.

Two, he would bring instant credibility with the fans and sell gobs of season tickets. (Don’t know what gobs are but if you accept Temple’s number of approximately 10,000 season tickets sold for 2021, he could easily double that with a name recognition factor.)

In the firing Rod Carey movie, the role of Arthur Johnson will be played by Denzel Washington.

Three, he comes with a binder full of recruiting contacts up and down the East Coast and would be welcome by all high school coaches into any building he wants to visit in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. (Carey was disliked by most Pa. and Jersey high school coaches.)

Four, he would bring an NFL pedigree with him having coached in the NFL since his departure from Miami. Every Temple player at least has dreams of playing in the NFL and he can show them what they need to do to get there.

Five, he probably has a burning desire to get the bad taste of Miami out of his mouth and Temple would provide him with the opportunity to do it. (And, really, how bad was a 33-25 record at Miami despite crippling sanctions?)

In a business where winning comes first and the bottom line comes next, there’s no one who fulfills those requirements for Temple more than Al Golden.

If the front end of today’s decision was based on business, the back end should be as well.

Friday: The other candidates


27 thoughts on “Ultimately, firing Carey was a business decision

  1. 1. NCAA’s early signing period begins Dec. 15 for football
    2. AG is not the answer
    3. Questions all HC candidates should ask TU, “what is the vision for TUFB, does it include P5 acceptance, and do you really think TUFB can compete at the national level w/o an OCS?”

    • AG is the answer.

      • AG may not be the answer or may not want to start over. But some of his ideas might be useful no matter who is hired. Remember his summer camps when he invited local high school coaches to bring their teams to campus and get coaching from the Temple coaches. It helped build relationships with local high school coaches, let Temple coaches look for diamonds in the rough, and generally raised the profile of the University and team among local high school players.

    • I love TU. I love TUFB. I would love to see TU in the Big 10 or ACC. I also live in reality.

      TU is 25 years away from being an attractive candidate. We need two full generations of fans who line up to watch TU play on Saturdays.. who travel to games.. who buy merch at a considerable rate.. who watch them on TV when they go 3-9. Who watch them on TV even when they move down south, or out west, or to Canada….

      The Big 10 has the Philly market… PSU. There are more than enough PSU households in Philly/SJ area. Also, we aren’t an AAU school. We tried to sell the Fox Chase Cancer Center because we cannot afford to operate it. We are billions of dollars away in grants/funding/research from even being considered for AAU membership.

      The ACC? Why? Seriously. Why would they be interested in TU? If they weren’t interested when we were the best FB/BB combo in the AAC 5 years ago… why now? They don’t need us for the Philly market. They have enough of it. We aren’t an attractive Nat’l candidate- Temple doesn’t draw national eye balls.

      The OCS drum needs to stop beating too. Because if we vacate the Linc… it opens up for Nova. You know who becomes a super-attractive school to the ACC? Villanova with and FBS football team playing at the Linc. Villanova is one of the 10 marquee programs in the country these days.

      As an FBS team in the ACC, they fill that thing with no problem. They’d sell out of season tickets so fast, there would be a waiting list a mile long. If we leave the Linc, then we should leave FBS, because we become the 4th FBS program when Nova announces a move up.

      They have a national following, and would absolutely move the needle on a future television rights deal for the ACC.

      Temple needs to become Boise State East. We need to be the best non-P5 school in the country for 15 years. 8-5 has to be a bad year. We need to dominate Rutgers in recruiting NJ and Philly. We need to eat 4 P5 schools lunches to open the eyar. Boise is a national eye grabber, with no local market. If TU can replicate that success in FB and BB… maybe in 2045 we can bully our way into the big boy convo. We need to be so good for so long, that ESPN shows our games on tv, and not just the app.

      But there were 600-700 people at that Navy game this weekend. That never happens to P5 schools. Even when Rutgers was 1-11 terrible, I remember going to games and seeing a few thousand people n the crowd.

  2. Mike, I agree that Al Golden would restore faith to the program, instantly. I also agree that Preston Brown and Gabe Infante are integral starting points for Golden. The recruiting is everything. I hope Al would consider a return to North Broad, and restore an aggressive tough defense, and offensive line that can run block. Saturday, i was convinced not to renew my 8 season tickets. Today, i am back on board hoping for the right person to lead the program, and renewed hope for an on campus stadium in the near future. But first things first. We need the right head coach.

    • Thanks, Don. I went to the BC game and vowed not to come back until Rod Carey was gone. I will renew my season tickets ASAP. I feel they will hire someone good. Getting Carey out of here was Priority No. 1.

    • We will now also re-new our 2 season tixx for Temple FB as a show of support. Temple Football needs support now, big time. We wait and we hope for the best.

  3. Temple is searching for a new coach. Here are the likely candidates, according to Bruce Feldman

    Nov 6, 2021; Greenville, North Carolina, USA; Temple Owls head coach Rod Carey looks up at the scoreboard during the first half against the East Carolina Pirates at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports
    By Bruce Feldman 23m ago 2
    Rod Carey was fired Monday after three seasons at Temple. The Owls program really backslid under Carey, going 4-15 the past two seasons. New athletic director Arthur Johnson made the move to part with Carey, despite the school having to deal with his hefty buyout.

    There are several top Power 5 assistant coaches with strong connections to the program and area that we expect will be in the mix for the vacancy.

    We think the search starts with Texas running backs coach/run game coordinator Stan Drayton. He has spent a lot of time in Philadelphia from his days coaching at Penn and Villanova, where he helped groom NFL star Brian Westbrook. Drayton, 50, interviewed for this job years ago. He is considered one of the best in the business as a position coach. He also has strong ties to Johnson, who came from Texas.

    Texas A&M defensive line coach Elijah Robinson, a former Matt Rhule assistant at Temple, is a local product from nearby Camden, NJ. Robinson, 36, has done great work wherever he’s been. We expect him to get an interview and be a strong candidate for this job.

    Ole Miss co-defensive coordinator Chris Partridge, a 41-year-old New Jersey native with strong recruiting ties from his days as a Jersey high school coach, is expected to get a lot of consideration. He’s does a very nice job helping Lane Kiffin get things going in Oxford. Partridge previously spent five years on Jim Harbaugh’s staff.

    Like Robinson, Rutgers secondary coach Fran Brown is a Camden native and worked for Rhule at Baylor and Temple. And like Robinson, Brown’s proven he’s very good at developing players and is a stud recruiter. He’s been a big asset to Greg Schiano in the rebuilding effort there. This is another good option for the Owls.

    Michigan running backs coach Mike Hart is from Upstate New York with strong ties in the Northeast who may get a look here. The Wolverines’ all-time leading rusher has really boosted the Michigan run game since his return to his alma mater.

    Two wild-card options
    Princeton’s Bob Surace has done excellent work in the Ivy League and has been on some FBS athletic directors’ radars. He’s led the Tigers to four Ivy League titles after spending nearly a decade as an NFL assistant with the Cincinnati Bengals.

    Former Florida coach Dan Mullen is a Northeast native who has a long track record as a sharp offensive mind. Mullen’s helped developed a lot of standout quarterbacks, from Alex Smith to Tim Tebow to Dax Prescott. Mullen did flame out at Florida, and we wonder if his next move might be to get on as an NFL assistant. Still, he might get a call from Temple.

    (Photo: James Guillory / USA Today)

    Not a mention of Al Golden returning. Perhaps he has already expressed disinterest that we are not aware of.

    • Not an overwhelming list. Rather have people with HC experience.

      • Like Rod Carey? He was a waste of money. I like hungry P5 assistant coach candidates with local ties like Arians, Golden, and Rhule.

      • Stan Drayton doesn’t have local ties. Rich Drayton does. (To be clear, i’m not advocating for Rich Drayton as much as I’m advocating against Stan Drayton.) Rich would be my 467th choice but Stan might be my 856th choice. Coaching at Penn and Villanova does not give you an understanding of Temple.

      • Chris Patridge has recruited Philadelphia better than Rod did and he has coordinator experience. Hire that man, he’s a Jersey lifer.

      • MIke, Neither Al or Matt had HC experience when hired. The two best HCs TUFB has had since 2006.

      • Yes, they put us in a position where we can now have the luxury of getting someone with alll of their qualities and winning HC experience. Hell, I’d go for the gusto and get Al if we can. That said I’d rather have Fran Brown or Preston Brown than Stan Drayton if we can’t.

      • Great hearing from you, Patrice. Loved the story you told in Lot K about Al’s last words at The E-0: “God, I love this place.” (I think that was you I heard it from..) 🙂

  4. I’ve been waiting for this article since the Rutgers game. I’m looking forward to the future.

    • Hmm. That’s the name I thought yesterday. I wrote on this site three days before Diaz was hired that “I have a sinking feeling that Diaz is the guy” and I have that same feeling with Drayton. If I had my Drayton Druthers, I’d pick Central head coach Rich Drayton (a Temple great who has head coaching experience) over Stan, a non-Temple guy who does not. I have a sinking feeling Drayton is going to be the guy. I hope what Johnson said yesterday about “connections to the area” being important is true because I don’t see Stan having much of that in his background compared to the other coordinator candidates.

  5. Geez Mike, we’ve been through this process now 5 or 6 time since the N Alabama B Wallace. HC coach, this is gut-wrenching for folks like us who love TUFB.
    WE went to games since 2nd year of Dickerson and QB Muckerson back then.
    What are we to think ?
    I say a good up and riser who elevates TUFB and moves on in 3 years is what it is….

  6. Mike, some folks want a guy who is going to stick around and be a lifelong TU coach. Better to get someone that can come in, have success, elevate the program and if they have the opportunity to move on 3-4 years down the line, good for them. It means two things:
    1. You have a motivated individual that is driven to success
    2. He did what you hired him for and put the program in a much better place.

    TU fans want a guy that is loyal and will stick around forever. Wake up. It’s 2021. I want a guy that wants better for himself and in his family and if getting the TU football program gets him to that place, even better.

    Nothing wrong w/ being the stepping stone for coaches, it means you are winning. Embrace it. There are enough up and coming coaches with local ties, understanding of the environment at TU and high level coaching experience that you can find the next Matt Rhule, Lincoln Riley or Sean Mcdermott.


  7. Thinking about our new Coach, coming from a big time football program like a Texas. Now really, who-the-F would decommit from Texas and instead come to Temple to play FB, hunh ????
    Big time P5 position coaches are a real question.

  8. Thinking about our new Coach, coming from a big time football program like a Texas. Now really, who-the-F would decommit from Texas and instead come to Temple to play FB, hunh ????
    Big time P5 position coaches are a real question.

    Remember that in Texas , their true religion is HS and College Football.

  9. Goodbye and good riddance to Rod. Better days are ahead.

    Interesting chatter around the HC position. Still looked at as a favorable opportunity in the coaching industry. There seems to be common names coming up as candidates. One off the radar name to look at is Phil Longo from UNC.

    Fran Brown apparently left on less than favorable terms but he has a clean slate with the new President and AD. There are questions on Gabe’s overall short college coaching resume but he is viewed positively among the power people. Al G seems more interested in a DC job in the NFL.

    I’m excited to see a new coach come in. I’m more excited that Rod is gone.

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