Happy New Year From Temple Football Forever

May the Temple Owls figure out a way to win double-digit games in 2022

Since our picking season is over, this is what we wrote on Christmas Eve:

Final college football picks of the year: Would love to pick Cincy getting the 13.5 against Bama but, like all G5 football fans, will watch that with a rooting interest only. Only three games jumped out to me:

EAST CAROLINA getting 3 against BC in the Military Bowl. ECU beat Temple, 45-3 and BC beat Temple, 28-3; MICHIGAN STATE laying the 2.5 against Pitt without former Temple commit Kenny Pickett (opting-out) in the Peach Bowl (hell, freaking WESTERN Michigan beat Pitt with Kenny); UTAH getting 6.5 against Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. Utah has been a completely different team since losing to BYU in the Holy War.

Record for the season: 28-25-1. Hopefully, we will hit the 30-win mark by the New Year.”

Final record for the season: Won on Utah covering and Michigan State laying the points and wish ECU would have had the chance to beat BC in the Military Bowl. Finished 30-25-2 (push in one game, cancellation in the other) for the season. So betting $50 on 30 wins=$1,500. Losing $55 on 25 losses=$1,375, ending with us $125 on the plus side.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year From Temple Football Forever

  1. Thanks Mike, and the same to you! Let’s hope that ’22, with new coach at the helm, sees us turn this floundering ship around on the way back to respectability!

  2. It won’t happen overnight, but getting Stan Drayton may be a step in the right direction.

  3. Just saw a story that purports Chris Wisehan is leaving GT and joining Drayton’s staff. If true think this is a great move

    • awesome. would have been a good choice for head coach as well. I think he interviewed and might have been one of the final five considered for head coach. Gotta wonder if the search firm and BOT selection committee had input into this hire and for once there is a succession plan in place. Probably not but an interesting theory. Probably not because Johnson pretty much said on signing day that Drayton would have the only say on assistants but at least we have two Temple TUFF guys on the staff now and hopefully more by the end of the process.

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