The Temple coaching tie that binds

At least Texas State has a nice on-campus stadium

When things get particularly boring or depressing in the defensive coaching room at Edberg Olson Hall this fall, at least the new Temple defensive football coaching staff can talk about old war stories in San Marcos.

We’re not talking about the WW2 Italian campaign led by Fifth Army commander U.S. General Mark Clark.

We’re talking about going to war leading the football team at Texas State in San Marcos, Texas.

No less than five Temple staffers, mostly on defense, spent some time at Texas State and three of them (defensive line coach Antoine Smith. linebacker coach Chris Woods and cornerbacks coach Jules Montinar) coached for current Temple football Chief of Staff Everett Winters, the head coach there from 2016-2018.

The war there did not go as well for Winters and his troops as it did for Clark in the big one. Between 2016-18, the Bobcats finished 7-28 with a pair of 2-10 seasons.

Winters has his fingerprints all over these hires and, while he might be pleased with them, had new head coach Stan Drayton consulted NFL Hall of Famer Bill Parcells, he would have nixed those hires in the bud. Parcells was famous for this one line: “You are what your record says you are.”

Spoiler alert: It’s not good.

In the 2016 season, the Bobcats gave up 64 to Houston, 42 to Arkansas, 41 to Georgia State, 40 to Louisiana Monroe, 47 to Idaho, 50 to New Mexico State and 40 to Troy. That was the same year Temple held the then highest-scoring team in the nation, Navy, to just 10 points in winning the AAC championship.

The next year wasn’t much better: 44 to UTSA, 45 each to three teams (Monroe, Wyoming and New Mexico State) and 62 to Troy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to what is mostly the new defensive staff at Temple University.


New DC D.J. Eliot doesn’t get off free in this comparison. He also coached at Texas State, albeit in 2003 and 2004.

Presumably, he knows he knows the cuisine in San Marcos as well as the other guys.

If doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, these guys better remember what they did at Texas State and do the exact opposite here.

If not, somebody will be eating crow and that person could be former Texas (not state, though) Director of Football Operations Arthur Johnson, who opened the floodgates for all of these Texas guys to relocate to Philadelphia.

Friday: Building Blocks


29 thoughts on “The Temple coaching tie that binds

  1. Is there an over/under on how many TSU players arrive at TU via the portal?

    • Hopefully, zero. This whole hiring process reminds me of Carey bringing in people from the state of Illinois to coach at Temple but we’re just replacing one state with another state (Texas). Nobody from “there” (other places, including Illinois and Texas) ever won “here” (meaning Temple). Hardin was coach of the Philadelphia Bulldogs, who won a CFL championship at Temple Stadium; Arians was from West York (close enough); Rhule from NYC and Golden from Colts Neck and they brought in plenty of Mid-Atlantic guys to coach with them. We’re going against the model that succeeds here once again because another athletic director is from another part of the country. To me, coaching at Penn and Villanova is not the same as understanding Temple.

      • Well said! Another experiment . What is his record? Is it just being a buddy of the athletic director.

      • The Temple curse…athletic directors going for their boys (Indiana grad Kraft hiring fellow alum Carey and LaSalle grad Bradshaw hiring classmate Dunphy) …and now this..texas director of FB operations Johnson hiring a football staffer from the same school.

      • Drayton hired 10 position coaches he has never worked with before. Is this an experiment? This guy has how many years of coaching experience, and didn’t want to hire anyone he knew?

        We are all sick and tired of new HCs who come in and fill their staff with cronies. But Drayton raises another flag.

        After all these years you finally land your dream job. Who is the first person you call? Somebody you have never worked with, or someone who got fired and was out of football for a year?

        Carey won in his first year by playing kids MR recruited. Drayton will not have that luxury. He inherits the weakest roster in the AAC. National Signing Day is poised for continued TUFB doom and gloom.

        Temple needs to start thinking about the impact of a 2-10 ‘22 season. You think the stands are empty now…,,

      • This whole thing about taking more than a year is a fallacy in the era of the portal. Recruit guys to fill about 6-10 needs and you can be competitive right away. There are enough disallusioned players at the P5 level who have talent combined with proven FCS stars to do it. Temple’s got to have an expert just assigned to the portal to supply the needed talent. Granted, it would have taken more than a year under the “old” system to recruit high school players and build them up in the weight room before making contributions 2-3 years down the road. Temple has to show significant improvement (3-4 extra wins) in 2022 to get back the confidence of high school recruits.

  2. This is not what loyal followers of a poorly-coached college football team, a team looking to rise from the ashes in search of lost respectability, will be happy to hear. The apparent absence of new hires familiar with regional prospects is not good for sure. But all we can do now is wait and see. And pray!

  3. This is not what loyal followers of a poorly-coached college football team, a team looking to rise from the ashes in search of lost respectability, will be happy to hear. The apparent absence of new hires familiar with regional prospects is not good for sure. But all we can do now is wait and see. And

  4. If the argument here is that the record at the prior job will dictate success at TU, how to explain Carey’s 52-30 at NIU and his failure here? Reality here is not quite that simple that it can be reduced to the Parcells argument.

    The new staff does have local and regional ties on it. It has ties to the prior culture of success. A fair examination of the staff makes that easily apparent.

    Based on what he inherited, Drayton had his first big recruiting win by re-recruiting the current roster. Certainly that was no easy job considering the mass exodus that would have happened if Carey had remained. That roster will change between NSD, portal, and the usual departs after spring ball.

    There are some positive signs here. He has inherited a mess that will take more than one class or one season to fix.

    • So your point is to hire every defensive coach with a lousy record because Carey and his staff had a GOOD record? Nah. There are enough great defensive coaches out there with a good record and I’d say we do that rather than satisfy the new football Chief of Staff’s comfort level. We should have had an entire defensive staff of Ola Adams and eschewed the D.J. Eliots.

      • My point is that using the record at the prior job to indicate that they will fail at Temple is an argument that does not work.

        If the prior record were to indicate success at TU, Carey should have been one of the great TU coaches of all time.

    • We are living it, and fail to grasp how far Temple is out the box with this hire. CBS Sports is being kind:

      How many HC vacancies were filled by position coaches with zero coordinator experience? One, Drayton.

      How many new HCs filled their staffs with people they have never worked with? One, Drayton.

      How many new players have signed with Temple since his hire? Zero.

      Scream, hey give this guy a chance, he hasn’t even had a month on the job. Based on what we have witnessed so far, TUFB doesn’t have a chance next year.

      Getting ready for offense and defensive schemes by committee. Drayton won’t know what Temple’s identity will be until he sees it. Trial and error learning pitfalls for the next 12-18 months….,

    • Same with Bobby Wallace. He had a great record at N. AL, even won a National championship there. Yeah, just Div. 2 but he was a Head coach and now we have a position coach. Both knew/know little about the Philly area for recruiting – those “ties” the assistants seem to have are dubious at best. But I agree, let’s see what happens before crucifying him – I agree that he should improve the record his first season if TU’s pres. means what he told all the coaches about being “successful.”.

  5. We will never be a Notre Dame. Why don’t we just try to be supportive and give the guy a chance.

  6. Look, TUFB is in a nose dive, where the only hope we have is in miracles.
    I want the best coachs, but it seems possible many don’t want to come here.
    There are dozens of reasons , from Temple Football stinks and its bad for career, all the up to the truth of fear as to North Philly is the freakin’ Ghetto, a lawless jungle and all that. That IS the perception of Temple in N Philly, be real.
    We just have to be hopeful again and that’s the only path > another miracle.

    • Awful grim picture you paint here! As far as many coaches not wanting to come to Temple, I’d have to differ with you – thinking Al Golden and Matt Rhule to name two. Do you remember when Owl football was a nationally recognized and respected football program a mere five and six years ago? In my mind 2015 was a year to be remembered, with a win over PSU and a near win against Notre Dame, both in front of sellouts with huge and vocal student presence. National College Game Day. Yes we are in the pits right now, but we’ve been there before and have recovered. We can do it again! My grandson recently graduated from Temple’s Fox School of Business. He has only positive things about his experience there. He lived in an off-campus apartment building and had no issues with “ghetto” residents that he ever spoke of. Everywhere I go I hear positive comments about TU! Yes crime is spiking all over the country right now and Philly is no exception. I got booted from the Fans of Temple Football group for criticizing the Philly mayor and DA for not taking the crime situation seriously. The administrator considered it “political”! But it is what it is. So buck up and think positive! Can’t hurt! Go 🦉 Owls!

  7. Got a long treatise from a guy “pretending” to be an ex-Temple player that I decided to not publish for a couple of reasons: 1) He misspelled the name of the ex-Temple player; 2) His responses have nothing to do with the TEXAS STATE guys who were the subject of this post (staying on topic); 3) Don’t pretend to be anyone, use your real name (I do); 4) The guy talked about Eliot “developing” this guy that guy. (Hey, I don’t care who you develop .. all I care about his shutting out the team you are playing and I didn’t see any evidence of that in Eliot’s career.) 5) The IP address didn’t match up with the home of the ex-Temple player.

    • stuck in our own tub, drinking from the same bath…, time to step out step out and ask, “TUFB 2022, real improvements, compared to what?” Compared to the AAC conference just for for starters:

      1. TUFB Last in portal additions –

      2. Worst 2022 recruiting class –

      3. Weakest HC and staff – will spend the first 6 months getting to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, getting to know the team, TUFB, and Philly culture. Least accomplished coaching record. TUFB has the worst pair of coordinators in college football, without doubt the worst in conference.

      4. Least talented roster in the conference.

      Is TUFB better off now compared to several months ago
      ? The rest of the league made improvements. Temple is not keeping pace.

      • Sad that when you compare staffs the Carey one actually won championships and the Drayton one (minus Adams, Preston Brown, Chris Wiesehan and Stan himself) have a combined coaching record of like 29-445. Are those four guys going to do all the work and carry the water of the other six? Looks like it. Rather have 10 proven winners than just four. John Chaney said winning is an attitude in Donald Hunt’s book. Also in that book was “losing is an attitude, too.” We have way too many guys who are comfortable losing for my taste. Saying just because Carey brought winners to Philadelphia that bringing this many losers here is acceptable defies logic.

  8. Is TU football better off now then before? Well, we know how bad things were under Carey. And even tho the signs don’t look good now, we don’t know what’s going to happen until it happens. Sounds obvious but it’s true. All I can say and expect is that the record needs to improve in 2022 – even just less blowout loses would be an improvement! Same ol, same ol, wait and see.

    • To me, the excitement level after Drayton would pale in comparison to bringing Fran Brown back but I didn’t think that was possible because of the Drayton/Johnson connection. Al Golden was the best guy for the job but it looks like he will be Notre Dame’s defensive coordinator. With Brown at least, you get a lot of Temple guys (Foley, Wiesehan, DiMichele, maybe even Snow) rehired, get all 25 Temple NFL players on board behind the hire and that would do a lot more for the program than bringing in Penn and Villanova guys and Texas State guys and Kansas and Colorado guys.

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