Cherry and White: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

About the same time the best golfers in the world will be teeing up in Georgia for the penultimate round of that sport’s best tournament, two colors will be teeing it off at 10th and Diamond.

The Cherry and The White.

Jim Nance likes to call the former thing: “A Tradition Like Any Other.”

This is about the latter thing.

Maybe golf fanatic Nance is right, but do you know a sports tradition that has–within the last 20 years or so–been played in at least six places and been part of a transition from bottom to (nearly) top as Temple football’s Cherry and White game?

I didn’t think so.

In the last 20 years, Temple’s Cherry and White football game has been played in 1) The Old Temple Stadium (2004), 2) Ambler (2006), 3) Cardinal O’Hara (2008), 4) Lincoln Financial Field (2010), 5) the soccer/field hockey complex (three times recently) and the 6) Edberg-Olson Football Complex (five times)?

Find me a moveable tradition like that and we can start the conversation about any other traditions.

It’s OK, too.

Accessible by train from anywhere in the Philly region

This year (April 9) the game will be played at the E-O. The back-to-the-future theme is necessitated because the other place is booked. The Temple nationally-ranked women’s lacrosse team is playing on the same day at the $22 million facilities at Broad and, somewhat ironically, Master.

If they draw a 1,000-person crowd, it will be good for them.

About 10 blocks North and three blocks East, anywhere between 4-5,000 people will be attending the Cherry and White football festivities.

It’ll be different this year and in a good way.

Old-timers like me remember when it was a “real game” with tackling and a final score. New Temple head coach Stan Drayton has promised that much because “this is really important to Temple alumni that we play it as a game and we will.”

The last three years were glorified drills like hitting a running back with a tackling dummy. That sense of urgency carried over to the games in the fall.

Game used to be broadcast by Philly radio legends Bill Campbell and Steve Fredericks.

This time, the simulation will be real and it will be a welcome change because we’ve seen the very same process during Cherry and White Days presided over by successful coaches like Wayne Hardin, Bruce Arians, Al Golden and Matt Rhule. Whatever we watched the past three seasons did not work.

All of the prior Temple guys believed that the fall process included meaningful business in front of the fans on Cherry and White Day.

The fact that the new guy believes that, too, is a good sign for the fall and makes attendance by serious Owl fans mandatory.

This is a damn good tradition that needs to be restored unlike any other. April 9 it will be.

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Friday: Wingard speaks


5 thoughts on “Cherry and White: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

  1. Encouraging for sure!

  2. Did Drayton say during the presser he is bringing in another QB?

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