Addison’s story is a cautionary tale for Temple

Jordan Addison

One of the best low-key stories in college sports is happening right now.

Columbia’s baseball team is on a 19-game winning streak, the longest in the nation.

Great story. Ivy League school becomes a legit threat on the national level, if it can beat out Philadelphia’s Penn for the title this coming week.

Temple used to have a baseball team. Made it to the College World Series twice. Finished third in the nation once. Defied all of the laws of “Eastern” teams and “cold-weather” teams not doing well in that sport in championships.

Also a great story.

Temple stopped writing that story when it dropped the nation’s past-time almost a decade ago. Drexel has a baseball team. So does Villanova and St. Joseph’s. Penn thrives in the sport and is the only threat to Columbia in the Ivy League. Temple does not but it still has a pretty nice stadium in Ambler, nicer than any of the city rivals.

Right now, tiny Arcadia College has the best college baseball stadium in the metropolis only because it rents Skip Wilson Field from Temple.

Columbia baseball, St. Peter’s basketball–at least in my mind–are the two best sports in college sports in the last couple of months, not in that order.

We’re running out of great stories in college sports and the chief reason is greed by the rich guys, not the poor ones.

That means terrible stories are obfuscating the good ones on a recurrent basis.

One such story is the Jordan Addison one currently happening.

Addison won the Fred Biletnikoff Award for being the best receiver in college football in the 2022 season while playing for Pitt.

That wasn’t good enough for Addison to continue playing at Pitt.

You would think Pitt football is big-time. The Panthers are coming off a Power 5 Conference championship and the Biletnikoff Award the school made possible for Addison has set him up for a nice pro career.


The transfer portal and the NLI rule made Addison look around and it appears he is headed for the highest bidder, likely USC.

If Pitt is negatively affected, what does it mean for cross-state rival Temple?

Not good.

Something needs to be done about both the transfer portal rule and the NLI rule sooner than later but neither appears on the immediate horizon. I’m praying that some structure returns to college football but actually doing something is needed over thoughts and prayers at this point.

Addison leaving Pitt for greener (money) pastures is like Temple having a Heisman Trophy finalist leaving for another school after appearing in New York and finishing second. Fortunately, Paul Palmer never had to make that decision since he went immediately from the New York Athletic Club to the NFL but if both the transfer portal and the NLI existed (and Paul had some eligibility remaining), what would he have done in 1986?

Pitt doesn’t have the greenbacks to keep up with USC.

Temple doesn’t have the greenbacks to keep up with Pitt.

As far as a level playing field, which we once had, we can kiss that goodbye.

That’s the worst story in college sports these days and the NCAA needs to do something.


24 thoughts on “Addison’s story is a cautionary tale for Temple

  1. I’ve said it many times in the past: the Player Transfer Portal could spell doom for many college football programs, or at least make it very difficult for them to remain competitive at FBS level. As you said, the PTP and NLI must go! I mean what were they (the NCAA big wigs) thinking??? It will always be the haves and the have-nots. College sports need to be kept as amateur entities. The NIL was another bad decision IMO!

    • One of the worst things about being a college football fan was that we had these players to root for “only” every four years. Now it’s a new team every year and has a very mercenary feel to it. I don’t see this model sustaining itself for long-term fan interest and, if you lose the fans, you lose the sport. It’s hard enough to build Temple fan support as it is.

  2. This could also be looked at as an opportunity. I have thought for years that, at least with football, the best way to go might just be to allow the “big boys” to break off and play by themselves. I am not sure about the number of schools that could complete financially, but guess that it is around 40 or so.

    Let them GO! Let them have the big TV contracts as well, there will be money out there. Go back to regional football. Why can’t a NorthEast Conference succeed?

    • You make a valid point! And I like the idea of a Northeast Conference. But who would be the likely schools to join? Joe Pa wanted to do this years ago. Northeast schools like BC and Pitt are likely to remain where they are. The six new AAC schools replacing Memphis Cincinnati and UCF are scattered all over the country. So I guess that leaves Buffalo, UMASS, UCONN, Navy and Temple to form a NE Conference? You would likely have to include a few FCS schools like Bucknell, Lehigh or Colgate. It might work —? But I’m thinking we will remain with the AAC for the near future.

  3. things are worse than most folks realize. Guess how many starters/two deep TUFB will put on the field this year who came from the portal? A crazy high number and it gets higher everyday. Not good, it really means HS recruiting has been dismal.

    Now the best players in the portal are chasing NIL dollars…., you see where this is going.

    Net result? NONE of the current 22 TUFB starters would start at Cincy, UCF, or Houston. And, only two or three would start at SMU. The roster is that depleted.

    Carey was a decent man, but he couldn’t recruit, Nor could he relate to his players or the culture.

    Drayton is a decent man but is outgunned on every corner.

    Throw good money after bad, plus reinforce failure equals TUFB in this decade.

    • Trying to look at this from an optimistic perspective is getting harder every day. The NFL model (worst teams get best draft choices) is a much more sustainable one for fans than the college football one. Hell, Temple basketball used to get McDonald’s All-Americans (Donald Hodge, Kevin Lyde, Mark Macon, Marvin Webster Jr., Robert Liburd) all the time. Can’t remember who the last great Temple recruit was in that sport, either. Would Butler have a couple of Final Four second-place finishes under this current system? No way. I always thought if Butler could do it Temple could but now I’ve changed my mind. The Butler did it but Butler can’t do it again nor can Temple under these rules.

  4. What you guys are discussing is precisely my point. I can’t imagine that anyone can’t see that Temple……and for that matter….the vast majority of the schools can complete at the level they are trying.

    It is time to swallow some pride and admit that. If a regional, NE league would not work out money-wise, then why are we even trying? It only matters what schools are willing to throw in the towel and join us in a Conference. Is there any reasonable hope that Pitt, Rutgers, Maryland, Syracuse, BC, and countless others can really compete the way things are currently set-up?

    Temple has shown that if they put a winner on the field, people will show up. A regional football (and other sports) will give some rivalry as well. And it will get TV coverage. Can it make enough money to sustain itself? Maybe that is the real question.

  5. Quickly lost interest in college football. I spend my Saturdays on the links, lakes, or lawn mower. Thank you NCAA.

    • Reality will hammer Temple early this season. Not a big fan of Schiano but Rutgers talent dwarfs Temple. Same with Duke. Drayton will have the team fighting and playing hard to zero avail.

      Kraft killed Temple. The BOT was and continues to be hapless. Missed the opportunity twice in my lifetime to grab the golden ring. They failed to grasp the significance of staying with the herd (Va Tech, BC, Rutgers, Maryland, etc.) during the Big East years; and, lost the opportunity AGAIN immediately after MR. WTF?

      Temple BOT has a history of ineptitude.

  6. Face it mates, there is nowhere to go but up for this football program to state the obvious!. I can’t recall a season with so many seriously lopsided defeats as was the embarrassing case in 2021! I often think back to 2015 where we beat PSU after some seventy years of defeats, and nearly knocked off Notre Dame. College Game Day was here for the ND game. We had attained national respect. Who could have predicted such a downward spiral for the program after those particularly good 2015/2016 seasons. Yes you can point to several factors, including one of the best in college coaching at the time (IMO) in one Matt Rhule leaving for greener pastures, then bringing in Geoff Collins followed by Rod Carey (awful choice). Then there was COVID and the Player Transfer Portal. But let’s give Coach Drayton a chance to see what he can do. To say that the current college football landscape is in a state of confusion and uncertainty is a gross understatement. But anyway – Let’s Go Owls!

    • why do we continue to root, hope and pray for TUFB? Love or stupidity. Love thyself, the alumni albatross..,

      We are stupid, the BOT does not share our desires. Unlike UCF, Cincy, Houston, or even Memphis St, the Temple BOT has never expressed an intent, desire, plan or strategic vision for P5 inclusion.

      10-2, or 2-10 is all the same for the BOT. In fact, a few BOT members have publicly alluded to the increased university financial health w/o “such a large Athletic Dept overhead”.

      Our alumni aspirations are not supported. Lip service is the ways, means, and ends. It will not get any better, so why do we refuse to acknowledge history and accept fate? We are stupidly in love with an illusion.

      • So we close up shop, lock the door and consider it (Owl football) finished? I am not quite at that point yet. But stupid decisions by the NCAA to implement the PTP, NIL and NLI are turning out to be devastating to more than a few FBS-level programs, including Temple. As I said above, there is nowhere to go but up after that disastrous 2021 season. But it won’t be easy. Let’s see what Coach Drayton can do this year to begin to turn things around. From what I have seen so far, the players are much more comfortable with the new coach than they were with the previous one.

  7. We used to have a nice facility plan for the main campus but we let a couple of people shout it down in a March meeting a couple of years ago and now our chief rival left in the conference comes up with their plan and nobody shouted it down. That’s the difference right now. Admire Stan Drayton but without a bold plan he is coaching with one hand behind his back:

  8. heads up and out of the sand please. Watch this:

    Memphis St and SMU will be the next AAC schools to get P5 invites. Their BOTs are not shy, their aspirations are public. AND, they ARE implementing plans to realize the vision.

    The Temple BOT has zero aspirations for P5 inclusion. The strategic vision for Temple Athletics amounts to lip service. It is so broad and non-descript, you could plug in and attach any school to it and the vision would fit.

    You guys don’t get it, the BOT just hoodwinked you. They hire an energetic coach and spin his top w/o providing any resources. Despite all this TUFB does have loyal alumni supporters, but for how long?

    Time to start questioning the BOT’s loyalty to Temple Athletics.

    • Three strikes and the batter is out.
      1. The BOT failed to stay with the herd (Miami, Rutgers, Va Tech, WVU, etc) during the Big East years and wound up in the MAC.
      2. The BOT failed to realize the changing college football landscape during the MR years. They failed to capitalize on his success with facility improvements, and they allowed Pat Kraft to make program killing hires.
      3. The BOT sat on their hands and watched Cincy, UCF, and Houston ascend to the P5. They will watch Memphis St and SMU do the same. Five schools leave the conference for the P5 and what does the Temple BOT do? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

      Is TUFB moving closer to the P5 or the FCS?

      Coastal Carolina, ODU, James Madison, Liberty, UTSA are all passing TUFB.

      • Possibly UAB as well

      • Let’s be realistic- drop down to 1-AA. Save $. Bring back baseball, add Mens lacrosse, maybe a couple womens sports. Build a 10k on campus stadium for soccer, field hockey and football, mens and womens lacrosse. Put it smack in the middle of campus- use it for intramural, use it for concerts, use the hell out of it

      • The neighborhood would fight that, too. After getting a taste of the big-time, no Temple fans would come out for a 1AA team. I’d rather the G5 breakaway and stay with those schools in either a 35K stadium on campus or the Linc.

      • As for the University dropping the football program down a level or two, forget it – the loyal fan base we have been used to would effectively dissolve. Didn’t the school de-emphasize football back in the fifties? And the program became a joke for quite some time before going back to “big time”, as they used to say, in the seventies when we had Penn State back on the schedule (and should have beaten them in that first game in the series resumption at Franklin Field before a full house – I was there). So yeah, I’ve been around the program for a while! But to de-emphasize again? Nope! I say continue at D-1 FBS level and see where the chips fall!

  9. Mike, barely any Temple fans come out for a 1-A team. I like Temple football. But maybe 20k (generous as that is the # of tickets sold) are the average at the Linc. It will never work w/ portal and NIL. You think Temple can catch lightning in a bottle again, sure, but you aren’t going to have the $ to support 1-A football. It’s a 1-AA school in football. I had to be the grim reaper, but the ship has left the dock and Temple and Tulane and ECU and SMU are still at the port. If you want to say let’s have a 1-A and then a 1-A- set up, ok. You aren’t competing with the major programs. The NIL collectives have changed the game. How is the Temple collective going? 22k versus $25 million. Good luck. You can’t compete and to ask coaches, athletes, administrators to compete on that level is foolish. Maybe there is a 1-A – , normal schools that want to play football in big stadiums but don’t have collective $. But if not, drop down, get your 7k to play Nova, Delaware, Lehigh, Bucknell and maybe even Penn and enjoy it. Build some other programs where you can realistically be competitive b/c it ain’t happening in football. Sorry for my negativity but it is reality.

    • Same thing people were saying in 2013 when Matt rhule finished 2-10. Had we thrown in the towel then, we would never have experienced the win over Penn State or college football game day. As far as the NIL, Drayton has gotten Temple players even rhule couldn’t dream of in guys like Hubbard and Patterson. I say see how many guys like that Drayton can bring in the next couple years before employing the nuclear option.

      • Yes exactly! I am reminded of those terrific 2015/16 seasons under Matt Rhule when the program had finally reached a position demanding national recognition and respect. Hey wait, that wasn’t that long ago! Temple football needs to stay at FBS level and build under new HC Drayton. Go Owls!

      • Agree. We now have 2 of the best 5 qbs in the AAC. Drayton is moving us in a direction where we can win this conference. We can’t win it as a FCS team.

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