Media a willing partner in denigrating the G5

Good luck finding any Group of Five college football content on the internet these days.

Not that there isn’t plenty of college football content, just not any college football content mentioning the larger half of the teams currently playing FBS ball.

A great segment on 60 Minutes would be the Power 5 schools working to eliminate the G5 schools.

Josh Pate of CBS Sports seems to have the most popular YouTube channel and the titles are just slightly misleading, including “CFB Expectations” and “Most Important CFB Players in 2022” and “Boldest CFB Predictions.”

Pate probably should drop “CFB” and rebrand each video “Power 5” because he never mentions any of the G5 teams in expectations for the 2022 season. Or any player from the G5 although at least one G5 player has been a first-round NFL draft pick since the G5 came to be. Surely, there are important football players on G5 rosters, too.

I mentioned that to him recently with this exchange:

His guess wouldn’t be my guess.

Every rule the Power 5 forces the NCAA to enact works against the existence of the G5.

My guess is that he would say it’s because there’s “more interest and more clicks” with Power 5 stories and he’s got a point there but there are other larger stories the media is ignoring about college football that might not get the clicks Pate would want but need to be told.

Just once I’d like to see the media delve into why the Power 5 limits the playoff system to just four teams (and college basketball is more inclusive) and how can Group of 5 teams compete with P5 teams down the road in areas with rules in place like the NLI and the transfer portal. What should be done to even the playing field? In my opinion, something should be done to help the G5.

Not too many videos will be done about that this offseason but maybe they should. To me, it would be a great story for someone like 60 Minutes to pursue since the college football media seems to be a willing partner with the P5 in the denigration of the G5.

Friday: Temple Money


7 thoughts on “Media a willing partner in denigrating the G5

  1. It would be great to have a national prime time show such as 60 minutes dig into college football and the Power 5 and Group of 5, the playoffs, the money and the portal. I admit I would be less concerned if Temple were a P5. First question, does our new President and AD have the vision or priority to promote and navigate Temple into a P5 conference? The prior message regarding the On Campus Stadium seemed to infer the answer is “no”.

    • Ten years ago a member of the BOT told me during the Cherry and White game that the ACC told them if Temple built a stadium it would be quickly ushered into the ACC, not just “considered.” Who knows if he was right but it certainly would send not only the ACC a level of institutional commitment that Temple has never shown previously toward football.

  2. Everything always comes down to the almighty dollar and the garnering of power to control more and more of the money. Any sense of fairness takes a back seat to that if it is even considered at all. Also Temple has done little to join in the game, to be noticed, considered and ultimately included. Indeed, Temple seems to do the opposite of what it needs to be doing to be considered – OCS a prime example and our new president recently shut the door on even that. So, G5 seems to be Temple’s destiny, by design and actions (inaction actually). Let’s just enjoy watching our Owls at the level they’re at now and stop wringing our collective hands. Oh, and let’s reinstate the sports that were dropped that every other school, small ones included, manages to field.

    • It’s a Catch-22 situation. Can’t restore the dropped sports without P5 money. Can’t get to the P5 without significant investment (OCS). Can’t get OCS without money (even though the uni says it has the money for the stadium through private donations). Got to think that the private donations have already been refunded to the donors by the uni with the note that we’re not building the stadium. A lot, close to all, of those donations, were contingent on building a stadium. The school let 20-80 neighbors shut down a major project. Shame on Temple’s administration for that.

  3. God, grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change,
    the courage to change the things I can,
    and the wisdom to know the difference.

    Let’s just enjoy and support what we have. As a fan, Temple football is no different than rooting for the Phillies, Eagles, or any other team. Win or lose it’s a choice. My choice is to continue rooting. Go Owls!

  4. Size, like speed, matters. Years ago, Temple was big and tough up front. Those days are gone.

    The importance of size remains but Drayton gets it, judging by the size of the transfers signed.

    Today, UGA has a whopping 27 dudes over 300lbs on the roster. By comparison, Alabama and Clemson both have 17.

    Cincy leads the AAC with 14 players over 3 bills. Duke has 11 players over 300lbs. TUFB only has 8.

    *****Correlation metric: You’ll be able to track the future success of TUFB as the number of players on the roster over 300 lbs hopefully rises.*****

    This is not silly or stupid. Go back through the TUFB years; you’ll find the correlation of wins with the number of 300 lbs is astonishing. Sample:

    TUFB 2015, 10-4 record, 15 players 300lbs or over
    2021, 3-9 record, 8 players 300 lbs

    TU has gotten smaller AND slower since the 2015-16 seasons.

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