Temple fans to Mike Schmidt: Hold our beer

Mike Schmidt had a very good quote about the Philadelphia newspapers in his heyday:

“Philadelphia is the only city where you can experience the thrill of victory and the agony of reading about it the next day.”

I thought about that quote when I saw a headline in the Philadelphia Daily News the other day:

“NCAA’s chaos could benefit Temple.”

Finally, I thought, a positive piece about Temple football published on July 10.

(If that headline sounded familiar, we used those very words in this space on July 1.)

Temple Football Forever: July 1, 2022

Then I thumbed through the piece and came across this caption: “The sight of 40,000 empty seats in Lincoln Financial Field could be a deterrent when conferences like the SEC and ACC come calling for Temple’s participation.”

Taking a closer look at the photo it was clearly taken during the dark days of The Covid Rod Carey Era, surely an outlier period. Why not use a photo of Homecoming 2015 when over 35,000 Temple fans came out to see a Tulane team that could not have brought even 200 fans to Philly?

Forget the Penn State game (where at least 40,000 of the fans were cheering for Temple) or the Notre Dame game (at least an even split).

Or the 2016 Army game that drew over 35,000?

Or the 2018 Cincinnati game, which drew over 33,000? You know, the game where Cincy quarterback Desmond Ridder blamed “crowd noise” as the reason for the Bearcats’ fourth-straight defeat to Temple.

No, the Inky had to use an empty Linc to push a false narrative.

The fact that Notre Dame and Penn State played four prime-time games on television from the 1980s until the present day BUT ONLY the Temple vs. Notre Dame game HAD THE HIGHEST TV RATING FOR ANY COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME IN PHILADELPHIA regular-season history should be enough to prove that this college football TV market belongs to Temple and not a school 250 miles away.

TV ratings on all the games aren’t available but the ones that are available show a winning Temple football team does very well in the nation’s fourth-largest market. The Temple-UCF 2018 game (a 52-40 Temple loss) had a 53 percent national increase over the prior ESPN Thursday night game. Temple’s 26-25 win at UCF in 2016 did an even better number in the Philly market.

Desmond Ridder blames “crowd noise” for 2018 loss at Temple (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Very good numbers that proved a competitive exciting Temple football team consistently provides eyeballs in the nation’s fourth-largest TV market. It should not be surprising given that over 200,000 of the school’s 300,000 alumni still live in that market.

That’s really the potential television market Temple offers provided the Owls get back to the winning ways that produced a 73-54 record in the years just before Carey got here. Picking up the hometown paper presented a whole other narrative.

The agony of reading about it the next day indeed. Temple fans had to be thinking, “Schmitty, hold our beer.”

Friday: AAC Media Day

7 thoughts on “Temple fans to Mike Schmidt: Hold our beer

  1. Mike, from your words, to the Power 5 conferences. If our Coach makes this year one to remember, and demonstrate that Temple Tuff is back at 10th & Diamond, can this Temple President and AD get the Power 5 conference’s attention. Sorry to say, the position of our on campus stadium still is irksome to this Temple Alum. I still have hope.

  2. Dear Mike,

    For some reason the last time I tried to post a comment regarding this topic, it never made it. Perhaps, I screwed up.

    But anyhow, I do think that with regard to Power 5 Football, as much as we all perceive it as critical to survival, I think you are barking up the wrong tree here.

    It is obvious that the two “super-conferences” are what will emerge in the next 2-3 years and the other Power 5……ACC, Big 12, and Pac 12 will cease to exist. Perhaps some merger of those three will happen, but they will almost certainly be an ugly step-sister to the Big Ten and SEC.

    i will say again, and maybe I am just too naive too finances, but i am hopeful that all of this will lead a return to REGIONAL college football once again.

    • Regional football is ok with me as long as our partners are huge regional universities like Temple. That would be Rutgers, Maryland, cuse, Pitt, West Virginia.

      • That’s exactly right. I know I’m going back wards, but life is like a cycle right?

        I can see Temple, Pitt, Syracuse, West Virginia, Va Tech, James Madison, BC, army and Navy

        That’s 9, I’m guessing an even number be better. Did not include Rutgers because e they are IN the “super-conference” and are not likely to be dumped out.

        Can you think of an appropriate 10th team? Buffalo? East Carolina?

    • Regional football for everyone not SEC/Big 10, amen!

  3. Mike: Get in contact with some of the communications instructors and have them assign the classes to make copy to extol the virtues of the ratings TU brings to the party. Then circulate amongst the conferences in risk of becoming second bananas. Got to toot your own horn to get ahead. Seems that Coach Drayton is doing his part. Up to the players to play/win, students/alums (and casual fans like me) to be present at the games, and the local population to tune in expecting to see the Owls prevail if not making things oh so tough for the other team.

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