Langsdorf: Same bleep, different day

Temple’s defense almost allows a big fat guy to score against it. Far cry from the UMass or RU games

What started out as something sweet turned sour pretty quickly in Temple’s 70-13 loss at UCF on Thursday night.

E.J. Warner was holding the baton and orchestrating the offense like Leonard Bernstein and The New York Philarmonic for a while and Temple oh-so-briefly held a 10-7 lead.

Then the same old Danny Langsdorf offensive coordinator shit that we’ve seen the first five weeks of Temple football predictably happened on the sixth.

Danny Langsdorf contributed to Nebraska’s decline on the college football landscape and now he is doing his part to negate all the good Stan Drayton has done so far.

Quincy Patterson was inserted into the ballgame as the quarterback and–you guessed it–ran the football.

The playlist Bernstein, err, Warner had setup was perfect except that every football team that scouts Temple knows what’s coming when Patterson comes in: A run.

Talk about a buzzkill. As embarrassing as the 30-0 loss to Duke was, this was worse.

This harkens back to the Bobby Wallace days of consecutive 70-7 and 70-21 losses against Bowling Green.

I have no problem at all, unlike former Pennridge and Pitt running back/defensive back Louis Riddick, with Patterson coming into the game.

I have a problem with him doing the same damn thing in Game No. 6 that he did in Games 1-5: Run.

Had Patterson, say, THROWN the ball, there’s a good chance that UCF would not have been ready for it and Temple might … might … have been able to squeeze out a 17-7 instead of a 10-7 lead.

The game of football is a momentum game and who knows how Temple’s defense would have responded with the Owls not only having momentum but also the scoreboard on their side?

Probably wouldn’t have won but would have certainly made it more respectable than the 70-13 disgrace on national TV.

After a perfect 4-0 week against the spread last week, our picks this week.

We will never know.

The Temple defense certainly doesn’t get a pass but what happened was what we predicted would happen in this space a week ago. At what point does the defensive effort erode when they realize that they are busting their ass without any help from the offense?

We saw that breaking point on Thursday night. Say what you will about the defense, but at least that side of the ball gave maximum effort for the first five games.

The offense has shown little effort and less of a clue from a coaching perspective for ALL six games.

It’s not that Langdorf hasn’t been warned.

We’ve been saying in this space for a few weeks that the tendencies of the Owls are so clear when Patterson is in the game that the Owls might as well be handing their entire playbook and the plays themselves to Gus Malzhan during the pre-game warmups.

Winning in college football is hard enough as it is. When your offensive tendencies are that predictable, it’s almost impossible.

New Temple coach Stan Drayton does not have to fire Langsdorf before Tulsa–although by doing so he would send a clear message to Temple fans that he’s not accepting failure–but he does have to use his running back acumen and dictate the philosophy on offense.

Giving Patterson some PASSING series and not RUNNING ones is a good place to start. In a 2-4 season, the Owls haven’t tried that concept yet.

The seventh game might be too late to start but it’s definitely worth a try. Langsdoff has tried this shit for exactly half the season and the stink is unbearable.

Update: Went 4-2 with ODU and Illinois not only covering as dogs but winning outright; Navy covered the 12.5 and Buffalo and UMass went under (41) the No. (47); lost on NIU and Kansas. Last two weeks we were 8-2 ATS. Season: 17-13 ATS.

Monday: The path forward


16 thoughts on “Langsdorf: Same bleep, different day

  1. If it sounds like a duck…., the OC is a walking dead man. The only question is when, the dude has bad history.

    TUFB does not have a FBS level RB on the roster. I noted on this forum two years ago of an upcoming RB problem. The 2020 roster had more QBs than RBs, stupid at best.

    What is the Temple identity on offense? Drayton must be shaking his head.

    Good news, despite the score the team didn’t quit.

    • I hope he’s a walking dead man, speaking purely figuratively of course. I guess the only glimmer of hope is that these assistant coaching contracts are year-to-year and not locked for five years like Drayton is.

      • After 70-13, the hold Drayton had on the locker room might be tenuous. I fully expect both Mathis and Patterson to hit the portal if they don’t have increased roles in the next couple of weeks. If that happens and Warner gets hurt, it’s a guaranteed 2-10. It might be that even if they stay.

  2. To Mike’s premise with this commentary, holding on to assistants in spite of the firestorm of calls to dismiss only gets head coaches fired. Stan has to take charge (maybe he has) and put a fire under the OC to at least change the plays. Maltzahn, if you recall, was a HS coach brought in to be OC I believe at Tulsa and went like a rocket from there. I, like you, have seen some HS coaches who seemed brilliant in creating game plans and in-game play selection.

  3. When the game was looking decent then the ridiculous string of penalties started. Lack. of. discipline. On both sides of the ball, putting us in horrible field position over and over again and making it easier for UCF to score (not that they needed much help). Hate to say but I stopped watching at half time – it was obvious things weren’t going to get any better in the second half. I was right, 35 first half, 35 second half and we never scored again. 70!!!!? We’re officially back to the bad old days. UCF IS a really good team tho so maybe there’s a glimmer of hope in some of the remaining games? Embarrassing……

  4. PS: Mike, at least there was a trick play you’ve been calling for in the first half. Whoooopy!!!!

  5. I was texting with a friend about the game on Thursday morning. He asked me for a prediction on the game. I texted back one word – education. And that it was for those paying attention.

    This is what year zero is. There is some AAC level talent on this team. There is more talent that has that potential but needs coaching and development. Drayton’s staff has brought some good talent in. But still is the residue of Collins and Carey recruiting. Put that against a team that is already to compete in Big 12 and the outcome should not be a shock.

    The running game is not a surprise looking at the state of the OL and the quality of the RBs. That Mathis can get on the field and get balls thrown at him says something about the state of the receivers although there is talent at top of that depth chart.

    Defense played well at the start. Reality was they were not going to contain that offense for 4 quarters. This was not Memphis where you hold them close most of the game.

    Even at the worst of last night, I saw none of the body language from players or coaches that came to define the Carey era. The players seem to understand the bigger picture of what is being rebuilt here.

    There was education in watching UCF even in simple things. They are playing at a level that we can get to. They have an SEC head coach that coached in a national championship game. I can be confident from what we have seen in Stan’s recruiting and portal management so far that we can get to playing at the level we saw UCF at last night.

    Right now, we are a bottom quartile FBS program. This team was not built to win 6 or 8 games this year. 4 wins seems to be the upside at this point, and that was realistic from day one. I said at the start that the first half of the season would have some good amounts of ugly in it and that we should see more improvment in the second half.

    • Great analysis above

      Year Zero = The March to Bataan.

      They arrived last night, severely wounded and exhausted. It won’t/can’t get uglier. TUFB is one of the worst 10 teams in the FBS.

      The sense of urgency is pegging. You can’t wait for 100% information to make decisions. The OC will not change colors for the rest of the season, let his butt go now.

  6. The worst thing about the season so far is that I’ve spent a few months convincing my non-Temple CFB experts that the Owls have improved under Drayton visa ve Carey and there isn’t a whole lot of evidence from the most important metric (wins/losses) that proves that hypothesis. Winning isn’t everything. It’s the ONLY thing and if you ONLY go 3-9 with a supposed great coach after a supposed horrible coach you are proving zero points. Right now, an independent arbitrator might rule Carey did a better job ( win over Memphis as opposed to losing to Memphis as Exhibit A) with lesser talent in 2021 than Drayton has done with more talent in 2022. Drayton can change the narrative but he’s running out of time. Win. Just win. Don’t come close. Win. To be a national laughingstock on the main ESPN channel is unacceptable even for a first-year coach in a rebuild. I didn’t expect to win that game but we better be in it in the fourth quarter against Tulsa, Navy, and East Carolina and you better win all three. Plenty of coaches came in after 3-9 seasons and made it 4-8, 5-7, and 6-6. Doesn’t appear Drayton is going to do that. Not asking for a win over Cincy but certainly asking for no more 70-13 scores unless Temple gets the 70.

  7. Glad I did not watch. Not sure what the solution is. Football in the Northeast is at an all time low…Temple, UConn and UMass. Hmm…what to do?

    • UConn has a new head coach, too. Less talent than Temple but hung with Utah State and beat FIU and Fresno State. Jim Mora Jr. has done an objectively better job than Drayton has against a much tougher schedule.

      • what Mora did is a good example and strategy. Nick Charlton is the OC, was the Head Coach at Maine.

        Charlton is now sitting in the catbird seat as a head coach on deck. And more importantly has the UCONN offense playing complimentary football.

        Huge red flag for Drayton and the program if Langsdorf is here in ‘23

  8. The game on Friday is gonna be going up directly with Game 3 of the NLCS at CBP. Do you think there might be a time change for the football game?

    • No since it’s on tv. 70 points chased away most Temple fans anyway. Will be shocked if there are more than 10k Temple fans there Friday. You are supposed to get better as the season moves on but sadly we are the only team in America which has gotten worse each of the last three seasons.

  9. 1. TUFB made a bad decision switching to the Nike football. The TUFB logo Wilson football was unique. The brighter color w/white stripe made it more visible for receivers. And, it’s the Same Ball the NFL uses so QBs will have zero adjustments.
    2. Temple can’t run the football, so use numbers. Run unbalanced formations, and throw 1 step passes in place of runs.
    3. Take the RBs out of the game, they have been unproductive, useless. Replace them w/OL and TEs on passing plays for pass protection.
    4. Temple is 126TH OUT OF 131 TEAMS in total offense. How can anyone argue the OC should keep his job?
    How long will this BS go on?
    5. Keep the faith, it can’t/won’t get any worse. This hurts Drayton, Carey couldn’t wait to get back to Indiana.

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