Game over, season over

If you’ve learned one lesson from every football game, it’s a good thing.

Temple learned four big lessons on Friday night in another embarrassment on national television, a 27-16 loss to visiting Tulsa and it is only a good thing if the Owls do something about it.

One, to win in big-time college football, you need a dual-threat quarterback.

Another, enough of Edward Saydee at running back. He’s just not fast enough or good enough to be the feature back at a school whose recent history includes Ryquell Armstrong, Jahad Thomas, Bernard Pierce, Matty Brown, Tanardo Sharps, Stacy Mack, Jason McKie, Sid Morse and Paul Palmer.

Four, drop the Temple TUFF moniker at least until you can put the “greater than” sign in front of the Navy moniker.

Navy tough > Temple tough.

The last lesson might have been the most important one of the night because, evaluating all of the available analytics, Navy was behind Tulsa in the next most-likely possible Temple win. After all, Delaware–a one-time whipping boy for Wayne Hardin–beat Navy, 14-7, in the first game of the season.

Navy has gotten much better with each game. Temple has gotten much worse.

That’s mostly coaching.

Ken Niumatalolo is a great coach. The jury is still out on Stan Drayton before we can answer that question truthfully. Navy held Tulsa to 25 rushing yards that day and Temple gave up more than 300 yards on Friday night.

If Navy can beat Tulsa, 53-21, and Temple can’t, what does that tell you about the rest of the season?

That Temple is going to finish 2-10, that’s what. That was even lower than the Whale Shit expectations of Vegas, which had the Owls at 2.5 wins.

Hate to take off the Cherry and White glasses, but that’s the truth.

On Saturday the fifth, South Florida comes to town. Do you really see the Owls hanging with a USF team that lost close games against ranked Cincinnati and Florida?

I don’t.

Very few others do.

Drayton can talk all he wants about each game being a “learning experience” but a lot of that learning should have been done before the season, not during it.

For example, the coaching staff should know down by 24-16 to go for the extra point and not the two-point conversion halfway through the fourth quarter. Going for the two, as Andre Ware correctly pointed out, should be reserved for the tying touchdown, not the penultimate one if that was indeed the mindset behind the decision. Even then, got to go for the extra point there and the extra point after the next touchdown to send the game into overtime. That’s Coaching 101.

When the coaches have to learn to do their jobs during the season, not before it, how can the players expect to learn their jobs?

The answer to those questions and the ones posted initially should be fairly obvious to any logical football fan.

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27 thoughts on “Game over, season over

  1. Warner is very limited in the passes he can throw well, almost every deep sideline pass he threw tonight seemed to lack zip. Plus the atrocious play calling didn’t help at all. Call more slants and quick outs so Warner has an opportunity to get rid of the ball quickly. This team has no feature back, thought Hubbard might fit the bill but he hasn’t shown much. As for the coaching a couple of head scratchers tonight, going for the 2 point conversion. During a prior series it was fourth and 6 on Temples side of the field and first it appeared they were going for it ??? then called a time out only to send out the punt which should have been the call right from the start as I think there was 11 minutes left in the 4th. For now I’ll write this off as Drayton learning to be a HC. I’m seeing a 2-10 season as well, with this offense don’t see where the next win will come from. I’m beginning to wonder if Carey ran this program down so low there really is no coming bacj

    • Yeah, why waste a time out to PUNT on fourth and six? I could see inserting former high school quarterback Trey Blair into the game, pitching it to him and having him toss it 15 yards down the field for a first down after a time out but not a timeout to say “how stupid are we? Going for it on 4th and 6? Let’s punt instead.” You don’t see winning teams do that kind of stuff.

      • Carey did run the program down but there are programs with worse records than Carey’s 3-9 doing a lot better with first-year head coaches than Temple is and the reality is that Temple had to hire the 23d-best available head coach because they didn’t have the money of the 22 teams ahead of them. A lot of programs can say a lot of coaches ran them into the ground. Temple is not unique in that area although a lot of our fans like to portray Carey as the Anti-Christ (me, included). There are other lousy coaches who were fired last year. Let’s be real.

  2. Temple football has been on a downward spiral over the two previous seasons and is now continuing to tank after some general optimism earlier this year. The the overall outlook for the program currently is not very good to put it mildly. The last two nationally televised conference games against teams with whom we should at least be competitive were embarrassing. The stadium basically looked empty on Friday night against Tulsa. Thus far this season we have been outscored 167 to 46 against FBS opponents! Frankly, at this point, this alum and long time Owls football enthusiast has just about had it.

    • No way a school with 3,700 students should beat a school with 37,000 students in consecutive seasons. That’s on Pat Kraft and the Temple administration with the brutal hiring of Collins and Carey. That made Temple resort to hiring a position coach as head coach. Let’s pray this works out. I don’t like what I see with the on-field coaching so far to be honest.

    • Beat Rutgers at Homecoming and 10K more come last night than did, even with the Phillies. Our Homecoming fans know very little about football but when we’ve won big Homecoming games in the past (Tulane, 2015 for just one example) we got those people we see only once a year to come back because they enjoyed the overall experience of a football win. We won’t see those fans until next year and, now, we won’t see even a large segment of the die-hards for the rest of the year. Sad. Don’t blame them. Winning is the driver. Nobody cares about the nuances of building.

      • There were at most 15 people in my section C-2 at kickoff, by the 3rd quarter it was down to 5. I get a white lot pass for Lot K and once I got past the Phillies traffic I knew I would have my choice of parking spots. I agree tonight’s attendance is what we’ll see at best for the he remaining 3 home games. In fact for ECU the Saturday after Thanksgiving wouldn’t surprise me if there are more ECU fans.

  3. The state of TUFB is stunning. This is the worst team since the Dickerson/Wallace yrs. Wallace went 10-31 in conference play, Dickerson’s record in conference was 4-31. Drayton is trending towards Dickerson.

    Student apathy has metastasized. The kids don’t care when the Owls stink.

    Look at all these FCS teams jumping to the FBS and representing…, TUFB is trending towards the Patriot League.

    • Sad, really. Former Temple assistant Curt Cignetti took JMU from the FCS to the FBS top 25 in a year and we are floundering.

      • so true. the University is hoodwinking the student athletes. Zero commitment from the BOT. Just for one second, compare the TU BOT to Pitt/PSU. Person for person it looks like the lions vs the Christians.

        Kraft was the worst hire in TUFB history, at least in my time (1979 – present).

        Look at his hires! He f’d TUFB. I’m ashamed, aren’t we all?
        2-10, with the worst offense in FBS coming back. And if the OC comes back too?

        I’m old, too much for the heart. See you guys next yr.

      • Definitely with you KJ regarding the OC. With a true freshman at QB that has limitations nothing in the play calling to give him and the offense a better chance to be successful. And while the defense has had some bright spots, the unit was still gashed for almost 300 yards rushing. I seen a lot of they were on the field too long last night if you look at time of possession for the game, not that large of a disparity, 31 and change for Tulsa and 28 minutes for TU

      • Mike he certainly picked up a better QB from the TP then any we have on the roster. Todd Centeio, humm where have I heard that name before, is having a very good year so far for JMU

      • Very good player. Happy for him.

    • I mentioned FCS at the beginning of the decline a couple of years ago and I was attacked on this forum. Thus, I left the issue alone. I did not want to offend anyone. To be honest what I saw in the game where Temple barely beat Lafayette told me that this is a program that is working against the transfer portal and unless Temple can get a super recruiter and an on campus stadium it looks like there will be a reality check in the near future. Temple is looking more like a team that should be in the conference with Villanova and Delaware. Things are not looking good…

      • Temple won’t play FCS football no matter how much you want it too. LFF is not a viable option for FCS football and City Council hates Temple so much it would build a Union Stadium inside the city anywhere it wants before giving Temple the same respect.

  4. tuned back and forth with Phillies and Temple. I thought Temple could have won, but 0 run game again and piss-poor pass receivers…Yes The QB 13 looked OK for what I saw. And What I see was the old ‘failure to communicate’ with the pass catchers and the pass thrower. Which one didn’t know the routes? The QB was quick on the draw and recognition. The Tulsa team didn’t look that good until late. WE may not go to another game. just eat those tixx, again. Seems our new HC ain’t got that magic either, no he doesn’t so far and its obvious. So Already its ‘let’s wait till next year ? Maybe not for many of us any more….

    • Not going to renew my season tickets next year. To sit at the end of a row you’ve got to purchase two seats. Who came up with that rule? I bought the two seats but no more. Will go on a game to game basis.

      • I’ve switched to a game to game ticket purchase routine from formerly holding two club level tickets mainly because of annual vacation conflicts. But I don’t know why, given the relatively small number of annual season ticket purchases, they would go with that two seat minimum requirement for an end seat.

      • I have the feeling it’s the Eagles. There’s a whole different dynamic between Temple ticket selling and Eagles ticket selling and the sooner Temple people convince the Eagles that their rules can’t apply to Temple the better.

  5. Every season of TUFB has been a desperate episodic search – looking for Mr. Goodbar.

    The BOT wants us to watch this movie over and over again. Let us pray after a few more empty stadium games the show will stop.

  6. Depressing thread. It may be that TU and Wingard ( who knows the college football landscape) may have to make a very tough decision at some point to drop football. Nobody wants it to come to that, but you have to look at reality.
    Very few TU students care about TU football.
    Very few TU alumni care about TU football.

    You will say “ what about 2015 when ND came to town?”
    It is 2022- landscape has changed.
    These last two nationally televised games at home prove my point- nobody except a die hard few care- nobody. Sad but that is where the program is today. Forget going FCS; drop it. Add baseball, lacrosse, ice hockey- they will thrive. Why? Because you don’t need to recruit 55 kids that know they are likely going to get 2 -4 wins a year and play in front of nobody- literally nobody.

    Play sports where you can compete. St Joes has a very competitive baseball team, their mens lacrosse team went to the NCAA semis. Hell, add back track and field, add women’s programs. You paying the Linc for 500 people to attend is ludicrous.

    Sorry to be negative, but this has gotten to the point where it is not viable to be in any way consistently competitive in FBS football.

    • Tell that to the other losing FBS schools who have trouble winning as well. Wingard and Johnson are both football guys. They are not dropping football. The fact that it has been done at Temple in the past guarantees it can be done again. The landscape has nothing to do with it. Temple is in the middle of 46 percent of the nation’s population. It only needs to pick up 25 good players a year to compete in this new league.

      • The transfer portal is really tough to fight against. Without a dedicated on campus football stadium it is looking tough.

    • I hear you, I really do! Temple football is obviously residing at the bottom of the stack. As a TU alum, I’ve been a very long time supporter of the football program through thick and (lots of) thin. You mention 2015 where we had sellouts with both ND and PSU. Huge student presence. College Game Day! We were a nationally recognized and respected program. We had finally “tuned the corner”! How many times have we heard that before? And of course there have been quite a few suggestions in the past regarding elimination of the program. We de-emphasized for a while and then went “big time” once more. We were booted from the former Big East. But we struggled on. There were the promising Wayne Harden years, the Al Golden and Matt Rhule tenures. Enter Geoff Collins followed by program destroying Rod Carey and here we are. Aside from attending Owl home games, I watch a lot of college football on fall Saturday afternoons, fall perhaps my favorite time of year. On-campus stadiums packed with loudly cheering fans dressed in school colors. Ah, if only ——! So does the university seriously consider dropping football? I actually hope not. Rather, I’d like to see them put forth a solid effort to build an on-campus stadium. I believe it is possible. But, it will likely continue to be a tough sell to the city administration and the surrounding neighborhood. Being invited to join a P-5 conference would be ideal of course, but isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. As for this year? You don’t lose 70-13 on national TV and hold out much hope for promise of a meaningful turnaround.

      • We lost 70-13 to a team that lost 34-13 to a league rival the next week. That doesn’t call for dropping football. That calls for Drayton to bring in players next year who can play immediately. The “landscape” allows for that kind of rapid improvement. It didn’t in the Golden and Rhule years. This is why we’re paying him $2 million a year to win now and not wait five years to win. Hard job, but he makes more than the President of the university and it’s time he earns that pay.

      • I certainly would not like to see the university drop football. Yes the landscape of today’s college football does allow for rapid improvement provided the right players are convinced to come in and join the program via the transfer portal. Building on that with successful recruiting should result in getting the program back on level ground within one or two years. But as you say, it is up to our well paid head coach and staff to make that happen.

      • An on campus stadium is critically important. Students simply are not looking to spend money to go to a stadium that is way too big for the level of football.

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