Temple’s OT loss at Navy came down to one play

Slice it and dice it any way you want, but Temple’s 27-20 overtime loss to Navy came down to one play of one series.

Getting a first-and-goal at the 5 in the last minute of regulation, the logical move for a quarterback who has been hurried the entire day and an offense that can’t get yards on the ground is to roll the quarterback out and try to find a moving receiver target in the end zone.

What did Temple do instead?

Run straight into the teeth of the Navy defense for one yard to set up a second and goal at the 4. A lousy, lousy first down play call considering the personnel available. It wasn’t the only lousy play call. You have a former high school quarterback on your roster (Trey Blair) and you call a reverse pass for someone who never threw a pass in a game before (Amad Anderson)? Lousy call. How about a halfback pass using Blair instead? You have a proven pass-catching tight end (David Martin-Robinson) and you call a key third-down pass to the other tight end who caught only one ball all year? Don’t be surprised when he drops it. Lousy call. Incredibly bad roster awareness. Good coaches scheme to the individual talents of their players and it’s painfully obvious Temple doesn’t have enough good coaches or, worse, they don’t know what their players are capable of doing.

Now back to the most important play call of the day. Not scoring a touchdown on first-and-goal at the 5 is letting down every single kid on the team.

Talk all you want about the subsequent plays in the series, but a fake to the running back on the FIRST play, not the second one, and rolling the pocket could have bought quarterback E.J. Warner the time he needed to find someone–anyone–open in the end zone. No matter how many backup offensive linemen you might have on the field, any self-respecting offensive coordinator has to find a play to scheme a touchdown on a first-and-goal at the 5. Even if he doesn’t find someone, getting Navy on a hold in the end zone is a better outcome than a 1-yard gain up the middle.

Run on first down and the defense assumes that you’ve got to pass on the next two and adjusts the defense to suit that reality.

Navy takes the field

The difference there is the difference between winning and losing. Or Temple being up by 24-20 against a triple-option team that had to to the length of the field for the game-winner with a backup quarterback.

Chalk it up as another lesson for an offensive coaching staff that really should have the experience under their belts to not make the same mistakes they’ve been making at other places.

Stan Drayton when he gets better from this recent sickness will have a lot of difficult decisions to make this offseason and one of them should be to go in a new direction in the way of coaching staff leadership on the offensive side of the football.

Danny Langsdorf has come up microscopically small not only Saturday but the entirety of this season and it’s painfully obvious new leadership is needed on that side of the ball.

That said, the other two areas of the team–special teams and defense–contributed to Temple’s loss.

Temple’s offensive woes mean you can’t muff a punt that leads to a Navy touchdown. Defensively, in overtime, Temple has to be aware that there is literally no chance that a backup quarterback that had not completed a pass all game would complete one to beat Temple.

Temple’s defense had to be aware enough to sell out to stop the run from the 25 in overtime, kick the field goal and win the game.

For all of the apologists who say this is a moral victory (none exist in my mind), just remember that a local FCS staff with an entire team of FCS players was able to hold Navy to seven points this season.

If our local FBS team with the luxury of having FBS players was able to do the same, we’d be writing about a 20-7 Temple win today.

Whatever decent effort the players gave yesterday should have resulted in a win. They can mostly thank their coaches that it did not. Stan Drayton is the CEO and, even though he was home watching on TV, he is responsible for repairing this mess.

Monday: What Might Have Been


7 thoughts on “Temple’s OT loss at Navy came down to one play

  1. So sorry but to be honest I do not think anyone who really knows football expected this team to win. Sad but true. Some serious recruting is necessary to turn this situation around. Let us be real with ourselves here.

    • First and goal at the 5 have to win. Freaking Delaware didn’t have to use excuses to lose to this team and Temple has fewer excuses.

    • I didn’t expect a winning season after Carey, his last 2 seasons and poor recruiting, but I did expect to see some improvement in the win column this season. Had some especation of picking up at least 1 win between Tusla or Navy. I know all of the usual “exuses”, Carey left the cupboard bare, need to wahit for Drayton to get his owns guys, etc. All true to a certain extent but as MIke pointed out in a prior column there are seveal first year HCs that cam into a similar situation and have their teams winning more so far this year. The most prominent is Mora in UCONN. He has a team that had 4 wins in the prior 4 years under Edsal 2.0, had a talent level at best now better than what Drayton had coming into Temple and probably 4 or 5 years of poor recruting. Yet Mora has that team 4-5 right now and with games left against UMASS, Liberty and Army a chance of maybe be bowl eligible. So let’s hope Drayton is one of the better recruiters in the AAC and can land some home runs from the portal. As another poster here has pointed out several times I lay more of this on the BOT as much as anybody. Drayton may turn out to be a good head coach and the team cerainly seems to have bet morale from the looks of things on the Temple, at least how it appears at home games, but there ceratinly were better choices out there to hire befoer he was brought on board.

  2. Layton Jordon, OLB, has three TDs, the entire TUFB RB room only has two.

    The AD should request rebates from the OC and RB position coach. They are the worst in all of college football. That is not my opinion, it is how their unit’s compare to the entire FBS.

    More BOT members attended the Phillies game last week than attended the TU vs Tulsa game across the street. That says it all.

    • KJ, I would guess there were more TU season ticket holders joining the BOT at the Phillies game last week, watching at Xfinity Live or at home than at Temple-Tulsa. In fact I saw as many people sporting Phillies gear at the Alumni Tailgate tent as there were with Temple gear. Think the Linc is going to be a real ghost town for the Cincinnati and ECU games

  3. Definitely in agreement!

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