The reaction: Admiration but not respect (yet)

 Regarding visual artistry, no one quite matches Temple University’s official team photographer, Zamani Feelings. The guy shoots from different angles and gets shots no one else does that are pretty breathtaking.

Telling a story, though, the champion is a fan in the stands and former Temple player Mike Edwards.

When the entire fan base was wondering if junior running back Bernard “The Franchise” Pierce would be coming back for his senior season (which would have been in 2012), a shot Edwards took captured the moment and removed all doubt.

The pre-game discussion about Pierce in the tailgates was split. Half of the guys thought had he come back for his senior year at Temple he would earn first-round money the next season. The other half said Pierce needed the third-round money now. Nobody thought he’d be higher than a third-round pick if he left after his junior year so we were looking at keys to his intentions and we got it later that day.

Pierce went over to then-head coach Steve Addazio and hugged him as if to say his Temple home career was over. Daz wasn’t happy and went out and convinced ACC Preseason Player of the Year Montel Harris to transfer to Temple in an attempt to replace the production of an NFL third-round choice.

Harris was the last Temple player to do what Edward Saydee did in a 54-28 win over USF: Gain almost a quarter of a mile on the ground. In 2012 at Army, Harris went for a school-record 351 yards and seven touchdowns in a 63-32 win.

Saydee didn’t reach that number, but getting 265 and three touchdowns was pretty darn good. On Saturday, Edwards captured the pretty neat photo at the top of this post.

So many stories in that one photo. 1) Saydee leaving both teams in the dust; 2) Adonicas Sanders way in the back with his finger in the air; 3) Isaac Moore celebrating a job well done with a block; 4) Stan Drayton reliving his All-American running back past by running for the touchdown, too; 5) A vertically challenged person holding what looks like a medical bag on the sideline (presumably oxygen for Saydee); 6) the smiles of the Temple players on the sideline.

That pretty much seems up the Temple reaction in one snapshot. As Henrik Ibsen first said, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The outside reaction, though, was somewhat less impressive. One UCF fan offered his congratulations and said he “admired” the Owls because they tried hard in a 70-13 loss.

Vegas, though, has not shown respect just yet.

If you thought the win over USF might bring down the point spread for Saturday’s game at Houston to low double digits (which I did before I checked), you’d be mistaken. Houston opened as a 20-point favorite despite having a defense that gave up 77 points on the same day Temple dropped a 54-burger on USF.

The message was loud and clear. The nation does not respect Temple quite yet and the Owls are going to have to go out and get it.

Just like Daz got Montel Harris.

Friday: Houston Preview


11 thoughts on “The reaction: Admiration but not respect (yet)

  1. Temple must have made some changes with the O given that USF had some good D against some pretty good teams before. Hopefully Temple can get another win or two. If we see more performances like on Saturday Drayton’s biggest challenge will be to keep the players that will be stars from going to the portal.

  2. I also ask, what changed with the O. AND of course, Mr 23 Saadee ran like a deer, with the power of a bull, ran with total max effort and desire. We Loved it. So happy for him, yes.
    What a show we saw, ( it’s about time we could say ).

  3. That’s the Warner we need and the Saydee we need. It’s not complicated- if you can run it and throw it you’ve got an offense.
    100% in the kick game doesn’t hurt either.
    This was USF, who are having as bad of a year as we are, but all these teams have talented athletes and a win is a win.
    So often with Temple it comes back to mindset and motivation- hopefully this W strengthens the resolve on the practice field and in the locker room. These are young guys and belief plays a major role in performance.

    • Plus, the blocking of guys like Adam Klein and Isaac Moore (among others) was solid. I’m sure they were tired of hearing Temple didn’t have a good offensive line.

      • Yeah, the O-line was actually opening up holes for the running backs and protecting Warner, all of which added up to lots of yards and scoring. Hope it happens on Saturday too.

  4. UH will be a good test. Much higher caliber team. Immediate goal is to see improvement two consecutive games, building on the USF effort. Maybe UH takes the Owls too lightly and Cougars limp away. No early stumbles that put them in a hole please.

  5. Temple beat a bad USF team, USF fired their coach the next day. Houston will fire their coach on Sunday if Temple wins.

    Stan Drayton, the new widowmaker.

    • Temple got Skip Holtz fired in 2012, although they waited until the end of the season to do that. USF President was quoted the day after the Temple game something to the effect (and I’m paraphrasing) it’s unacceptable to lose to Temple. So that must’ve lingered in his mind for a few weeks. Funny thing is three USF coaches are 0-5 all-time in Philadelphia games.

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