An Ad for Temple Football Money Can’t Buy

A nice nugget of information for Fox TV to mention is that Reddick wore No. 7 with both hometown teams.

Today’s Jeopardy Question: What is $7 million?

For Temple, the answer is “How much does Temple get annually from the American Conference?”

It also pertains to the Owls and this Sunday’s Super Bowl game because that’s what it costs to purchase a 30-second spot during the Eagles-Chiefs game.

Kurt Warner mentioned Reddick was from Temple several times on the Westwood One broadcast. Now it’s time for the Fox TV guys to do the same.

The bad news is Temple doesn’t have $7 million to purchase such an ad. The good news is that it may not have to lay out the cash.

Every time Haason Reddick’s name gets mentioned (and is associated with Temple), it’s an ad for Temple football that money can’t buy. That could be worth $7 million, maybe more, depending on how many times the school gets mentioned.

The broadcast team is Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen and they swung and missed during the NFC championship game. Oh, they mentioned Reddick’s name plenty of times–he was the single most influential player in the game–but they never once mentioned he played his college football in the same town on the same home field wearing the same number.

That’s an unforgivable sin.

How cool would it have been for Olsen or Burkhardt to say, “On the same field Reddick played his college football for the Temple Owls, he is wrecking any chances for the 49ers to win the NFC title on this field.”

Pretty damn cool.

Every kid who plays football in the nation will be watching the game. Temple getting mentioned several times or even once plants the thought of good football in the heads of high school players and coaches everywhere.

Maybe Burkhardt and Olsen didn’t know Reddick played for Temple football then but we’re sure as heck going to let them know he played for Temple now.

At this broadcasting level, there is a research team responsible for feeding the color and the play-by-play guy factoids that might be of interest to the fans watching or listening. Certainly, Reddick’s hometown connections–and those of both Temple and Eagles’ teammate Shaun Bradley–were worthy of mentioning but slipped through the cracks.

Sunday’s game represents a chance for a needed do-over. The more people tweet this information to @kevinburkhardt or @gregolsen88 the better that broadcast will be.

Not only for those two guys but for Temple University and Philadelphia as a whole.

Friday: Other Temple Super Bowl Connections


8 thoughts on “An Ad for Temple Football Money Can’t Buy

  1. How could they not know – they do the research before games. I’ll bet if he had played at any P5 school (but especially an Alabama or ND or LSU, etc.) they would have mentioned it. Hell, there’s a whole story revolving around Reddick if they wanted to say anything. But screw the G5 and a school like Temple – not big time or enough money running thru the program and gotta keep pushing the big time programs.

    • Good point. Olsen went to Notre Dame. He’s probably aware of Temple due to the Owls’ recent series with the Irish but don’t know if he’s wired into the whole Reddick story.

      • I thought he went to the U (Miami).
        He also messed up saying Nick S was in the running for Coach of the year when the three finalists were announced that week and Nick wasn’t one of them.

      • Correct. Originally enrolled at ND but transferred to Miami. Put the ND part in there because of the Owls’ recent series with ND. No matter where he went, though, he should have known Reddick played at Temple and the fact that he played his college football in the same stadium as the NFC championship game probably shouldn’t have slipped through the cracks. Reddick did make the two most significant plays in the game.

  2. Maybe Kevin Neghandi could work in some Temple notes on any of his segments? Hear it enough times, the other commentators will mouth it as well.

    Has the story of Hassan been featured by the local stations?

    I suppose it will necessary for Reddick to make a few sacks so the color guy has an opening to bring up the matter. Has an interview with Howie Roseman been done that asked him his thinking in acquiring Reddick? Did he notice him playing for the Owls?

    • Haven’t seen Howie comment on the Temple connections anywhere. Haven’t seen all the local station reports but it seems very fan-based and not player-based at this point.

  3. Caught a comment last evening on one of the ESPN’s about Reddick, same number, same stadium, college and pro. Maybe the game commentator will note and repeat.

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