College football: A great story for 60 Minutes

Found a gem on one of the message boards the other day.

Guy talked about the schism between the haves and the have-nots and said what a wonderful story the current college football saga would make for a 60 minutes segment.

Last week, I watched a story about a guy who some feel “instigated” the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol.

Nice story but nowhere near as compelling as what is ripping apart college football at the seems and no one seems to care about it.

To me, the “big story” on Action News (err, national news) is not the unfairness of the current system for at least half the FBS schools or how the field is tilted toward the schools who already have the most at the expense of the schools who have the least.

It’s about how the PLAYERS themselves are getting screwed the most in a system that ostensibly is designed to benefit them.

Nobody talks about that side of the story.

It’s an important side. The nation needs to know. In the 2021 transfer portal, 1,074 student-athletes entered the football end of it. Only 299 received scholarships. The other 72 percent DID NOT HAVE A HOME. Those percentages have not changed much after the 2022 season.

That’s important because a lot of these kids who enter have stars in their eyes and most of them end up holding an empty bag.

It’s a message Temple head football coach Stan Drayton should be drilling into his Owls at every team meeting.

“You might think you are great but the facts are that if 10 of you enter the portal tomorrow, seven of you will be giving up a full-time scholarship and getting nothing in return. That’s not me saying it. Those are the hard, real, numbers.”

Hopefully, Drayton has already hammered that message home. The signs are there. He’s done a great job keeping this team together.

That’s a local audience.

This message really needs a national one.

To me, a Sunday night segment on 60 Minutes might reach more college athletes than any other vehicle.

The madness has to stop and there is no sign that the greedy Power 5 is going to stop it.

Maybe convincing the players themselves that they are on the short end of this Ponzi scheme will be an unexpected way to restore some sanity to the game.

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14 thoughts on “College football: A great story for 60 Minutes

  1. Glad you pointed this out Mike. In the end, it really is about the players and how most who enter the portal with stars in their eyes and hopes of greater things to come never get to live that dream. They are essentially cut loose from the world of college football. I’ve said it over and over and over again – the player transfer portal and the NIL were terrible decisions made by the NCAA. I mean what were they thinking? College football and basketball programs can no longer be considered as amateur sports. Of course the almighty $$ always seems to hold sway. I trust coach has got the players attention on these matters. As a long time fan of Temple football and basketball, I fear for the survival of both in this crazy world of college sports. Basketball has the beautiful on-campus Liacouras Center and does not have to swim against the current as much as does the football program. And the recent turmoil on and around campus with the removal of the university president and others in his administration in the wake of the increasing crime wave, not just at North Broad, but around the city, present a troubling image to kids wanting to enroll in this great university. But I still hold out hope for better days ahead.

  2. The top ten percent of households own 76% of all wealth in the U.S., while the bottom 50% of households own just 1% of all wealth.

    Why should college football be different in our systems/institutions of “Haves and Have Nots”? We will not see significant change in our lifetime.

    Temple needs to figure out a winning strategy for the sandbox of college football. They will keep adding sand.

  3. And find another DL coach tomorrow.., snake bite again!

    • Yeah, between signing the 7-foot-2 NYC basketball player of the year in NYC(Robert Liburd, 1984) and 6-11 Marvin Webster Jr. (who both died before ever playing a game at Temple) and Trey Lowe (Dunphy’s highest-rated recruit) who never had a chance to show his greatness and a whole bunch of bad football head coaching hires, this school cannot get a break.

  4. The transfer portal on the surface appeared to be a good idea and step forward for the student athlete caught in a tough situation. in practice it is disrupting for both the football and basketball landscape. The numbers you share are disturbing. Especially if nearly 2/3rd’s of the players are giving up scholarships. I admittedly am not up on the rules and how they are applied in practice. Is it within the rights of the university to pull a scholarship from a player that enters the portal but does not have a home? These players are knowingly taking that risk when they enter? If so, i wonder how many of these players have to leave behind their college education hopes? it appears the schools loosing players to the portal should be digging into these numbers and educating players of these facts.

    • To me, the key point here is that at a school like Temple you have a scholarship and a minimum of $5,000 walking around spending money. You get stars in your eyes and enter the portal and now the university has to find a replacement for you and your scholarship and walking around money is not guaranteed. In the LIKELY event that nobody wants you (that’s not me saying it, it’s a hard-and-fast 72 percent), can’t come back to coach Drayton and say, “Hey, coach, I made a mistake … can I have my scholarship back?” Drayton then has to say we had to move on. Sad for the kid but a free ride to a school like Temple sets you up for a better future than hopping around from school to school.

  5. what is going on with Colorado Football and their new Coach Dion ? He forced about 25 players to leave the program? I would like to see a detailed listed of who they were, those forced out. If this was another HC I wonder if all hell would have broken out in the mass media ? New Temple prospects in this list ? Some of the CU players were considered to be good quality, as per some stories I’ve read….

    • The 25 guys forced out at Colorado were almost all under the old regime. I don’t think Temple should want any of those players. It was a P5 team playing at a mid-G5 level.

    • A coach can’t force you to leave a program. That must be voluntary because a first-year coach can only cut the player. The scholarship has to remain in place. When kids chase their dream of playing football, the lack of playing time hurts those prospects and makes education secondary. That may not be what adults, parents, and administrators want to hear, but in every other walk of life, people are given a choice to determine their path, and options have consequences. There’s nothing wrong with the system. The people that should be able to make these decisions are making them—the athletes. And for the most part, they go in eyes wide open. The NCAA makes that confidence because you are advised WHEN you request your name in the portal.

  6. Great post, Mike. As both a college football and basketball fan, it has become surreal seeing this transfer portal situation play itself out without guardrails. The extra Covid year, the implementation of the one-time transfer, and the allowance of NIL without any guardrails has made for a dizzying experience trying to follow it all. And to be sure, the irony is more athletes have been disappointed than rewarded.

  7. So it sounds like it’s not a rule that a kid cannot come back and be reinstated at the school they tried to leave? It sounds like the chances are slim a coach and school would or could take them back because the coach had to “move on?” So if this starts blowing up, Temple for instance, could have a chance to bring back the best of the ones who went into the portal, if they wanted to return? That might not be a bad thing! Seems that forever, coaches have forced players to leave to open up scholarships for new recruits anyway. But for now it’s still a mess, largely because the kids want to try improving things for themselves, realistic or not.

    • When Rick Brunson was considering leaving Temple for Boston College, Chaney said: “If you want to do that, you are telling me you don’t love me anymore. So bye.” Brunson reconsidered and stayed at Temple. I can’t envision a scenario where 10 Temple players leave Drayton and he replaces them and tells the new guys he’s taking back the old guys. Loyalty and commitment trumps all.

      • Well yes, if ALL portal guys were replaced – I was thinking if there were some spots still open.

      • Loyalty and commitment absolutely trump all. But with the implementation of the player transfer portal, you find those two qualities lacking in many players.

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