What the Eagles’ draft taught Temple football

The sky is blue. The earth is round. Men were actually on the moon in 1969 and the Japanese (not the Germans) attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Those are accepted undisputed facts among reasonable people.

This week, another accepted fact came to light that everyone I checked on agreed upon:

The Philadelphia Eagles won the NFL draft.

I watched ESPN, the NFL Network and Fox Sports, and every single one of the experts on those networks being paid handsomely to comment on it agreed unanimously. The Eagles schooled the league. I did not delve into all of the fan sites on Youtube but I saw enough.

Being in Philadelphia, the Temple football coaches must’ve seen the same thing.

It’s almost a miracle for Temple that someone this good is still in the portal. The question is: Does Temple realize it?

Delving into the why, almost all agreed it was because Eagles’ GM Howie Roseman schemed the draft by studying it and mastering a plan to make the most of it.

The lesson for Temple football is not to hire Howie Roseman to navigate the transfer portal but to employ a guy who knows how to navigate it and grab players still available in it who can help Temple.

A “Howie Roseman of the transfer portal” if you will.

Now I don’t think Temple head coach Stan Drayton is that guy. I don’t think he wants to be. I don’t think he should.

Yet I’m guessing there a “that guy” out there and if Temple finds him, Temple football gets a leg up on the competition.

The Owls need a matchmaker who can convince players in areas of need Temple has that Temple will love him and he will love them.

Put it this way.

You don’t have to be a Howie Roseman to know that former Liberty running back Dae Dae Hunter is still in the portal. The guy has an FBS resume that at least doubles that of any running back in the program, by all accounts is a good guy and can (with quarterback E.J. Warner) turn the Lincoln Financial Field scoreboard into an adding machine.

Right now, the Owls are going into the season with the worst running game in the nation last year and their only significant FBS addition (E.J. Wilson,, FIU) had HALF the numbers of Temple’s best running back, Edward Saydee, a year ago.

Those numbers don’t add up for Temple success in 2023. Howie Roseman figured the Eagles’ numbers out and came up with a winning formula.

A “Howie Roseman of Temple” would probably be the best hire the program can make now to guide the Temple football ship through these new uncharted waters.

Monday: Temple’s New Cockiest Foe


10 thoughts on “What the Eagles’ draft taught Temple football

  1. So why isn’t the Drayton staff pursuing this kid? Are they waiting for something? Hope Drayton isn’t being a hard head like the last HC guy.

    • I think he was fooled by Saydee’s breakout game against USF. I don’t have money to bet a lot on the Kentucky Derby but I’m betting my two bucks on a horse (Kingsman) who has been to the track three times and won all three. Saydee’s been to the track 12 times and won one race. Dae Dae Hunter wins every time he goes out there. The fact that he didn’t follow Hugh Freeze to Auburn indicates to me that he’s looking for a team that needs his services more than Auburn and Temple certainly fits that bill.

      • How do we know they aren’t pursuing him or haven’t reached out and been told he isn’t interested? Let’s face it, Temple is not for every kid, especially with the current state of things. Just because we don’t get every good player in the transfer portal doesn’t mean we aren’t trying.

        Let’s face it, most of these productive players from G5 schools are entering the portal hoping to go to a P5 school. That is the current state of college football. In this year’s NFL draft, every single 1st round pick was from a P5 school. It just further widens the gap between the P5 and G5. Kids aren’t entering the portal looking for a lateral move (G5 school to G5 school), they are looking to upgrade their financial situation with NIL money and improve their draft stock.

  2. now begin to wonder about this Drayton guy. I see it possible he may just dropout also…. ? To have so little effort or is that progress, to rebuild his team as of yet. ” Oh my oh my, go tell it on the mountain “, as per Adams Family Movie and Ms Pinterschloss’ explanations, my oh my…..

  3. IMHO some HCs, and especially new HCs, get stuck on “the process” and on “how” they want to run things. All well and good, but there comes a ‘time’ when you put process aside and do what you have to do to get better and win.

    That “time” is now for Drayton. Screw the process for a few months, put your recruiter hat on, and show us something! TUFB does not have the luxury of time.

    Gone: UCF, Houston, and Cincy this year.., SMU next year followed by Memphis..,

    Reality check, TUFB is in what grid square of big time college football?

    Talent, time, and great coaching. Compared to the top teams in the AAC, TUFB is lacking in all three areas. The new DC is a joke, the DL coach is a dead man walking. We should not expect the defense to improve w/o last yr’s DC and leading pass rusher.

  4. And, for comparison purposes…, how many teams in the AAC replaced their DC in the middle of Spring Practice? How many teams in the conference will replace their DL coach just weeks before the season begins? Why is the AD waiting to do the inevitable? Do they realize the negative impact on recruiting, performance, reputation, etc.? smh

    We are kidding ourselves! Calibrate expectations for the defense now. The loss in continuity is huge.

  5. Touching on a few points…

    More than a portal GM, Temple needs a full-time NIL person (or two) on staff for FB and BB. This should be a paid position with revenue targets for the hire. Full credit to the Tuff Fund people for the work they are doing, but you can’t do NIL in 2023 with an unpaid, volunteer staff.

    Hunter has not drawn great interest since hitting the portal. That is telling. Freeze didn’t bring him to Auburn. That is telling. My read is Drayton thinks he can go with Saydee and EJ Wilson. Kyle Williams is the wild card. Saydee improved as the season went on, which is how it should happen. That progression needs to continue. The strength at TE can cover any shortcoming at RB.

    I can’t disagree more with the comment that Drayton has made little effort or shown little progress with the rebuild. This roster is better than the day he took over. Depth is still an issue but getting a legit two-deep in all phases was going to take two years.

    This staff has done the heavy work of building and repairing recruiting relationships that were detonated by the prior staff. There should be a strong two-deep roster come opening day 2024.

    • Don’t care about other programs not wanting Dae Dae. All I know is what I see he does on the football field and how he misses defenders at the point of contact. I haven’t seen that since Bernard Pierce (and that includes Jahad Thomas and Ryquell Armstead). Film don’t lie.

  6. Rutgers Spring Game was on the Big 10 channel. TU can beat ’em. Looks like heavy emphasis on the run, they have 3 Big 10 level RBs, but will struggle throwing the ball.

    TU will win if they can stop the Rutgers run, and if TU can rush for >100 yds.

    • Bingo. TU can beat them for a lot of reasons but the No. 1 reason is that TU has lucked into getting a quarterback with the “it” factor and E.J. Warner has it. Why didn’t he show it last year against RU? Schiano raved about him but he raved about a guy who was just getting used to the speed of college football. What this kid did against Houston and ECU (two better teams IMHO than RU) indicates he’s a much better player now than he was in his Week 2. What I’ve been doing since those two weeks is pleading for Stan to get him running back help. Maybe it’s Joquez Smith. Maybe it’s Kyle Williams but Edward Saydee and E.J. Wilson haven’t done anything since Warner became a big-time quarterback to let me know they are that guy.

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