TU Recruiting: The Ones Who Got Away


You could muster a lot more optimism around here if Ricky Slade, Scott Patchan and Michael Maietti were joining the family for spring practice in a few weeks.

Temple doesn’t need wide receivers
or quarterbacks or defensive backs,
but it certainly needs centers, tight ends,
defensive ends, and running backs.
The fact that this coaching staff
addressed non-issues and ignored
real issues should be setting off
all kinds of alarms

Assuming Rod Carey is done recruiting, at least three players–perhaps more–who could tangibly help Temple football have gone elsewhere or will go elsewhere.

Michael Maietti, a center from Don Bosco who started 33 games in the Big 10 and was good enough on an awful Rutgers’ team to be named to the Rimington Watch list (best center in the country), signed with Long Island University.
Long Island University. I’m only aware they have a football team because they played Villanova last season.

Now the Owls will probably have to move guard Vince Picozzi to a position where he never played before coming off a surgery that will force him to miss the entire spring. Maybe Leon Pinto or Wisdom Quarshie. Nice players, but do they have the credentials and the experience of a Maietti?

Err, no.

You can want to be here all you want but it’s the coaching staff’s job to upgrade the talent that is here.

Maietti was so excited about a rare (only) RU touchdown against Maryland, he inadvertently punched his quarterback in the face last season. Maybe Carey didn’t want to sign him because he was Maietti would knock out Anthony Russo.

Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 4.45.17 PM

Josh Pederson would have represented a huge upgrade at TE from Kenny Yeboah and add a large family to the Temple fan base

The thought here is that with the uncertainty at the center position facing Temple this season, Maietti would have been a better replacement than anyone on the current roster, but that’s on Carey.

So, too, are the failures to address depth at the running back position. As of this writing, Ricky Slade–formerly the No. 1 running back recruit prospect in the nation–is still stuck in the portal after telling Penn State coaches he was entering it in late January.

Scott Patchan, a defensive end from Miami with multiple starts in the ACC and would have filled an area of need for Temple, is still in limbo. Do you think this guy would be motivated to outperform Quincy Roche at Hard Rock Stadium on Sept 5?

Josh Pederson, a tight end from Louisiana Monroe, entered the transfer portal and would have been a nice replacement for Kenny Yeboah in that he had more catches, more yards and more touchdowns than Yeboah last year but, after getting no interest, decided to remain at ULM. Do you think he would have liked to play a year in his dad’s stadium in front of family and friends?

A quick check of their twitter feeds late Sunday afternoon indicates that both Patchan and Slade still haven’t signed elsewhere.

Who knows if Carey even reached out to these guys, but he would have been derelict in his duty if he did not. Nobody can really believe a Big 10 player would have signed at LIU if Temple was an option, especially considering that Big 10 player saw what Temple did for former Don Bosco teammate Matt Hennessy, who will be entering the NFL draft.

If Carey did not reach out to Maietti and will can now assume he did not, he probably didn’t reach out to Slade or Patchan. Manny Emmanuel, a DE who did sign with Temple, was much less productive at Wake Forest than Patchan was at The U.

Would Al Golden, a Penn State grad and former Miami head coach who probably knows of Slade and Patchan and who can walk into Don Bosco and everyone knows who he is, have done his homework on these guys? Probably.

Would a Midwestern-based staff without those kinds of New Jersey and Pennsylvania recruiting connections be so inclined? Probably not.

Temple doesn’t need wide receivers or quarterbacks or defensive backs, but it certainly needs centers, tight ends, defensive ends, and running backs. The fact that this coaching staff addressed non-issues and ignored real issues should be setting off all kinds of alarms.

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Signing Day: Short shopping list

NCAA Football: Florida at Miami

Scott Pachan could fill an area of need for Temple

Don’t go shopping at Target with Temple head coach Rod Carey.

If you both need batteries and milk, he might skip those sections and head right for the toys.

At least that’s how it looks headed toward this second signing day next Wednesday. Temple football doesn’t have a whole lot to spend in terms of scholarship currency but does have a couple of specific needs this cycle.

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 2.13.56 PM

Michael Maietti

Defensive end, because the guy they believed in enough to recruit out of Randallstown, Md., and developed into an NFL talent, Quincy Roche, decided to leave for the same bad guys who the Owls will face in the opener (Miami). Center because Matt Hennessy left for the NFL despite some pro scouts advising him to stay another year at Temple.

Those are the breaks. Tough ones, sure, but needs that could be ameliorated by grabbing a couple of talented guys in the portal. Temple needs a ready-made center and a ready-made defensive end and, ironically, Miami has a defensive end they could use still in the portal named Scott Patchan. He entered the portal when Roche arrived in Coral Gables.

In another ironic twist, there is a center in the portal named Michael Maietti who, like Hennessy, is a Don Bosco (N.J.) prep product. Maietti, like Hennessy, was on the Rimington watch list as the best center in the country. I’ve got to believe Carey’s staff is aware of these guys and they deserve to be pursued hard. Maietti might have seen what Temple did for Hennessy and think he could benefit as well. Just a wild thought. Pachan might be a motivated guy come opening day.

Chances are neither players are as good as the ones they will replace but the same chances exist they are better than the current options. Is there a chance Temple gets them? Who knows? Is Temple even trying? Show these guys some love.

Those are the main needs Temple has this recruiting cycle. What have we seen so far? Carey adding a quarterback (he already recruited one in December) to a deep quarterback room that includes Anthony Russo, Trad Beatty, and Kennique Bonner-Steward.

It’s never good when you head to the store with a couple of items in mind and, when you come back home, you realize you’ve neglected to get both.

Let’s hope Carey is on the case.

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