Logic fails TU braintrust once again

When this young lady saw the Owls line up in a shotgun five yards back when they needed an inch, she flipped her wig. Can't blame her.

When this young person saw the Owls  line up in a shotgun five yards back when they needed an inch, the fan wigged out.   All the fans watching in Philly were screaming at the TV for the QB sneak, too. Can’t blame them.

Every fifth grade student learns this basic tenant in Geometry class: The shortest distance between two points in a straight line.

Either way, with Walker taking
the snap behind Friend,
you are giving it to either your
first- or second-best player following
either your first- or second-best player

Little Matty Rhule must have called in sick that day in 1985 because on Saturday, facing a fourth-and-inches from the Rutgers’ 15 with less than two minutes remaining, the Temple head football coach elected to run a play to the halfback, Kenny Harper, out of a shotgun formation instead of sneaking his 6-1 quarterback, P.J. Walker, straight ahead for the three or four inches needed for a first down.

Since Rutgers was out of time outs, had the Owls secured that first down, all that was left was three kneel downs for what would have been Temple’s first-ever AAC win. Instead, Rutgers stopped a slow developing play two yards into the backfield, got the ball back and quarterback Gary Nova executed an effective drive that resulted in a 23-20 win for the Scarlet Knights.

What made the curious play call all the more egregious was the fact that Temple has one of the best centers in the country in sophomore Kyle Friend, a 6-2, 305-pound behemoth who neutralized Notre Dame All-American Louis Nix III in the Owls’ opener. Arguably, Friend is the Owls’ best player. Before the season, Rhule said that the team gave out single-digit numbers to the nine “toughest” guys on the team but that the only reason Friend did not get No. 1 was because offensive linemen are not allowed to wear single digits. He might not be the best player only because of what has happened over the last few weeks, but certainly is the toughest.

Arguably, because the team’s best player over the last few weeks has turned out to be Walker, his true freshman quarterback. Either way, with Walker taking the snap over Friend, you are giving the ball to either your first- or second-best player followed through the hole by either your first- or second-best player.

For a head coach, failing geometry is one thing but failing logic is far worse.




Your AAC champions: The Temple Owls

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I’ve never been a big fantasy football game or simulated game guy, but I have to admit I’m intrigued by the  CBS Sports simulation that has the Temple Owls as the first champions of  the American Athletic Conference.
I’ll sign for it now.
Yeah, I know that eliminates my dream season of seeing Temple unbeaten, but that’s OK.
The way the Owls are recruiting, No. 30 nationally and with a bullet, that might come in a couple of years.
Got to take this simulated thing with a grain of salt.
The only “game” simulations I’ve seen for Temple in the past have had the Owls losing both 2011 games, 29-27, to Maryland (Owls won, 38-7) and 34-29 to Wyoming in the New Mexico Bowl (Owls won, 37-15).
CBS picks the Owls for a 9-3 overall record and Rutgers with a 5-7 overall record.
From their lips to God’s ears.
Let’s hope, though, this one is right.