19 thoughts on “Five TU plays you won’t see Friday (but should)

  1. Come on Mike only 2 of the plays you listed have the QB throwing the ball and both would most likely be short passes, how do you expect QBs with plays like that in the game plan. All kidding aside that would require this coaching staff to try and maximize the skills on the roster and maybe have some imagination. Haven’t seen that in the first 5 games. Not implying that you don’t work to put in a system long term but until you have recruited the types of players best suited to the system that is being implemented the coaches need to be flexible enough to effectively use what they have. Aside from replacing the run with the pass this offense is about a predictable and one dimensional as Addazio’s

  2. We are SOOO predictable. It’s like we’re coming to the line and saying “Omaha” and then telling the defense it’s going to be a Kenny Harper run off tackle. I will predict we’ll run this play, though: Handoff to Kenny Harper, followed (five seconds later) by the QB faking a throw downfield. That must’ve worked at Tennessee-Chattanooga but nobody has fallen for it up here.

    • Actually don’t know how well that worked there either in the past 3 seasons Tenn-Chattanooga points scored has gone from 347 (2010), 285 (2011), 281 (2012). I think I see the problem here, Snow’s and Satterfield’s resumes were attached to the wrong cover letters so Rhule thought he was hiring an OC whose offense was averaging 38 points a game and increased from the prior year and a DC whose defense was giving up 25 points a game and dropped from the year . After all who would hire an OC whose offense was steadily scoring less points each year and a DC whose defense allowed 2 touchdowns more per game from the season before. Hopefully he’ll correct this for next season and hire a DC who coaches defenses that give up less points than his OCs offense scores

  3. I agree that the offense needs a little creativity here and there, but do you honestly think that running a pitch and pass THREE times or more in a game is going to work? Simply because the person doing the passing used to be a quarterback? I’m positive that there are players on other teams that are more than athletic enough to throw passes, former qbs or not, and their teams don’t have them running plays like that multiple times a game. Those are a couple times a season, boom-or-bust plays, not several times a game plays. Maybe it works once, but after that I don’t see it. And also you want Coyer running a reverse? Does he have the speed to get around the corner on a reverse? Have you ever seen a tight end reverse before?

    • Coyer can fly in the open field. Had three runs over 70 yards, all touchdowns, as a sophomore. It’s legal to run a TE reverse and Coyer is a weapon both running and passing the ball. Give him the option to do either. I bet one or the other option opens up for him.

  4. I think the problem with this team is mostly just inexperience, we’re SO young and can’t execute the way more mature teams can. You can devise red zone plays until you get blue in the face (referring to previous posts) but what good are they unless you’re in the redzone? We can talk about how good of a coach Golden was (he was a great coach) but we can also talk about how we never beat a MAC team with a winning record and our best years were due to a guy I hardly see mentioned here, I guy named Bernard Pierce. It’s funny how playmakers can make your team look good, and I don’t think Coyer is one of those guys

    • we got in the red zone after that long Walker pass to Anderson last week and ran two vanilla running plays before the blocked field goal. Why not go play-action on the first play and try a fade to our 6-6 WR in the corner of the end zone?

      • It actually appeared that Rhule was running to set up a field goal attempt during that series of plays

    • I understand there are a lot of younger players starting but I thought the same thing was our problem last year along with a move up in the level of competition. If I remember correctly I think at the start if the season there was something like 11 starters returning from last year split fairly equally between offense and defense, so there was some experience plus it seems other teams don’t seem to have much trouble winning with young players at key positions such as Houston with a freshman qb

  5. Rhule said today in a press conference that he has decided to red shirt Khalif Herbin.

    “His redshirt was burned last year for about 8 plays. This year, I decided to red shirt him to be more dynamic next year. Juice moving to tight end allows me to continue to do this.”

    • Thanks, Matt. Wondered what the deal was with him. I guess Rhule thinks he’ll be here next year as head coach. If he goes 0-12, I’m not so sure.

      • Mike I would agree, right now this team needs to get better coordinators, guys who have been recently successful at this level and 0-12 is unacceptable for Rhule to come back. Then next year the team goes 3-9 and it will still be a lot of the same, young team, still putting all the pieces together and before you know it we’re 4 years into the Rhule era and a 4-8 or 5-7 season looks good

  6. I’ve seen more imaginative offenses and stingier defenses in Pop Warner. Right now, there are zero reasons to watch the Owls. Satterfield’s idea of a crazy play is to throw a bomb into double coverage in the complete absence of a series of plays to set it up. I’d have a heart attack if Snow showed some initiative and actually called a safety or cornerback blitz on third and long. We don’t win a game this year because these guys have no clue. I can imagine that opposing coaching staffs have to be laughing at TU coaches and silently thanking them at the same time because there’s no need to watch more than one game since they’re all reruns of vanilla offenses and defenses. I’ve seen some bad coaches but these guys are at the the top of the list because the team they control is so boring on both sides of the ball. .

    • Owls13 is on to something. How come Bernard Pierce is never mentioned on this blog? If that is an exaggeration, why is Coyer consistently given more credit for the 2011 season than Pierce?

  7. Bernard Pierce has more mentions in this blog than any person in the history of this blog. My favorite Temple player of all time. I don’t give Chris Coyer more “credit” for what happened in 2011 than BP. I never wrote a single blog piece about who deserves more credit for 2011. I’m just saying that Coyer has been underutilized this year and one of the reasons is his remarkable skill set shown in 2011 and this year the few times he gets the ball. I can assure you if BP was still here, I’d be calling for him to get the ball more than Coyer but BP is not here and one of our other big 3 playmakers from that year still is.

  8. Mike…it’s so frustrating. I don’t know as much as the rest of you guys about the coaching ins and outs; I only know, as a true-blue fan, that it doesn’t matter who the opponent is this year — Notre Dame or Fordham or Idaho — this defense can’t stop anything. 500 yards allowed, no matter who it is. How does such a decline happen so fast, so soon after the top-20 defenses of recent years? Sigh……..

  9. Rob,
    And Chuck Heater has Marshall ranked No. 20 in scoring defense after having Temple ranked No. 3 in scoring defense in 2011. I realize he had a rough 2012, but I think he could have improved these kids that he worked with last year significantly better than Snow …
    Marshall can’t have much better defensive talent than Temple.

    • Watching the Louisville – Rutgers game tonight how Temple is not competitive in this conference, outside of Louisville, this year is beyond me, Not saying we would be at the top of the AAC but to not be able to win 3 to 4 AAC games this year is a joke.

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