Will the real Temple please stand up?

The gross underuse of this talented player is borderline criminal.

Back on Cherry and White Day, I thought this version the Owls would be a winner for a variety of reasons.

First, I thought the players would play like crazed dogs, preferably pit bulls, to prove to the skeptical general Temple community that they were right in calling for Temple to hire Matt Rhule as a head coach.

Second, I thought Rhule would use his knowledge of the personnel to put them in the best position to win.

Wrong on both counts so far.

The Owl Club will host three watch parties tonight.

The Owl Club will host three watch parties tonight.

Instead, I detect a “comfortableness” with Rhule and I don’t see a team, particularly on the previous five Saturdays they lined up, that played like their hair was on fire. Quite the opposite. I see a team going through the motions way too much. Even against Notre Dame, the one game I thought they played “hard” they did not play “smart.”

Will the real Temple please stand up tonight against Cincinnati?

What is the real Temple?

Well, the team that I saw go 26-12 from 2009 to 2011 played like crazy every time out.  They won most of the time, played with a swagger and played smart. If that team played Fordham and Idaho, those games would have been over by halftime. They had a killer instinct this team does not appear to have. They also had a future NFL running back named Bernard Pierce. This team also has a future NFL running back, Zaire Williams. It’s just that they never use him. That’s one of the many things that separates Al Golden from Matt Rhule.

Bobby Wallace checking in?

Bobby Wallace checking in?

It’s also where the putting “personnel in a position to win” comment comes into play.

When you have a talent on the team like Chris Coyer, truly in my mind one of the most unique talents in the American Athletic Association,  maybe in America, why haven’t you maximized that weapon? Here is a kid who can run and throw and catch, yet the only use I’ve seen the coaching staff make of him has been to target him once or twice a game as a tight end. Occasionally they put him in as a Wildcat quarterback, where everybody and his kid brother knows he is going to run the ball. Effectively, they are utilizing only 1/3 of the smorgasboard offense he brings to the table.

As I would tell my dog (if I had one), bad coaching staff. Bad, bad coaching staff.

The gross underuse of this talented player is borderline criminal.

Back on Cherry and White Day, I was told that Coyer would be used as a fullback and a tight end and that Coyer would be used to throw a “stealth” (i.e., trick) pass or two each game in addition to his running the ball straight ahead like the speedy fullback he would be.  As a fullback or tight end, he can be the recipient of a pitchout where he can chuck it down the field or run the ball. That way, whenever Coyer got the ball, the defense would not know what was coming and deception works, as Albert Einstein might say, in all sorts of endeavors. That opens things up for Williams and the run game and P.J. Walker and the passing game.

That’s the real Temple team I envisioned back in April. I hope it finally shows up tonight.

16 thoughts on “Will the real Temple please stand up?

  1. Hit the nail on the head with regards to the coaching staff. Not focusing on Rhule’s lack of experience as a HC, I’ll stay optimistic that he will be a fast learning (but 0-12 should make him one season and done), but rather as you point out, for all of the player “support”, I thought they would be running through walls for this guy. Rather it seems like they were more concerned with getting a coach they were comfortable with. Now the assistants, forget, both need to be replaced at the end of the season. How you can hire 2 guys whose offense was scoring less points each year and whose defense was allowing more points each year at their previous stops and expect anything different here. Also, watching the UL – Rutgers game last night, except for UL and maybe UCF there is no way this team shouldn’t be much more competitive in the AAC. Don’t buy all of the excuses the MRAs are putting out there, this team’s talent isn’t as inferior compared to the rest of AAC as they would like you to believe and even if it is “MAC” talent, the AAC overall isn’t any better than the MAC. This coaching staff didn’t inherit the mess AG did, in the 3 years prior to AG taking over Temple was 3-31, in the 3 years prior to Rhule taking the HC job the team was 21-15. The won-loss record should be no worse than last year and I hold at a minimum no reason it couldn’t have improved on those 4 wins. Let’s see what happens tonight, actually think if game planned properly, get the team motivated a win over Cincinnati is possible.

  2. Every day watching Temple this year has been like Groundhog Day. The same coaching mistakes of both omission and commission being made over and over again. Hopefully, Groundhog Night will be different and not because of the time of day.

  3. Ssshhh blogging about getting the ball to Coyer tips off opponents and eliminates the surprise factor. Your online play calling and analysis is the main reason the Owls are 0-5! 🙂 You’re taking the dry erase marker right off Satterfield’s whiteboard.

  4. PS. Think Positive. I have a hunch the Owls may beat Cincinnati.

    • I think they have a chance but with this team just as easily a blow out. At this point can’t wait for this season to end and hopefully clean house and get a fresh start with some real coaches next year

    • Forgot that we have a coach that burns all our time outs in the first quarter.

      • This staff is the worst I am getting sick and tired of the MRAs starting with the oh well the other team is pulling ahead with there superior talent. As the team gets mor talent recruiting this team will start winning in spite of the coach. Welcome to the Bobby Wallace era The Sequel

      • There is no their there. Confused.

  5. Rudy meant their, typing on IPhone with bad lighting watching the game. Thought I would at least correct it, but even if I didn’t have a spelling error I think a clown like you is generally confused as a natural state.

    • And what exactly do you see as the long view here with Matt Rhule? I’m not saying he can’t be a good HC at some point in his career but what has he shown to lead to that belief. This team isn’t disciplined, evidenced by all the penalties an bad times. Sure the players commit them but you don’t see the well coached teams making as many. Also not saying the situation can’t improve if Rhule fixes his biggest mistake, getting accomplished, successful coordinators who can provide guidance.
      As for the long term view, do you really think 0-12 helps that and when exactly do the 7 to 8 consistently good seasons start, in 4 or 5 years. One sentence about Rhule, other than what he stated what else is he going to say he was involved at the tail end of the hire. Bradshaw said the same thing about “the arms” race, hummm meaning Temple really doesn’t have the money to spend to be a top competitor and we sure don’t have the deep pocket donors like Stanford and Wisconsin. And loved the way the last question wasn’t really answered, since I think the AAC isn’t long for the conference world where does Temple eventually end up when the conference shuffle finally ends, hint it isn’t going to be the AAC. So I would be interested in what your opinion is on both the current football situation and all the positives you took from the article. If you have one rather than just a pithy comment and link. Don’t get me wrong, I would like Temple to have a good football program but have been down this road too many times since the 70s

    • I wouldn’t be so sure. Have you ever heard of the term “vote of confidence” in sports. The coach is fired the next day. This looks like one of those. He won’t be fired now because his coordinators are even more incompetent than he is, but he will be fired when the President sees all those empty seats for the last two games and realizes he can’t see any season tickets by bringing him back next year.

      • Plus all those empty seats don’t bode we’ll for raising funds for an on campus stadium if it is determined to be the best corse to take. Hey I would like to see Matt Rhule succeed and maybe with better coordinators he would stand a better chance next season. All I know the talent on the team was good enough to win 4 games last year with a coach most everybody was happy to see leave. There is no way an 0-12 season does anything good for TUFB no matter how much spin you put on it

  6. Rhule has his excuses lined up. He is playing all freshman and sophomores so he can blame their inexperience and point to a bright future. That’s what his mentor Al Golden did. Unfortunately LFF doesn’t allow bags into the stadium, so we can’t wear our brown grocery bags of shame. We just have to hope that they can noodle a win against Army.

    • Dave you forgot the always popular we are now playing so much better competition and a far superior conference to the MAC…..LOL, that one may have had some credibility last season but not now. Plus a lot of people seem to forget that in the 3 years prior to AG coming on board the team was 3-31, the 3 years prior to “In Rhule we trust” 21-15

  7. Watching last night, I had no hope for the future because our defense could not do what even 0-5 Miami of Ohio did against Cincy, hold them to 14 points. Same players who shut out UConn in the second half last year. Different coaches. Should tell you something.

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