If TU is serious about winning, here are 5 Can’t-Miss Guys Who Would Make the School Millions

With virtually everybody back from a 4-7 team, Matt Rhule and staff have done a very good job making this a potential 0-12 team. If Temple is serious about winning, it must jettison this staff at the end of the season and hire one of these five guys (click over the pizza box for the answers)

With virtually everybody back from a 4-7 team, Matt Rhule and staff have done a very good job making this a potential 0-12 team. If Temple is serious about winning, it must jettison this staff at the end of the season and hire one of these five guys (click over the pizza box for the answers)


41 thoughts on “If TU is serious about winning, here are 5 Can’t-Miss Guys Who Would Make the School Millions

  1. Depressing to imagine what could have been. I hope Temple realizes Rhule is not right, swallows their pride and starts over.

    • It definitely looks bad but lets look at the big picture. Your talking about 13 to 14 frosh and soph on the field, a new system, let alone the upper class-man that are 1 or 2star recruits. Now with that said watch the big difference next season. And I know everyone wants results now, not going to happen. Just wait until we see some the kids from prep and the redshirts. Which appear to be very athletic. BREATH IN AND NOW BREATH OUTTTTTT!!!

      • There’s no way you can ever sugarcoat losses to Fordham and Idaho. After that embarrassment against Fordham, Rhule had TWO WEEKS … 2 WEEKS to get ready for Idaho (and I can’t believe I just typed get ready for Idaho) and he lays a bigger egg to a worse team. Temple University should NEVER and I mean NEVER lose to Fordham and Idaho. One is a fireable offense and two is worse.

  2. Huge mistake but not to admit it is worse and would result in 70,000 empty seats next year, which would effectively kill the program.

    • I wonder if signing Rhule for $1.2 Million was why Bill Bradshaw retired suddenly in May right after spring practice. If Temple could have had Clawson or Lembo for a fraction of Rhule’s salary, then Bradshaw would be at fault. Bradshaw was in love with AG, so that may have clouded his judgement in the Rhule decision.

  3. Tu will never fire him because the administration has no one with the guts to pull the trigger. I mean that facetiously in case anyone gets the wrong idea. Look how long Bobby Wallace stuck around despite never being better than mediocre. TU’s administration, in today’s day and age in college sports, cannot let this fester as it has in the past. The program is already teetering on the edge of irrelevance and there’s too much money involved just to let things be. Had Ruhle just been five hundred, which was possible given who was returning and his recruits and the schedule, the possibility of being invited to the ACC remained a possibility. If this doesn’t get turned around by next year I give TU football less than a 50% chance of surviving.
    As far as Ruhle goes, last night showed how inept his defensive and offensive coaches are. On defense, the dbacks are still running around like headless chickens and on offense Coyer has disappeared. Need anything more be said. TU’s talent matched Cincinnati’s and yet they had another average QB look like Johnny U. Army is going to run for 500 yards this week because Snowe lacks the knowledge or ability to stop them. 0-12 here we come.

    • John not much I can disagree with in your post except for maybe the potential for an invite to the ACC, just don’t see that coming. Either for Temple or UConn (who lost again today, nothing like company at the bottom). As for the coordinators, I see some hope on offense but defense forget. I’m tired of the we don’t have any talent crowd, every week I see receivers open on the same patterns, no changes in the coverage schemes, nothing. At this point it’s obvious Snow is just here to collect the pay check.
      Interesting list of coaches and I would take anyone of them over “In Rhule we Trust”, who I don’t see building anything other than a homage to Bobby Wallace. Don’t know if Clawson would consider a move to the AAC a step up. Maybe better exposure, if that’s the case and he builds a winning program and leaves in 4 years so what. If the admin hired a coach like that they should keep a list of up and coming HCs in the Sun Belt and C-USA who they could quickly approach. Believe me if the program is winning and coaches are moving onto P5 conference jobs you will have plenty of good candidates lining up. Todd Bowles is intriguing imagine that hiring a Temple guy, nah wouldn’t have the loyalty like Rhule. I hope after the team gets smoked next week by Army who put up 50 points on EMU, her who used to be their DC, and there are like 5000 people in the stands for the Basement Bowl, they will realize changes need to be made and this program turned around ASAP, next season

  4. Thirty-four (34) comments by JD in last four posts. Should we be sending Pay Pal donations to him as well?

  5. Didn’t know anyone had the free time to count. Obviously, Rudy does.

    • He when you online in your parents basement like Rudy, all the time in the world. Best part is he has time to count but never has time to ever really say anything. That’s 35 Rudy

  6. Don’t be too hard on him, JD, hard to defend 0-6 and losing to Fordham and Idaho.

  7. I know I am way in the minority but need to give Coach Rhule another year. Made mistakes with coordinators – especially on D. Good recruiting class coming in. Second year – PJ Walker and new players all should lead a turnaround.

    • Tim, I think another year for Rhule depends a lot on these last 6 games. The team can’t go 0 for 3 against Army, which looks like it will be tough, UConn and Memphis. If Temple can’t at least go 2 for 3 against those 3 teams and ends up 0-12, one I don’t think that recruiting class stays intact and two I don’t see how that shows Rhule is building a system. At this point if the team could at least end the season with a 2 game winning streak, new OC and DC are brought in, then I think you give Rhule one more year but the pressure clearly needs to be put on him that anything less than at least 5 or 6 wins is unacceptable

    • Daz/Heater lost at home to Cincinnati 34-10, so Rhule/Snow performed better on the road with a bunch of underclassman 38-20 against a fired up team dedicating the game to their fallen freshman lineman.

  8. P.J. and the players will have to lead the turnaround under a new coach. Any coach worth his Lee Saltz would have beaten Fordham 51-14 and Idaho 36-6 with this current level of Temple talent. Now I really don’t see this team beating Army, a team we beat, 63-32, last year with 90 percent of the same players. That will be all on these coaches.

  9. and I’m not buying the “we have to keep him to keep the recruits” comment. We had three de-commit after Fordham and after an 0-12 season, the coaches recruiting against us will say “don’t go there, that guy can’t coach.”

  10. The recruiting class some had raked as fortieth in the country is no more. No kid wants to be associated with a loser and that is what TU currently is. I’d like to have the phone fees from the calls being made by other schools to our recruits in an effort to get them to de-commit.

  11. I’m completely disgusted about how far this program has fallen since 2011 and it’s not all Daz’s fault, as much as we all dislike Daz, have to give him credit for recruiting the No. 55 class in America, one of whom, who would probably be a potentially field-position-changing kickoff and punt returner, is being redshirted this year. (That’s a better class, BTW, than ALL of Golden’s and Rhule’s classes.)

  12. it get worse…, my neighbor’s son called one of our “prized recruits”. news is the de-commit number is now at 7 and counting.., our DB coach admitted he has already been told to expect major staff changes.., our asst coaches have basically stopped recruiting

  13. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I do know that “real” universities do not allow their football team to go 0-12 without major consequences and, if Army wins Saturday, 0-12 is just where we are headed.

  14. should be on Scout.com.., supposedly this all happened after the recruits and families attended the Louisville game…, kicker here is Rhule extended the personal invite to attend the game…, why on earth would you invite “prized recruits” to a game against a top ranked team with expected lopsided results?

    • Because he doesn’t feel his job is in any jeopardy. A local high school player who lives 2 houses away and was being recruited by Temple, when I asked his father about coach Rhule, his impressions, etc did say one of the things Rhule said and was very confident about was that it would take a lot for him to get fired and he wasn’t going anywhere soon. I’m guessing this was to show how “stable” the program would be.

      • I don’t know how someone gets fired when they don’t have a boss. Seriously, no one is getting fired until we have a full-time AD.

  15. A growing number of recruits don’t give a rat’s ass about winning or losing at the college level. Top recruits want to start as freshmen, prepare for the NFL, and get drafted after their junior year. Temple is a perfect school for that strategy. Rhule is working that angle and is starting the next round of Mo Wilkersons, Terrence Knightlys, and Bernard (my hamstring hurts) Pierce.

    • Great news, UL. If they don’t care about winning, this should be our best recruiting class ever.

    • Humm, Urban if your theory is true then why would Davis and Funderbank decommits, as top ranked DBS Temple offers a great chance to start as freshman and get one step closer to the NFL

      • I think UL is half right and half wrong. I don’t think that most players care that much about winning championships. I mean if they get one great, if not it is no big loss. What recruits do care about is being on TV and promoting themselves for the next level. I don’t know about you but I don’t see many Temple highlights on SportsCenter.

  16. Hey UL do we really want kids on the team who don’t care about winning? Wow, can you imagine a team filled with kids who put themselves first and above the team? who don’t care about their university and who don’t care about winning and losing? not sure i would pay to see that kind of team.., Rhule must go now if that is his angle

    • An NFL-bound player’s goal is to stay healthy, get drafted, and make money. The rumor is that Jadeveon Clowney is faking injury at Spurrier’s USC. Who would blame a top-pick player for wanting to avoid a carrier-ending injury playing for a sheepskin. I would think that players who are further down on the draft charts would want to win and make plays.

      • The thing is SEC teams can have a couple of those players and still win because the overall talent level is so high. At Temple’s level we need to find the kids with a chip on their shoulder who were overlooked by the big programs and want to give there all. Those kids have something to prove and want to win now.

  17. I thought that might be the mindset of our DBs.

  18. New commit today:
    College ChoicesScouting ReportLatest NewsStats
    Rivals Rating2 stars
    Rivals Rating 5.4 About
    Jamel Jackson

    Cocoa, Florida
    View Map
    Wt:175 lbs
    Class:2014 (High School)
    School Interest Offer Visit Recruited by
    Temple COMMITTED (10/13/2013) Offered None Francis Brown

    • There will be plenty of scholarships available for this kid based on the likely number of de commits. I haven’t been posting lately because I’ve largely given up on owls football. MR is an epic disaster who couldn’t win if he coached at the high school level.

      I hope to god the administration takes a mulligan on this hire and goes with a proven winner at D 1 level. This guy is the Sarah palin of football coaches (I saw Al Golden win when he was here so I’m qualified to be a D1 coach…I’m wrong about everything, no problem I’ll just keep saying it until it’s true… I’ll surround myself with my uninformed flunkies). Although MR does seem like a nicer person it’s time for him to move along.

    • Funderburk de-committed back on September 1st to play for a BCS school. Anthony David bailed on Sept.5th for a BCS team. No doubt the losses to ND and Houston played a role. They were lukewarm from the start.

  19. yep, back to the future… we have lost/losing all of our four and three star commits… so we are back to fielding teams made up of two stars competing against teams with better on field talent and FAR BETTER on field coaching. we are 0-12, with the very likely prospect of being 0-12 as long as we play football. everyone is getting better (even Army!) and we are getting worse.
    “who has it better than we do? EVERYBODY”

    • KJ, look at the bright side. By the second year in the MAC Temple was playing well, by the third year in the conference making a bowl game and that was with 2 star and the occasional 3 start recruit. By next season the AAC at it’s best will be nothing more than the MAC+, so there may be some reason for optimism going forward.

      • Temple never won the MAC. I know there are the conspiracy theories about the old MAC establishment not wanting Temple to win, but if we were really that good why weren’t we dominating MAC teams? Temple keeps making really stupid moves with football and like I have brought up before that is also hurting basketball which should have been the priority. Temple is going to be hurting for a long time.

      • Completely agree with CS.

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