The New Run Game Coordinator

Miami Dolphins 2010 Headshots

George DeLeone  poses for his 2010 NFL headshot. (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)


In a slow news month for Temple football, arguably the biggest news in February for the Owls was the addition of George DeLeone as run game coordinator. That was a position in college football that didn’t exist 20 years ago, but a quick google search indicates that there are plenty of current RGCs.



DeLeone, a former offensive coordinator at Temple, is a good person to be the first Temple football RGC in history.

When Al Golden hired DeLeone to be OC, I thought it was an ingenious move for a couple of reasons. First, Al was the youngest head coach in college football at the time, 35, and it does not help a young head coach to have an “old head” around to guide him through some of the rough spots.

Nothing was rougher than the tail end of the 20-game losing streak, but DeLeone was as responsible as anybody for it coming to a sweet end. In a 28-14 win over a Bowling Green team that had dropped 140 points combined on the Owls in consecutive seasons, the key play was a flea-flicker. Quarterback Adam DiMichele handed off to halfback Tim Brown, who pitched the ball back to DiMichele, who found a streaking Travis Sheldon for an easy touchdown. Mix in a Sheldon kickoff return and, wala, the streak was over.

DeLeone, I assume, is doing some diligent film study. If he does, he’s got to like the fact that Jager Gardner has the biggest upside in the running game and moving Jahad Thomas from tailback to the slot has to be intriguing. A guy just like Thomas, Jalen Fitzpatrick, caught a game-tying touchdown pass against DeLeone’s UConn team in 2012. Gardner could be the AAC’s most dominating back in 2016 if he is able to establish a rhythm.

Plus, there is always the flea-flicker.

I sincerely hope that DeLeone injects some of that same innovation to the Temple offense this fall.


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15 thoughts on “The New Run Game Coordinator

  1. I hope the RB and OL play like da lions.

  2. Mike if the new coaches know their stuff they will see that Thomas was no the same runner after the ND professional defense chewed him up. It therefore is essential that the kid is not pounded 30 times a game so he’s fresh for the end of the season when the games matter. The coaches smartened up after the 2014 season and I expect similar progress this season.

    • I was looking at the numbers today. They are stark. First six games, Thomas over 100 yards 4 times (including 193 vs. Cincy and 199 vs. UCF); last 8 … one (1) time (UConn) and a whopping 5 yards on 8 carries in the bowl game. Those numbers scream position change.

  3. Owls playing Army under the lights Friday night of Labor Day week-end. No better way to begin the holiday.

    • Thursday night would be ideal, but the Eagles are hosting the Jets that night. Friday is the second best option because those so inclined (who don’t drink) can hop in the car and head to the shore to enjoy Sat, Sun and Mon. Don’t understand the negative blowback this change is getting on social media.

      • All for this move. Get to see the Owls Friday night and then either go away or watch the many games on tv the next day. That’s one of the downsides to Saturday home games-you miss so many games. On top of that it could be ninety degrees. The Linc is a horrendous place for much of the stadium on a hot sunny day as the Navy game showed two seasons ago.

  4. no black helmets or unis this year please, especially in Sept./Oct. when it can be hot in Philly.

    • Speaking of that, several years ago we were on the opposite sideline at the Linc where players (and home fans) were in the shade. Since then, we get baked in the sun every September home game.

      What lead to the sideline change? Seems to make more sense to keep our team in the shade and make the opponents suffer with the sun.

      • actually, it’s a good reason, chris. the tv cameras shoot into the sunny side and, before the switch, they were shooting into entire empty sections giving the impression that Temple football was a failed product. Now, they shoot into mostly full sections. Perception can be reality. Until we get a new stadium, fans will have to put up with the sun.

  5. DeLeone should help with blocking schemes, techniques and fundamentals…, think he’ll bring some fresh ideas about creating passing lanes for PJ after spending time pulling his hair out with Manziel….,

    plus the OL needed a change of coaching style, he’ll help these guys make it to the next level

    • I see Pravda is setting the expectations low, expecting us to lose to USF. Big difference this year is USF is a home game. There was a wider talent differential between Daz’s 2012 team and USF’s 2012 team and the Owls were able to win that one, 37-28. We have to figure out a way to stop these mobile qbs and the 5-2 with 2 fast DEs is the way to do that. If we sit back and let these guys pick us apart like we did last year, we’ll lose. Got to change up the defensive game plan. Attack, attack, attack.

      • And perform your assignment and not try to be a hero. That means if your assignment is the qb don’t go for the back and allow the qb to escape. That happened at least five times last year and really hurt the Owls.

      • funny you should say that, just watched the PSU game again on YouTube today.., attacking the QB is the way to nirvana….,

      • Houston beat FSU and so can USF at Raymond James in Tampa.., both teams at 7-0 at the Linc and Temple will win at home to start the season at 8-0…., only cause for worry is our notoriously slow starts in the first quarter of home games…,

        PJ has to play with swagger, and the offense must finish higher then the 7th ranked unit in the AAC.., the offense still finished as the 7th ranked rushing unit in spite of JT’s great season..,

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