Tennessee Tech’s Season Could Provide Useful Clues


Normally, the only football team Temple fans follow in Tennessee is conference rival Memphis.

Now, there are at least a couple of good reasons to follow another one: Tennessee Tech and it is not strictly because at least two former high-profile Temple football assistants are on the staff, and one is head coach Marcus Satterfield.

There are a couple of interesting subplots involved here because Satterfield was a wide-open spread guy who wanted to put five wide receivers on the field every time he could. Head coach Matt Rhule reined him in with a more conventional approach this season, emphasizing the run game. I always had that feeling that Satterfield would send five wides out every time Rhule would turn his back to talk to the defense but, fortunately, that didn’t happen.


If Satterfield spreads the ball all over the place for TT, we will know that there was a basic difference in offensive philosophy between Rhule and his former coordinator. Since the TT games are not on TV, we will try to judge that by YouTube. Maybe the Golden Eagles will have the “Dog Stare” offense. Geez, I hope Temple streamlines that out of the playbook.

Another subplot is the appearance of Tyree Foreman as running backs coach for Satterfield. Foreman and Temple had a parting of the ways two years ago and the rumor was that Rhule fired him. Now he’s back with Satterfield, who obviously had a difference of opinion.

We will find out a lot about what happened at Temple the last couple of years by looking at the way TT runs things. Either way, good luck to Marcus in whatever he does. The feeling here is that, for Temple at least, the addition by subtraction will be noticeable.

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8 thoughts on “Tennessee Tech’s Season Could Provide Useful Clues

  1. Satterfield has stated he wants to huddle every down and run the football.., interesting Foreman stays as a RB coach and does not move up to OC….,

    all of the that is in the rear view mirror….,

    what counts now.. Is Thomas a step up, more of the same, or a step down? the answer to that question will have much more to say about Satterfield…..,

    Temple does not have ‘that’ guy on offense the opposing team must take away in order to beat Temple.., our offense must be fundamentally sound, balanced, limit turnovers, and our QB MUST play like a four-year starter..,

    moving up from 7th to one of the top three most productive offenses in the conference is not the goal., it is the necessary means to achieving one or more of the Big 3 – conference championship, bowl WIN, and Top 25 finish..,

    last year proved that a great defense will only take you so far, and get worn out because a less than average offense keeps them on the field too long..,

    Satterfield was the OC for a less than average offense, fact and enough said

  2. This is the year P.J. Walker graduates from freshman sensation to sophomore victim of coaching malfeasance to junior game manager to senior superstar quarterback that opposing defenses will have to stop. I really believe that’s the progression. We will know for sure in eight months. P.J. has all the tools.

  3. I agree on your assessment of PJ’s development. I think Satterfield was a blocker and at best serviceable in his role as OC. Thomas should be a step up since he’s early in his career and likely will be more malleable for Matt.

    I also think having a balanced offense, assuming it results from a talented group of receivers that elevates the attack rather than seeing a regression across skill positions, is a good thing. I think one of the most important roles will be that of the deep threat that can spread the field and open things up in the box. Regardless of what our backfield looks like we’re going to need to keep teams honest next year and give the still developing O-line a chance.

  4. Owls have two guys that need to be stopped and maybe a third in Patton. That’s the case if the coaches devise schemes to put them in the best position to succeed. Thomas would excel at slot and if he’s used there, it would open up Patton and the other receivers because Patton and Thomas can’t be covered one on one by a linebacker.

    • yes, he could open things up for the two tight ends and 2015 scout team MVP, 4.3 sprinter Cortrelle Simpson, who I hope/think is a Sweet Fleet Lucear type. The Owls have too many similar type (tall guys who are good red zone targets but don’t stretch the field) receivers in Romond DeLoatch, Keith Kirkwood, Ventell Bryant, etc. I like guys who P.J. can put the ball up to deep and they can outrun everybody. Fitzpatrick was a little like that. Simpson and Thomas could be a lot like that.

      • Don’t forget the freshman running back from Imhotep. He has legitimate 4.4 speed. would be a legitimate change of pace guy for the two horses Gardner and Armstead. Could have Mr. Inside-Mr. Outside kind of thing going on-jet sweeps and like with Simpson as well. Hope the coaches have the imagination to adopt all of this and don’t get bogged down in the process.

  5. I think because he had a broken ankle in December the plan is to redshirt him and unveil Anthony Russo and him in 2017. Hopefully, we will have impact players all over the place by then.

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