Stadium Funding: The Other 99 Percent


Bernie Sanders’ HQ are inside the doors at the corner of 10th and Diamond.

When it comes to funding the new stadium, Temple University has done relatively well with the 1 percent, getting roughly $26 million from donors who rate near the top one percent of wage earners who currently are alumni.

It’s the other 99 percent that have not been mined yet, so the inspiration for that might be literally across the street from Temple football’s current headquarters.

Without getting into the specifics of politics, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders—who is speaking at the Liacouras Center on Wednesday night–has opened his Pennsylvania North Philadelphia campaign headquarters at 1000 Diamond Street, directly across the street from the Edberg-Olson complex. If the stadium fund-raisers take a page from Bernie’s fund-raising book, here is what they could do to grab the remaining private funding:

Set up a GoFundMe account and email every single Temple grad. The pitch could be something like this: “We’ve raised several seven-figure donations, but we want every Temple grad to feel like they are a part of this so, like Bernie, we are asking for $27 from each of you. Twenty-seven dollars, not 1 million or even $100,000. We want to start a stadium funding revolution.”

Link the GoFundMe site through the university’s main site and away we go.

Hopefully, the Temple fans respond a little better than they did with the private GoFundMe site for Matt Rhule’s Jetpack which was put up after the Penn State game and has raised $0 dollars so far.

That site was supposed to be a joke, but a similar site for a stadium could be genius.

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19 thoughts on “Stadium Funding: The Other 99 Percent

  1. very nice Mike, crowd funding is like fracking for oil with no limit insight.., yes Temple needs the support of the high rollers and big ballers.., Temple Athletics also needs a consistent donor revenue stream generated by the 300,000 strong alumni community ..,

    does anyone doubt the power of crowd funding? Telsa just raised a billion dollars in less than 24 hours from a 15 minute YouTube video

    • Look at Bernie … raised more money than Hillary with mostly $27 donations and Hillary had the deep pocketed backers. There is going to be a gap. What they have raised so far won’t close it. Creative thinking like asking for small donations, selling bricks and corporate naming rights can both close the gap and surpass it (making for better stadium amenities).

  2. Sell bricks with donors names inscribed for 100 to 200 dollars (to be installed in a walkway somewhere around the stadium). It was done for the Apollo at Temple Arena (AKA the Liocouras Center). I did that back then. Probably won’t for a new stadium (I’m ambivalent about a campus stadium) unless it is truly funded thru private donations – no taxpayer money or increases on student’s tuition/fees. I started doing it for the new Tyler School of Art building but for some reason that funding program fizzled out.

  3. Temple can have a whine-athon and raise another $100 million for every negative post about Fran Dunphy and the AAC Champion Men’s BB team on Pravda.

    • Amen. I wonder if they will be wanting him back in 2022 when McKie goes 15-18, 14-19, 13-20. Be careful what you wish for. The Bruce Arians’ Story is a cautionary tale.

      • the folks on Pravda are on dope…, they have lost, or never had, the ability to reason.., the best thing about beating your head against the wall is that it feels so good when you stop…., self-licking ice cream cones are only good for diabetes and dentists

  4. Pravda is Zombie-like and Stepford-like. If I had a dollar for every post over there that says, “who am I to question Matt Rhule?” or “With their track record, I trust the staff. …” … or “…that was weird, but I trust this process…” I would have $127 million and enough to finance the stadium myself. I must’ve missed all the AAC Coach of the Year trophies in the case on my last visit to the EO. Yet we have a two-time winner on the other side of campus and these same people treat him like he’s Don Casey or Ron Dickerson. Ugh.

    • BB and football are coming from different places and the BB people only remember the good years under Chaney and forget his last five seasons and that he only got past the second round in the NCAA three times. Re football, even the little success the team had under Daz and Coach Rhule his second season was over rated by y fans because of the decades of mediocrity. As far as Dunphy is concerned, his only fault is not getting highly rated recruits, which puts a ceiling on how far the team can go in the post-season. His teams always get better as the season progresses and they usually overachieve. Moreover, he’s succeeding in a much tougher league than the A-10. Losing Brunson was a big loss because that kid will be tormenting TU for at least another year. I don’t know what the answer is and apparently neither does Dunphy when it comes to recruiting. He is who he is, which means that he’s sincere and honest and low key, unlike many BB coaches and Matt Rhule, who is a font of enthusiasm. Kids just don’t find winning without sizzle all that attractive today.

      • Chaney finished up with five-straight NITs and then Dunphy came in and got in 6 of the next 7 ncaas. Huge difference, but the Dunphy-haters seem to have selective amnesia when it comes to those five years and think we went straight from five Elite 8s to losing in the first round of the NCAAs. This year, we were an outrageous pushoff from Obi shooting 2 in OT with 0.8 seconds left to win the game. Dunphy’s fault, obviously.

  5. If people on this board do not agree that our basketball program is treading water, then you folks are in denial. Villanova a small non p-5 catholic college with no NBA first round draft picks on their roster and they won an NCAA Championship, Let that sink in and you can see how far away we are. Wright has been cleaning Dunphy’s clock in regards to recruitment for years. The basketball team has reached its ceiling with Dunphy at the helm. He is a 67 year old coach who just doesn’t recruit the caliber players needed to be a force on the national level. As for Chaney, you are right the last five years were not good, like Dunphy today he was way too old to connect with 18 year olds. Unlike Dunphy who is 2-7 and NCAA tourney with Temple, Chaney went to 5 elite eights during his tenure so I’d cut him some slack. Dunphy is average, the product he puts out is average and there is no excitement on campus about the basketball program. These are facts that cannot be disputed.

    • Exactly! Nova made a tough call years ago when their head coach, Lappas, was in a very similar spot as Dunph. The program was on the bubble every year with a nice guy HC, but nova decided not to settle. They had every reason to explain away why it was too hard to compete in the modern era, etc but instead held themselves to a higher standard. I’d like to see our admin take a similar approach.

    • We are not in denial. We get it: many fans want a different coach. Got it. The difference is we don’t obsess, whine and rant over and over and over and over and over… If you think it is okay to ruminate constantly about Dunphy and Chaney, then somebody else is in denial.

    • Get the Fordham film out, give it to George DeLeone and Glenn Thomas–who were not here–and have them write a report on what the Rams did to Phil Snow (who was here) with recommendations to counter it next time. Snow could probably use the fresh perspective.

    • Hurry up offenses are a gamble, and a good defensive coordinator will have the team ready. None of that ‘we worry about ourselves’ mantra. know your enemy.

      Fordham was full of seniors the year they Hail Mary’d Temple. Temple played a lot of freshman and couldn’t by an extra point or FG. There was no clock cleaning, just a scrappy win by a better team.

      • Losing to Fordham at any time is a clock cleaning in my book especially because Fordham had 520 yards in total offense and TU had 385. There was no excuse for that loss that day or any day so don’t soft pedal it. The only scrappy, or should I say crappy, team on that field was TU. The bottom line is that the coaches were not ready for the game. If they don’t get ready for PSU, PSU will have 700 yards in offense.

      • It is not humanly possible for Fordham to have more talent than Temple. AG and SA had several top-ranked (or near top-ranked) recruiting classes in the MAC leading up to that game. The Patriot League did not even offer football scholarships until 2011. It is humanly possible for Fordham to have a better coaching staff than Temple and that proved to be the case that day.

      • I’ve been an Owls fan since the late seventies and that Fordham game was one of the worst losses I can remember. I flew in from California and took my nephews to that game, in part because I thought it was a slam dunk. We were thoroughly out coached and out hustled in that game.

        I’ve read a lot of postings where people seem too indicate we should beat PSU this year. I’d feel better if they had that statue Hackenburg back their with their old OC. this year the Owls will be very lucky to win this game.

  6. I think “very lucky” is a bit of an overstatement. The game two years ago was relatively close (20-13 in the fourth quarter) and the 2016 Temple is WAY better than the 2014 Temple. Hackenberg, as bad as he looked against Temple, was a starter for a reason last year and that reason was that the PSU staff felt he was a far superior option to their backup. P.J. Walker is a four-year starter. Temple has a huge advantage in the most important position on the field, a returning RB who had 1,273 yards and 17 touchdowns and a defense that has three starting LBs returning and solid depth along the front. I don”t think PSU has the passing game to hurt us. We have one that could hurt them.

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