5 Questions That Need To Be Answered


Jahad Thomas looks good catching the ball.

After every spring practice, Temple head football coach Matt Rhule gets approached by reporters asking him a battery of questions. They are usually informative ones, like listing the injured and the players who look good so far. You know Pravda is going in there lobbing up softballs, and that’s been their modus operandi since Rhule was hired in 2012 so that is probably not going to change. On the other hand, Temple video person Morgyn Seigfried needs to be given props for asking some of the best questions that can be seen every day on the Temple video site. Still, there have been a number of tough questions that have not been asked and need to be answered, so hopefully Seigfried or someone like Marc Narducci will get around to asking these five before the April 16 spring game.


Look at the Temple fans in Houston.

  1. Will The ‘Dog Stare Offense’ Be Scrapped?

In the 24-13 loss at Houston in the AAC championship game, the Owls wasted 20-25 seconds on every play looking over to the sidelines for a call in the fourth quarter. Down 11 points with 7:18 left, the Owls needed to conserve every second of time but they instead gave a clinic on how to waste it. How is this problem being addressed?


Ryquell Armstead.

  1. What Is Up With The Run Game?

The Owls have added former offensive coordinator George DeLeone as their “run game” coordinator, the first-ever coach in the program to be designated as such. Why did Rhule feel the need to hire a run game coordinator and how does he mesh with new OC Glenn Thomas?


  1. What Is The Plan For Karamo Dioubate?

On the day Temple got a signature from incoming four-star defensive lineman Karamo Dioubate, he was offered by Alabama. Is the plan to play Dioubate inside, where he is needed, or outside, where there is an overabundance of talent?


Jahad  Thomas

  1. Will Greg Webb Be Eligible?

Greg Webb, a four-star defensive tackle who originally signed at North Carolina, and could not academically qualify there or at Temple last year. Will he be eligible to play in the fall? If so, he is an immediate impact starter and could lessen the blow of losing Matt Ioannidis.


  1. Could Jahad Thomas Be Moved?

It’s no secret explosive running back Jahad Thomas, who is only 5-10, 170, wore down at the end of last season. Of his six 100-yard games, four were in the first seven games. Is there any possibility of moving Thomas to the slot and making room for Ryquell Armstead at running back?

Saturday: Who Is Marshall Ellick?

16 thoughts on “5 Questions That Need To Be Answered

  1. We’ve got to replace some serious talent on defense in the form of TY, MI and TM. We certainly have young guys with potential but to expect them, even perennial freshman Webb, to step in seamlessly is an unfair ask. I think Phil Snow has a lot of talent to work with but he’ll need to earn his salary big time this season especially against PSU given their new OC.

    On the offensive side we do indeed need to pace Thomas’ workload. He could be a very effective Brian Westbrook type but for that to work the sideline stare needs to go away. Additionally, Thomas is a four year starter with a playlist on his wrist that reads like ‘war and peace’. I’ve gotta believe he can figure out what plays to call.

    • I think the talents of TY, MI, and TM can be replaced, but not their leadership. JT and PJW can probably improve their verbal leadership skills: identify who needs help and encourage and guide them. On the OL, who will step up and be the leader? DD? CT? BM? On the defensive side, I am not sure who will step up. Any ideas? PMO? NS?

      • Already, the three senior returning starters at linebacker, two of them single digit guys, Avery Williams and Stephaun Marshall, have stepped up. The other guy, Alwan, said “our chemistry is ridiculous.” I take that as good, not bad. Sort of like “that’s a sick shot.”

  2. 1. Rhule wants JT to have 20 carries each game, he ain’t moving..,

    2. Don’t count on Webb to make an impact…, DT will be an issue all year.., the lack of physical size can’t be understated.., MI and HW took up a lot of space which allowed our LBs to make plays.., now our DTs are smaller than 80% of the OGs in the AAC, that was not the case last year…, stopping the run will be an issue…, the quickness advantage runs out in the 4th quarter

    3. The four stars Temple has landed recently have not done well, to say the least.., think Dioubate will probably redshirt

    4. The run game is more about the OL moving guys off the ball than it is about the RBs.., look for new blocking schemes, more traps and counters in 2016

    5. The dog stare will be replaced with a puppy glance.., PJ is more confident and Thomas is more decisive

    • Webb was an All-American JUCO player. He will have an impact. It’s not like he’s coming straight from Imhotep. Biggest concern for him is getting him on the field. From a talent standpoint (speed, strength, vertical) is certainly has everything Matt Ioannidis had. Does he have Ioannidis’ will? We shall soon see. Hopefully, they give him RA’s course load.

    • Replacing the leadership and productivity of the starters lost on defense. Tavon Young was somewhat under appreciated as a shutdown corner with attitude and the productivity of TM won’t be replaced by a single player. If we’re able to get perennial freshman recruit Webb on the field with Diaboute that certainly could help wreak some havoc up front. As evidenced with PJW if it’s in the team’s immediately interests Rhule will burn that redshirt. Ali will have a lot to learn as a first year starter at corner but given how far off the ball his position plays and the fact the guy has speed to burn he should be ok as he learns the ropes.

      The offense, especially the line, is where the Owls need to step up and define the pace of the game. I think we’re in a good place at our skill positions but the line needs to answer a few questions regarding their composition. I think it would also behoove us to find a burner who can keep defenses honest. Without Robbie Anderson it may be tough to get teams to respect our quick strike threats.

      • the two Ls, leadership and line play…, both the OL and DL need to show up and play well.., the DL is concerning.., lack of size at the DT spot is a real issue…, the guards in the AAC are huge, and bigger than our DTs, that was not the case last year., it really makes a difference in the 4th quarter as teams will start to lean on our undersized DTs.,

        Kyle Friend, TM, MI, TY were leaders on and off the field…, Dawkins is the guy who must take charge of the OL and become one the team leaders.., McGowan is injury prone and will not play in every game… if Dawkins get voted a team captain position the OL will be in good shape…,

        on defense Finch and Praise need to step up their leadership attributes

      • No guards will be bigger than our DTs if our DTs are named Karamo Dioubate and Greg Webb and Averee Robinson. I know ARob is ready for a big year. I just hope those other two guys are, both on the field and in the classroom.

    • Thomas is the most explosive player we have on the field, why would you want to make him a full-time slot receiver where his touches will be diminshed? I could see giving him 15 touches at rb and put him in the slot for an additional 5 catches and also use him as a decoy in the slot. As for Webb, he is a beast and originally signed with North Carolina and he can be a dominate player. His problem isn’t ability, it’s keeping him in school. No way Dioubate redshirts especially if our DTs are as thin as you say. I think the Oline has been a deficiency area throughout Rhule’s tenure and needs the most attention.

      • because it’s obvious JT doesn’t have the body (5-10, 170) to be a full-time back. Six 100-yard games, all in the first half of the season. Not good. I would give Jager Gardner (6-2, 205) a shot. Jahad’s senior year in high school: 885 yards, 15 tds; Jager’s=36 touchdowns, 2,776 yards. Unless New Jersey football is 3x better than North Carolina football, the numbers don’t lie.

      • Not disagreeing that JT wore down, just saying if you move him out full-time you take the most explosive player who is capable of the home run threat out of the backfield for a role as slot receiver where his touches diminish substantially. I think you will see Gardner and Armstead get a lot more touches next year but JT is going to get at least 15 carries per game.

      • Matt Rhule said Armstead is ready to start and I think that’s just what will happen; we’ll have an explosive talent in the backfield and another one (JT) in the slot. Too much for defenses to cover. At least that’s the hope.

  3. MI and HW accounted for 75 tackles last year…, the other DTs were not even in the same paragraph.., Snow will need a new scheme to offset the lack of size (height and weight) and loss of productivity…,

    think the new OL coach will do more traps and counters, and the 2016 DL will do more slants…,

    we don’t have last year’s size up front at DT…,

    short guys wear out in the 4th quarter…

  4. I see the “half is glass empty” KJ is back in full effect.

    • ok, how do you interpret the facts?

      just as an example the 2016 USF starting OGs average 6’5″/310.., and look at the other AAC OLs on the schedule this year…,

      HW and MI played at 6’4″/315 and 6’4″/300 respectively…., they were just as big and just as strong, and didn’t get pushed around in the second half (75 tackles between the two of them)

      the Temple 2016 DTs will average 6’1″/290.., they are not as big and will get pushed around in the 4th quarter….,

      given a choice at DT would you want guys who are 6’4″/315 or 6’1″/290?

      girth in the middle does make a difference.., not sure how anyone can effectively argue that is doesn’t

  5. If we have to shift a lot of former DEs inside (like Julian Taylor and Michael Dogbe), we’re going to be in trouble. If we can get Arob, Freddy Booth-Lloyd, Greg Webb and Karamo Dioubatte on the field, we will have plenty of girth in the middle.

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