First Game Week Of Season


When you roughly have only a dozen games per season (and hopefully a couple more this one), it is more than OK to count the Cherry and White Game as one.

It is and it isn’t.

The great Paul Palmer—in my mind, the greatest Temple football player of my lifetime—messaged me a couple of days ago and said he did not play in a single Cherry and White game, so take this game for what little it is worth.

The actual game itself is not as important as getting Temple fans together. In my mind, Temple fans are the greatest fans in the country. You know, the few, the proud, the Marines? That’s Temple fans. It takes a leather neck and a leather heart to be one as I have been for nearly 40 years now. It’s easy to be a fan of Alabama. That team goes to a bowl every year. Try being a fan of a team which wins a bowl once every 32 years.

That’s hard.

So getting together with the guys who have been through these wars will be a special reunion. It is never near the absolute heroes who were getting shot at on Wake Island or Iwo Jima, but the verbal insults hurled by Fordham fans (“Temple sucks”) hurt in their own small way nonetheless.

I will admit that the Temple sucks from lowly Fordham probably was the low point.

Temple doesn’t suck anymore and let’s keep it that way.

If anything, Cherry and White represents hope for the future and the one game where there is a metaphysical certainly that no one will yell “Temple sucks” after it is over.

Wednesday: Practice Concerns

16 thoughts on “First Game Week Of Season

  1. Off topic, but no comment on games scheduled in a couple years with Buffalo?

    • A reliable source told me that TU has improved to the point where P-5 teams don’t want to play them because there’s a chance those teams might lose. Over the next several years the P-5 is going to slowly wean its schedules of G-5 schools, especially the better ones. That’s why TU has to get into one of those leagues even if it means having road games more than half way across the country.

      • I have to laugh at those people who say “don’t accept an invite from the Big 12; let’s wait for the ACC” .. that’s like me saying in the 1970s, “geez, Cheryl Tiegs looks so good on the cover of SI that I’ll wait to marry her and won’t accept proposals from anyone else.” Cheryl hasn’t proposed yet, and I don’t think one is coming from the ACC. Christie Brinkley (Big 12) may have aged a little, but if UConn, Houston, Memphis and Cincy leave we’ve suddenly gone from Jen Anniston to Rosie O’Donnell.

    • that’s a topic for after c and w that we will be delving into, but Buffalo is a FBS school and those should be the only ones who play us in the future. I can see Nova because that brings our attendance average up, and maybe Delaware, for the same reasons but playing Bucknell, Stony Brook and Delaware State makes so little sense it borders on insanity.

      • If those teams leave, the Owls will be worse off than when they were in the MAC for football and A-10 for everything else. The MAC will not take TU back unless it agrees to join for every sport. That seems to be their new policy given how they dealt with Umass.

  2. and that is probably why UMass will be going back to FCS. If Uconn, or cincy don’t go P5, they are blocked from the aac and I hope the aac never gives them a lifeline.

  3. Interesting Coach Rhule press conference today. He conceded that he took the bowl game too lightly and that next season, if they go to a bowl, it won’t be treated as a vacation. (Psst Mike. ACC altho it was clear what you meant).

    • no, i meant aac and umass … don’t want temple to be in the same league as umass in football. otherwise, great Intel on the bowl situation. that”s exactly what we’ve been writing word for word since Toledo. Nice to know “Matt” figured that out for himself. Or did he? 🙂 to a program that wins 1 bowl game every 32 years, a bowl game should be a crusade, not a vacation. Next time, bring the lances and the horses and body armor and leave the sunscreen and the beach balls at home.

      • Sorry. Thought you were referring to Cincy and UConn by the use of the word “they” especially since rumor has it that UConn is being barred from becoming a member of the ACC.

      • I find it interesting that UConn hoop fans are blaming football for being “stuck” in the AAC. Seems like at least half of them on Boneyard would not mind Uconn dropping football if they can join former rival Nova in the Big East. They seem to have given up on the P5.

    • it funny, we see things and comment while Pravda stays in denial until MR says basically the same thing we said weeks or months later….,

      • Pravda is definitely worth the $10 bucks a month for the comic relief. We lose to a MAC team in a bowl game–the ultimate nightmare for me–and there is no (zero, none, zilch) criticism of the coaching staff, game plan, preparation week, by the two editors over there and the Zombies follow with “tough loss, great season, so thankful to coach Rhule.” It’s like la-la land over there.

  4. For ACC, no love lost between UConn and BC, so UConn probably blocked. And I’m sure the basketball coaches in the ACC, men and women, wouldn’t be thrilled to have them either.

    For Owls and ACC, remember Pitt kept TU out of Big East years back. Would Pitt continue that thinking if voting for new members?

    Seems then that Big 12 is the easy path to P-5’ville. But then, UConn, Memphis, UC also in running. Would Big 12 go to 14 teams????

    Some history could repeat. My HS track coach was former TU football coach Al Kawal. The original Coach K related to me when interviewing for the job, he took a look at the schedule and noted one of the first games he had was against Texas.

    Saw speculation elsewhere about Texas, OU, OKSt and TxTech could be vacating Big 12 for greener (more ways than one) pastures….SEC, PAC… as P-5’s probably will grow to 16 teams in the next ten years. ACC could feel that urge to grow as well, and ND may have to join them if something is negotiated regarding NBC contract. More teams in leagues means another conference game to play, so one less option for ND to schedule games.

    • I think we’re in an extended holding pattern with no place to land for a long time (2-3 years at minimum). Would be great to get in the ACC and get on a once every three years basis with ND on the schedule.

  5. Mike: Agree with you on timing, but keep in mind, it only takes one league to start something and then the dominos begin to move. With Fox now bulking up their college football presence and needing games, it’s no longer a zero-sum situation with ABC/ESPN (plus SEC Network) and CBS (SEC and B1G Network) controlling the money.

  6. Must remember that the ACC exit fee is exorbitant. Doubt that any team will be leaving that conference any time soon.

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