Who Is Marshall Ellick?


Evidently, Marshall was a QB in high school but catches some passes at the 3-minute mark.

Every morning the local Allentown television station, WFMZ, throws a question in with its weather report and the one Tuesday morning was: Philadelphia is a one-day drive from what percent of the United States’ population?


Marshall Ellick last year.

The answer was 40 percent and the weather guy, Matt Broderick, made clear he did not mean one of those kind of 18-hour drives where you have to stick toothpicks in your eyes to keep from driving off the road, just a leisurely eight-hour or less one. It is one of those reasons Temple is in a prime position to be a football power, so close to so much talent and located in a transportation hub and world-class city like Philadelphia.

With so much of the population so close, it goes to figure that Temple will get its share of not only top talent inside that circle, but guys who are overlooked.

Redshirt sophomore Marshall Ellick might be one of those guys.

The same day Philadelphia was the answer to a trivia question on TV, Temple football head coach Matt Rhule noted that one of those guys within that drive, Marshall Ellick, from Richmond, Va., came out of nowhere to be a candidate for a starting wide receiver job.

Marshall Ellick?

There are not very many things that surprise me about Temple football, but I have to admit Marshall Ellick’s name being a candidate to start at wide receiver is one of the biggest camp surprises in recent years. According to the participation charts, Ellick, who wears No. 84 now (and wore No. 14 in last year’s spring game and No. 24 last fall), was in a few games on special teams and caught no passes.

This was surprising not just because of Ellick’s lack of recent playing time, but because there are so many other guys who apparently have a head start on him. Guys like Ventell Bryant, Romond Deloatch and Cortrelle Simpson.

He is 6-2, 205, ran a 4.5-40 in high school (maybe he’s faster now) and is a walk-on who has a chance, some say very good, to start. As far as stories go this spring, it’s hard to beat that and just a reminder to print out a program before you leave the house on April 16.

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7 thoughts on “Who Is Marshall Ellick?

  1. Pravda is reporting that Temple picked up a Pickett (QB, Jersey). As usual, the Stepfords are falling in line enthusiastically. Nobody is questioning why Temple is winning recruiting battles against the Monmouths, Toledos and Buffalos of the world and not against the Penn States, Marylands and Va. Techs.

    • It’s just under a year from signing day 2017. Pump the brakes.

      • and only 23 precious schollies left. just would like to see a more impressive list of solid offers for each of the remaining 23 recruits coming up. You would think our top 25 appearance would have given us more cache than monmouth, buffalo and texas state. I like this kid’s film and I trust the film.

  2. Kids rated 3* same as Russo and apparently performed well at elite-11 competition in Florida. While not as highly rated or recruited as Russo neither one has taken a snap at the college level.

    Let the competition at QB begin.

  3. Moses Malone was from down that way. Could he lead us into the promised land?

  4. These verbal commitments this far ahead of signing day aren’t worth the effort to have meaningful dialogue about. moving forward, it is going to very difficult to win many recruiting battles against p-5 schools. The resource differential $$$$ will become greater.

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