The Turner Field Solution


Georgia State will take over Turner Field  and configure it for football (below).

If you accept the premise, as I have, that this whole stadium deal will be long and dragged out, then it becomes acceptable to look at long-term stadium solutions that do not involve an on-campus facility.


Someone two weeks ago mentioned Chester and then Dave last week mentioned Camden and those are bad options, and not entirely because they are crime-ridden towns that start with the letter C.  There really are no good public transportation options that get fans from the campus to either Chester or Camden or get those same fans back to campus after a night game.

So both of those places are out, but if the Philadelphia Phillies were to do what the Atlanta Braves did—get rid of a perfectly good modern stadium for a more perfect and modern stadium—than a Citizens Bank Park reconfigured for football would be a perfect backup plan.

Georgia State is moving into Turner is not crazy to suggest that one day Temple might move into Citizens Bank Park because the Owls have transportation options there and it does offer the relative size range (42-45K) they are looking for. Plus, if they buy CBP, they could keep the concessions and the parking and still offer their fans a great game day experience. That all depends on the Phillies moving out, though, probably not likely.

Did anyone, though, see the Braves leaving Turner Field even seven years ago? Probably not.

Turner Field, a perfectly good modern stadium that was opened in 1996, will be abandoned by the Braves next season for a new $600 million stadium in Cobb County. It opened seven years before Citizens Bank Park opened and, just maybe, seven years down the road, the Phillies could be in the market for a new stadium—and maybe one of the affluent suburban counties will give the Phillies the same kind of sweetheart deal Cobb County gave the Braves.

With all of the red tape Temple has to face with an on-campus stadium, waiting seven years to take over CBP might not be the worst option of all.

Thursday: An Open Letter to Gov. Wolf


9 thoughts on “The Turner Field Solution

  1. Unlikely, I believe POTUS removed or is removing the possibility of government funds to subsidize stadiums. A philly suburb could provide tax benefits,but no stadium building funds.

    • Mike, that applies only to FEDERAL funds, not state or county (in the new Braves’ stadium, almost all from Cobb County, which is Atlanta’s version of Montco).

      • again, very unlikely that the Phillies leave CBP soon but city council could likely drag this Temple thing out 5-10 years. Or just tell Temple it is not going to happen.

      • Actually Braves moved to cobb was white flight, Liberty Media who owns the Braves commission a report that showed that the majority of the Braves, were what and from Cobb-Cherokee county, Cobb is more conservative than Montco and the Chair of the Cobb county that gave the Braves corporate welfare to move is in a runoff to keep his job, he came in second during the primaries.

  2. Horse long gone from the barn, but something like that using the Vet footprint may have been feasible. Ideal for Temple games and open air concerts and then maybe the Union could play there as well. Not using as much ground, some space could have been dedicated for parking.

  3. Using a former baseball stadium for football is the very definition of second rate team. Watching football games at a baseball stadium makes for a lot of bad seats and many fans very far from the field.

    Also, look at the price tag on the Atlanta project. Yes, a good bit of that is for entirely new building, but I would say that at least $100 million of that has to be the cost of the stadium and the renovations. It would be better to just stay at the Linc, pay the outrageous sums they are asking, and play in a purpose built football stadium.

    • Good points Chad but the best we will be able to do at the Linc is a half-empty stadium and a “meh” homefield advantage. At, say, CBP, we pretty close to fill the place and drown out the signals of the opposing QB, forcing him to use hand signals. I’d like to live to see Temple have a home-field advantage like that once.

    • Turner Field was the Olympic stadium and well be a good fit after reconfiguration. As it was for the Braves.

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