An Open Letter to Gov. Wolf


Dear Gov. Wolf,

Always good to hear from you, as the above letter proves, and I will have to check my calendar to see if I can make dinner.

In the time between breaking bread and now, though, I just wanted to throw out this idea for your consideration. This is one of those rare years that two of the three major Commonwealth of Pennsylvania universities, Temple and Pitt, are playing the other major Commonwealth team, Penn State, in football.

If Penn State beats Pitt on Sept. 10, as I suspect it will, please consider making the Sept. 17 game the first “Governor’s Cup” game. The winner of that game gets a nice trophy, probably donated for free by a place like Spikes in Philadelphia, and you get to present it afterward. This has worked in the past at a smaller level, where the “Mayor’s Cup” went to the winner of the Temple vs. Villanova football game. There is talk of that Cup coming but, but you can get the jump on that with a Governor’s Cup.

At least this season.

It costs the state no money and one of the two teams gets to celebrate a bowl-like experience on the field afterward in the first month of the season and you get to give the trophy. This, of course, will have to remain a secret between you and me (and the readers of this blog) pending a Penn State victory on Sept. 10. If that doesn’t happen, the trophy does not have to be awarded. Just something to chew over between now and our dinner.

See you soon, err, hopefully.

Mike Gibson

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